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Travel Sleep Eye Mask $0.00 + Free Shipping


Travel Sleep Eye Mask — Absolute Freebie: $0.00 + Free Shipping

Limited Stock.
Limit 1 per customer.

Reserve your freebie online, please.

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    • +1

      Dude, it's free. You can ignore it but don't neg.

    • +1

      You don't need one if you have no eyes. Or read Ozbargain. lol!

    • +3

      you're attempting to be funny by negative voting a freebie?

    • -1

      one of the example why mod need to remove this person from the forum.

    • remember the guy the neg'd the free thing? oh…

  • +1

    Thanks just grabbed one :)


  • lol

  • Awesome stuff, thanks OzStock :)

  • +1

    WHY is there always one person who negatives a free item.

    Every goddamn post that requires you to pay nothing, there's some douchebag who negs.

    • haha you can check who was it - some1 from melb :)
      hmm but i thought you must post something before give neg, why that guy's post isnt here??

      • It's the first post, obvious.

  • Thanks for this, put in my order.

  • +2

    I have a heap of these from plane flights which I don't even use. I won't be getting another one even if it is free.

    • Send them to me. I don't have heavy curtains and it gets light too early for my taste. :)

      • Do you need 1 for each eye?

        • No but I can put on two if it's too bright. lol!

      • Exactly, you can get one of these free on any flight. They get discarded en masse - mainly because they are cheap junk.

        • +1

          Flights are expensive.

          • +1

            @Broden: Not if you find the deals on OzBargain. ;P Plus, don't forget they will also give you a pair of socks, a toothbrush, toothpaste and a toiletry bag. You can also pocket some "free" headphones if you are that way inclined. Duck into the galley and find a months supply of peanuts. Bargains all round.

        • Yeah, but who cares, they are useful wherever you need to block out light to get a little nap. I think they only cost a buck or two at variety stores. But if they're giving it away free, they can send advertising to my junk webmail account.

    • +1

      Why aren't you using the plane flights? :p

      • Yes - weird to keep the eye masks, but not to use the flights.

  • free post

    thats better than last deal

  • awesome thnx!

  • thanks!

  • BTW all the ones I've use were black so I doubt if it's a fashionable orange like in the picture. But I'm sure the rep can correct me if I guessed wrong.

    • As seen on picture—orange colour

      • Ok, I stand corrected. It's not a sneaky scheme to make us dream in orange and then feel like signing up for Ingdirect in the morning is it? Ok, ok, just kidding. ;)

  • I thought this is standard provision on the flight.

  • awesome, thanks

  • +1

    Us lazy ozbargainers have no time to close our eyes.

  • the curtains in my room don't block out the light in the morning, this will be useful ;)

  • Thanks Ozstock, good stuff.

  • excellent gud stuff

  • ta, got mine

  • Great, thank you. :-)

  • Thanks :)

  • How can they afford to give out all these freebies?

    • It's just a good way to get more exposure. Different form of advertising.

    • Also they collect email addresses and if you didn't uncheck the Send me news by email, you will be getting email from them.

      The shade is isn't worth a lot, maybe even less than the postage. It's just advertising expenditure for them.

      • True but vendors i have paid money too annoy me even more with there spam , i have received almost an email a day from artscow since ordering when they had the coin purse deal but still yet to receive.

  • Thanks Ozstock

  • Thanks, a freebie is always handy as a stocking stuffer

  • +3

    i cant believe this got so many votes. lets see if we can try to beat logitech shops record, just to annoy them

  • Got one!
    +ve vote from me ;D

  • Nice1.thanks…

  • Thank You =]

  • ordered one. :)

  • +4

    These are great for bondage.

    • +1

      Does it match your furry handcuffs?

  • +2

    I just plan to use these as sunglasses on a really sunny day.

  • +3

    Also great for one night stands with unattractive people.

  • man, people will take anything if it's free :/

  • Anyone received theirs yet?

  • I wonder why they haven't sent my order yet. Has anybody received theirs yet ?

  • i havent even received the past iphone protector thing also.

    • I got mine and using it now!

  • none here either, unwicked said "ta, got mine" 6 days ago, did he actually get or order it?

    • I think unwicked was referring to having ordered one.

  • Just got an email telling me it has been shipped.

  • nothing received here. feels like a scam fishing for addresses to spam

    • That's what I've been suspecting…

      • give it time people. Ozstock have always delivered. Its free, just relax and stop being so uptight about delivery times.

        • +1

          but im losing sleep over it

  • I just received mine today!

    • yep same

  • +2

    Just got mine today. Bright orange like the photo.

    I…suddenly…feel…the…urge…to…open…an…ING…account… lol!

    And they have certainly taken advantage of my designated spam, er email, address; about two items per day. Some interesting stuff, but fortunately I'm pretty resistant to sales offers.

    But I must get that ING account… :)

  • Received mine today.
    Now that I have, I kind of feel bad about doubting ozstock in the beginning…

  • Got mine today. Ozstock delivers their promise.

  • Received mine too. Thankyou!

  • Mine arrived today and it's my fave colour:)

  • Mine arrived today, orange like the picture! Quality looks and feels abit cheap, but still good considering it cost nothing :)

  • +1

    Waiting on mine; can't complain for free, though!

  • Hi am new to this, can someone tell me how to get it?

    • This was a daily deal on the OzStock website. It is no longer available.

  • Hey guys…i just new in ozstock but i cannot find the sleeping mask.

    • Sold out ages ago.

  • U guys are fast…thx

  • I bought one of these and now I can't find it. Can't bring myself to pay for another, maybe if enough of us comment they'll bring this back!!!

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