This was posted 6 years 3 months 24 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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FREE $50 Jetstar Voucher with $200 Hotel Booking


The voucher will be sent between 18 – 20 April 2016

Technically you can use the flight voucher right away and cancel the hotel you booked later if your circumstances change as most hotels have free cancellation up to 24 hours before check-in.

T&C do say that cancelled hotel bookings do not qualify for the flight voucher but can't see how they can enforce it since vouchers are sent by 20th April 2016, and cancellation can be processed by contacting the hotel directly.

With the $50 voucher, you could probably get yourself a free local flight with Jetstar Specials or via a Price match with Tiger/Virgin.



^Until 11:59PM (AEST) Tuesday 19 April 2016, book a stay at any one of over 150,000 hotels at costing AUD $200 or more and receive a $50 flight voucher. Flight vouchers are valid for 6 months from date of issue.
Once you've booked, keep an eye out for an email with your flight voucher details which will be issued using the name and email address of the customer who made the booking. We'll send the flight vouchers out between 18 – 20 April 2016. A maximum of one voucher per booking applies. Valid for any stay booked in a single transaction to the value of AUD $200 or more until 11:59PM (AEST) Tuesday 19 April 2016. A stay is one night or several consecutive nights spent at a single hotel even if the customer checks in and checks out more than once during that period. Cancelled bookings will not be eligible for this offer.

Full T&C

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  • Can I use the flight voucher to purchase meals for an existing flight?

    • The answer is: yes — you can.

      Just realised I'm flying Tuesday night so I prob won't receive the voucher in time.

      Will just go with an Airbnb,

    • +1

      Please keep in mind that you will need to use the voucher in one go as you forfeit the remaining value on the voucher

  • +37

    A bit sad, in my opinion, telling is how to defraud Jetstar. It also does say, cancelled hotel bookings will cancel the voucher(Cancelled bookings will not be eligible for this offer). So sort of moot to suggest this un-Autralian idea.
    It would not be a bargain if you got banned for using Jetstar because the system found you out. Not for me thanks as I travel too much to bite the horse the fly's me.

    • +5

      Agreed. Is your integrity worth a $50 gift voucher? Not for everyone I guess.

      • +2

        rather than integrity - what if this discourages jetstar and other businesses from giving discounts because of fraud?

      • -1

        This is Ozbargain, what is integrity?

    • +2

      Have you seen the Jetstar checkout automatic inclusions? They obviously advocate scamming me.

    • Are you guys serious? If your moral compass is calibrated toward pietous crusades then maybe this isn't the site for you…

  • +7

    Hmmm, maybe more of a forum post than a deal post… Seems to advocate scamming Jetstar

  • +10

    I would feel a bit guilty towards the hotels that will get heaps of fake bookings, not worth it to me at all.

    • +5

      Yep, agreed.

      So basically book hotel later this year, get your voucher in 2 - 3 days, redeem the voucher and cancel your hotel booking.

      Nah, even by my bargain moral compass, it's not something I'd do.

      To those making a legitimate booking it's a good deal nonetheless :)

  • +8

    I guess it's still a deal if you are legitimately booking a hotel…the whole just cancel thing makes it seem dodgey

    • +3

      Yup, I'm making a legitimate booking so it's a good deal for me — if I can make use of the $50 voucher.

  • Cancelled bookings will not be eligible for this offer.

    • -1

      would love to know how they are going to police that. or like typical faceless corporations do, bill you afterwards and send a debt collector to harass you for the money?

      • +1

        They can cancel your ticket I suppose.

        • i meant if you use the ticket (ie. fly) before the hotel booking. what's left to cancel?

        • +1


          Maybe they block your hotel cancellation. Or subtract $50 off the hotel refund

  • +8

    great work! I'll plug my integrity back in when corporations find theirs rather than occasionally paying it lip service. Fight corporate fascism comrades!

    • +1

      No you are just scrounging a free $50 voucher, nothing noble about it.

      • -2

        That scrounging is a political statement, protest is most effective when it hits the bourgeois in their pocket.

  • Yeah, not really worth doing I think.

    • +3


  • Time to make multiple accounts

  • Not sure if they are still offering the 25 dollar hotel voucher when you book flights. (Book return flights separately for two hotel vouchers)

    So you book hotel, get voucher, book flight with voucher , get voucher, cancel hotel, book hotel with voucher.

    • +2

      Voucher inception!

    • What is the official way to receive those $25 vouchers? I only receive them randomly.

      • I've received them pretty much immediately after booking my last 2 flights on jetstar.

    • don't forget the Jetstar 10% price beat for flights and hotels. so shop around.

      • they price beat hotels?

        • yep

  • -2

    Jetstar deserve everything they get. Horrible airline/customer service policies

  • Couple of things worth noting in the T&Cs

    The voucher cannot be redeemed for Jetstar Holiday products (including accommodation, activities, transfers, parking, insurance and car hire).

    […] the person named on the voucher must be a passenger on the booking

  • +1

    I'd feel worse about this towards Jetstar if they didn't have such exorbitant credit card, cancellation and baggage fees.

  • Fair deal if actually booking a hotel. Otherwise, in my opinion, it breaches OzB ethics.

  • Deal of the month.

  • +1

    There's no coupons, cashback, etc for Jetstar Hotel bookings. Which means that a site like Orbitz ends up being about 18% cheaper.

    If you can find a hotel that can be pricematched on Jetstar.. brings the gap to about 10% difference. On say $250 of hotel bookings, thats $25 more expensive, for a $50 Jetstar flight voucher. And given the flight voucher won't get here until later, a bit of a risk as to whether it would be usable.

  • They do hostels as well. But then I can't get to $200 even after 5 nights.

    • Book 7 nights. When you checkin the hostel, cancel 2 nights and you should get a refund if more than 24 hr notice

      • The T&Cs mention something about "losing the value of the voucher". Via credit card details?

  • Learnt why there are much fewer hotel options than agoda (which Jetstar's US site still uses). The hotel search engine is straight from Qantas-owned I believe they still charge slightly less commission to hotels than established competitors (13% vs 15%).

  • Are any international hotels included?

  • +1

    Accor hotels is rumored to be having a 40% private sale starting Tuesday and i think it will offer better deals than this.


    Has anyone tried using these Jetstar vouchers?

    A friend recently got a Jetstar voucher, and found large fees involved in using these vouchers (per person per trip).
    That might apply to this, making it not worth getting the voucher at all.

    • +1

      I got one of these earlier in the year. Booked a hotel in Melbourne Cup time. Quite a good deal, so happy to hold onto it though the cancellation angle did occur to me… Received voucher and applied the next time Jetstar had a sale. Easy, no charges whatsoever, but I paid with Poli.

  • can you make multiple bookings >= $200 and get multiple vouchers?

  • I just got the voucher

    • How long does it take since purchased?

  • If I book a hotel >$200 but use a $25 off voucher which makes it ~$180, am I still eligible for the offer? Or does the booking must be over $200 after the voucher is applied.

  • +1

    what a joke their price match promise is:

    "Thank you for submitting your Price Beat Guarantee claim.

    After careful consideration and investigation, we regret to inform you that the Price Beat Guarantee claim has been unsuccessful.

    Upon checking the competitor travel website URL and screenshot you have provided in comparison to the booking you’ve made, we have confirmed the following details:

    1. The offer you found in the competitor travel website for the Superior room comes with a different cancellation policy "Free cancellation before 19 September 2016 " compared to the cancellation policy "Free cancellation up to 24 hours before check-in" of your booking. (where 24 hours prior = 19 Sept)

    Please see the attached screenshot for your reference. To qualify for Price Promise, the products on and the competitor travel website must be identical in all regards, and all details must be visible on the screenshot of the competitor's website.

    Anyways, will now book with the competitor, wait for the voucher, then cancel jetstar booking.

    • (where 24 hours prior = 19 Sept)

      What… that's so dodgy! Can't you argue that it is the same policy??

      Also, do you reckon they would price beat the Accor 40% off right now (with no cancellation policy)?

      Finally, how long did they take to reply to your price beat inquiry?

      • Accors deal requires a coupon, which is exempted from Jetstar price match

        • No it doesn't?

        • +1


          Could've sworn I saw a coupon field pre-filled in last night when I was searching for hotels. Anyway.. it would still fail anyway because its a "non public" sale. As in, if you just go to, the discounted rate won't show up.

          From Jetstar Hotel's price beat conditions:

          What doesn't qualify:
          - rates that are only available to people who have subscribed to or become a member of a website or any other rate which is not available to the general public

      • They don't price match over phone, you complete online form which triggers a form-like email back to you to fill in. Took about 20-30mins for that email to come through, and then after sending about an hour before they declined me.

  • Hi. How would I go about cancelling the hotel booking ??

    • Looks like the only way is to call them.

      No online mechanism like the typical big travel sites

      • I just called them. It is non-refundable nor it can be credited. The only thing they could offer was to change the name with no charge.

        • Very interesting. Did you specifically book a hotel that is listed as cancellation allowed ?

        • @Thrawn: No, i just booked the one I wanted, I didn't intend to cancel it when I booked. Maybe the one I booked was on a special price.

  • did anyone order on tuesday (19th) and not gotten their flight voucher yet?

    • +1

      I have not received mine :(

      • +1

        Neither have I :(

        • got mine today

        • +1


          Got mine today as well

  • I would advice against using there service. Their cancellation has to be done in 72 hours, while their competitors can often do better. But the real problem is that the only way to change a booking is to call them ( has online change services), and Jetstar hotel reservation doesn't work after 8pm. I booked a hotel and had to change the date, but it's out side of Jetstar's hours, and the hotel couldn't do anything since only Jetstar can change their booking. If you choose other hotel service, like, they have 24x7 services so you only get problem if hotel staff went home. For travelers it's important to be able to reach booking service any time. I have to call them tomorrow 9am again, by then I will be in the 72 hour boundary. I hope they don't punish me for trying to change the booking within the 72 hour.

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