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Original Xiaomi Mi4 FDD LTE 5-inch 1080p US $138.98 (~ AU $181) @NextBuying


Original Xiaomi Mi4 default installed Global MIUI 7 ROM (en.miui.com) , with Google play store.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor
5-inch 1080p FHD 1920x1080 IPS display
13MP rear facing camera
MIUI 7 installed Google Play Store

Free Air Mail shipping or +$14.98 for DHL Express Australia Shipping only 3-5 Day.

More Xiaomi smartphones on http://www.nextbuying.com/xiaomi-c066/ ( Xiaomi Mi 5 32GB / 64GB White Color In Stock )

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    Redmi 3 is better.

    • +4

      No, it really isn't…

    • correction, redmi note 3/pro is better

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        No, it really isn't…

      • +1

        I love your logic:

        "Xiaomi's 2 year newer, $110 more expensive phone is better"

        Well no shit. I don't come on this post and go "Galaxy S7 is better"

        • -2

          Actually the Redmi range are the budget versions, the Redmi Note 3 Pro uses a crappy SD 650 and the casing is far from premium unlike the Mi4

        • +2

          @marchi: That's where you're wrong actually. The Snapdragon 650 is actually much more powerful than the 801, and the Redmi Note 3 uses a full metal casing, but is a lot more expensive than this.

        • +2

          The redmi note 3 is only about $42 more - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/243281

        • +3

          @macrocephalic: Ah, you are correct. My point still stands though. A newer, more expensive phone is going to be better.

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          Actually the Redmi range are the budget versions, the Redmi Note 3 Pro uses a crappy SD 650 and the casing is far from premium unlike the Mi4

          Don't be fooled by the numbers. Qualcomm uses an arcane nomenclature system. SD 650 is far better than SD 801. It destroys the 801. It even bests the 808 as well. It's a 2015 flagship killer for a budget price. 801 is an early 2014 SoC.


          Also, the casing is metallic. It looks like an iPhone 6. It doesn't have the glass coating, but there's no way it isn't premium. It's not a plastic phone.

        • @lostn: Missed this comment 3 days ago, but spot on. Qualcomm needs to figure out the naming, the 650 and 652 are assumed to be mid range, when on the CPU side they best the 808 and 810 respectively.

      • correction, redmi note 3/pro is better

        It is better, but it's not the same price.

    • -2

      Isn't it 5.5"?

      Automatically means it sucks.

      • 5"

  • Rep, title says 3GB RAM but under options it's only 2GB

    • the phone in stock only 2GB RAM version :(

  • +3

    If you want the 2GB RAM version then Vickmall has it for US$139.99:

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  • Has the price gone up to $215 now?

    • US $145.98

  • I bought one of these for my mum (but 3G not LTE). It has Play store installed so I assume it's the global ROM?

    Anyway, when setting it up I wasn't able to choose Australia as my locale.. nor could I choose any western country. It was Asia only. Was this the global rom or not?

    • Falkland islands baby, guess the Chinese consider it Argentina's too :-)

  • Global MIUI 7 ROM no Australia country choose :( try choose to Hong Kong .

  • Can it flash windows mobile 10 rom?

  • MIUI global beta ROM 6.3.17 based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow for Mi 3, Mi 4 & Mi Note rolling out now! Are you ready to upgrade? Let's get the party started!!


  • Extra $2 USD off by applying coupon "xiaomi2off", comes down to $136.98

  • Got mine today, checked for authenticity on http://www.mi.com/verify/#secur_en due to reports of fake units here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/244276

    Product authentication says my security code was checked one time previously, even though I scratched off the authentication label's silver coating myself.

    IMEI and serial number verification says my IMEI doesn't exist.

    What do I do now? Have I received a fake?

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