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Western Union - First Transaction Free


Needed to send money overseas, get picked up asap and thought this was a good deal, the conversion rate is better compared to banks, AUD/EUR = 0.6582 compared to ANZ 0.6352 + fee free for first transfer.

Just realised this code can be used for "non first" transactions!

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  • Great time to start a Nigerian scam

    Thanks OP

  • Awesome - Now i can finally send it to my Nigerian prince as a deposit.

  • Seriously, be very careful using this service folks, once you send the money and give the code and password to the person at the other end your $$ is gone and non recoverable. Criminals know this and as a result this is their money transfer mechanism of choice. This service is probably OK as a way to send some extra cash to your uni student child backpacking around europe but i wouldn't use it as a way to pay for anything, instead use a service that can be traced and reversed (like a credit card) if you are ripped off.

  • I have been using WU to trasfer to my family members.Never had any issues.But its always safe to transfer your hard earned $$ to a designated bank account rather than opting for a collect in person.:)

  • Whilst this may or may not be a good deal, Western Union as a brand, has to many negative connotations.

  • Can you send money to yourself? Say you are going overseas. Pay by CC to Western Union and pick up local currency in your destination country. Or better yet I wonder if you can send money to yourself in Australia (collect CC FF/reward points)?

    • they get treated as cash advance, i only found out recently, so don't count. I had to learn the hard way! Good try though.

    • I don't think you get any type of rewards (FF etc.) for money transfers of any kind, from a CC; you can only get rewards if you pay for goods/services, I think. I may be wrong about that, but I'm pretty sure it's the case; to stop peeps doing exactly the type of thing you are suggesting.