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Teclast X89 Quad-Core Atom Z3735F 7.5" IPS Dual Boot Tablet AU $113.85 (Free Shipping) @ Banggood


Found a thorough review and technical breakdown here: http://manguiro.blogspot.com.au/2015/02/review-teclast-x89-b...

(I am still currently reading this before deciding whether to buy one myself)

Basic Specs:
OS - Dual
Screen - 7.5 inch
Resolution - 1440*1080 (240PPI)
CPU - Intel 64bit
RAM - 8.9mm/318g
ROM - 2GB +32GB

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  • thats really unique size

    i had a crappy experience with a chuwi 8 inch(lasted 30mins before completely broken down) so i would thoroughly find all the opinions on these china tabs

    • Teclast is a much better brand. Unlike some other no name brands, it has been there for a long time. Back in 2005, I bought my first MP3 player from them. Solid as a rock. Never had any tabs from them though.

    • I had chuwi vi8 for over 12 months and it was working great when I sold it and got chuwi HI8. I think chuwi is one of better Chinese brands.

      • im sure i had a lemon so i cant speak for every one obviously but it cautioned me alot, tempted on this tab given the nice display but if only it had a cherry trail cpu to sweeten the deal as the battery wont last around 3000mah, thats if its real.

  • I love how the RAM specs are given as dimensions and mass. Inspires me with confidence!

  • The link to the review is for a different and much older product. It is a 7.9" device with 2048*1536 screen and dual boots android 4.4 and windows 8.1

    The one that is on sale is a recently released model (hence the lack of reviews). It is a 7.5" device with 1440 x 1080 screen and dual boots android 5.1 and windows 10.

    It will work reasonably well as an Android tablet, but with 2gb ram, windows 10 will be a slog.

  • Oh man I love these descriptions:

    "Ease the eye strain from long time reading"
    "7.5inch 1440*1080 240PPI make a active reading experience"
    "comes with 7.5inch 4:3screen, it is similar like a 32 paper book"
    "slim body is easy to been hold in one hand"

  • 2gig of Ram isn't enough anymore :/

  • I have the old X89 and must say it's pretty decent. The screen looks great but the WiFi is pretty dodgy and loses connection a lot, never used bluetooth. Dropped it off a bed on some tiles once and it landed on it's corner and split the case a little bit and has a big flat spot now, no crack in the screen though so they are well built. At $113 I would definitely jump on this if you want the smaller tab.

  • ive had a teclast air II for about a year now, actually very decent for a cheap china pad, think I paid about $250 au at the time.

  • Yeah there's a massive thread on whirlpool about this item. Screen and value is amazing. Speed is OK.

    I bought one, its great for a travel PC, but you need a battery pack or charger for Windows. Android drains battery less.

  • What's the max supported microSD card for this tab?

  • What is expected battery life? I think it won't last 3 hrs on windows with 3500 mah. Look like good tablet but battery is deal breaker.

    I think battery size should be in the post.

  • Wouldn't the Teclast X89 be a better option for some? Gamers in particular. Costs AU$111.20 with coupon 9efc13.
    It's got a newer chip in but does have lower res screen

  • RAM - 8.9mm/318g

    That's a bummer. If the RAM itself is of that size I guess the tablet must be 10cm/2KG.

  • Very cheap media player..But if Wi-Fi is dodgy then streaming will be a pita


    Sorry for the noob question, but does it come with a legal genuine Windows license?