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RF Mini Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad $3.11 Delivered @ Aliexpress


Looks like a great price as these are going for well over $10 on ebay, banggood, gearbest, and even other sellers on aliexpress. Looks like a very handy little keyboard with pretty good reviews.

Specification :
Connection: RF 2.4G wireless connection
Power supply: 1.5V 3A battery 2 (Optional 400mA/800mA lithium battery)(Not included)
Operating voltage: 3.3V
Wireless Transmit Power: 2dBm
Receiver sensitivity:-85dBm
Touch pad: about48x38 mm
Dimensions: Approx.146 x 98 x 19 mm
Weight: 118 g
Package weight:138 g

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  • Bought one to give it a try if it doesn't work ill just throw it away no big loss lol

  • USD or AUD?

    • AUD

  • Got 3 for that overpower Hughenden spare PC I got.

  • Also look pretty tiny

  • AU$3.07 via the app - picked up 3 of them

  • I bought one last year for $14 but it had a rechargeable battery. It charges via the mini USB slot seen in one of the pictures. Great keyboard.

    Anyone know how much the lithium battery costs?

  • Can anyone tell it works with a Sony smart TV that is not android ?

    • If you plug in any keyboard and it works, then this should work.

  • Thanks OP. Ordered one. Hopefully it works with my LG TV.

  • +3

    You get what you pay for with these things. Some keys won't register, some you'll have to push down with the force of a hydraulic press, your mouse cursor will jump all around the screen from the jittery touchpad, and half the time the wireless pairing will just refuse to work. I went through a couple before I just bought a Logitech K400R.

    • ok…… will stay away

      • +1

        Not all them are crap I have a similar one to this and it works perfectly I prefer it to my logitech keyboard.

    • +2

      Mine works perfectly so $3 is a steal.

    • By far the k400r is a killer bit of kit.

      Very responsive and easy to use across a wide range of OSes.

    • I purchased one last year for $0.53, for that price I was expecting a dud, but it works, at close distance anyway… but I haven't found any jittering issues with it.

      • They sell them cheap to get them over here - they are a sensor-filled back-up plan to ensure the PLA are getting the correct weather forecast…

  • Ordered two :)

  • No more in stock :(

  • No longer avalible

  • "Sorry, this item is no longer available!" :-(

  • Bought one of these during JD.com's 5c sale. They are pretty useful when you connect your laptop to TV or want to control your desktop from your bed. They are tiny and feels cheap but at that price they are value for money.

  • I had one of these as a media remote, but replaced with a Logitech K400. Too small to use all the time

  • Crap I was too late to it :(

  • Should have processsed my order before lunch… come back and all gone…

  • Same here - waited until I got home. :/

  • My order was cancelled and I can't re-order. Did this happen to anyone else?

  • I bought one in the $0.05 JD Singles Sale last year.

    Fantastic thing, a steal for $3.

  • Seems to be back in Stock, can anyone comment on the battery? It looks like AAA to me from the pictures but the description is weird. Thanks!

    • +1

      Yes, it's 2xAAA batteries

  • Has anyone received theirs yet? Still waiting on mine and I'm wondering if it was even posted.

    • Nope, have not received mine either. Have no idea whats going on with this order..

      • Haven't received mine

  • I didn't receive this at all so i just opened a dispute.

  • Haven't received
    New price is US$8.99 btw suggesting we were duped and the items would never he sent.

    • Never received the item. I also have to claim the dispute and received a refund.

      • Still waiting for my refund.

  • Just got the email saying buyer protection will end. Couldn't even remember what I ordered until I logged in. Still haven't received it. Said shipped on 25/04/2016. Guessing it isn't going to turn up, will raise a dispute in a day or two.

    • I just raised a dispute, had ordered 3 of 'em.

      • Just went and did the same.

        • +1

          I already received a refund. Dodgy seller.

        • Hopefully mine'll come through in a couple of days.
          Got a reply with a ":(", saying that the delivery is delayed someplace, and asking to leave a 4 star feedback or none at all.

        • @Rorschach:

          I got the same message, but dispute already processed a refund for me. Still waiting for the refund to hit my account though.

          friend,we sent your parcel ,it just delayed somewhere ,your dispute hurts us heavily ,i'm so sad :(
          i have Already FULL return the money to you
          1) please check your account which you used to pay for us (credit card ,QIWI wallet,etc.) within 3-7 working days ,
          2) please leave us a feedback all Over 4 Stars or DON'T leave any feedback
          appreciate for your understanding !

          They are just farming scammers, hoping people give positive review for future suckers. For every person that forgets about it and leaves it until after the 60 days they get to keep the money.

        • @nanonoise:
          Ah, lowest possible star then!

        • @Rorschach:

          negative stars!

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