This was posted 5 years 6 months 4 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Ecosa Mattress $100 off - Single $550, King Single $650, Double $750, Queen $850, King $950, Grand King $1250


You can also subscribe to the newsletter and have a unique $100 offer code sent to you which has a presumably longer use date than MUM100.

Single $550, King Single $650, Double $750, Queen $850, King $950, Grand King $1250.

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  • Looks good. Are these firm back?

    • 100 Night Free Trial, 10 Year Warranty
    • Free shipping & returns across Australia
    • Ships in a Box, Arrives at Your Door
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      who knows, but I just spoke to support and they gave me a 100 coupon code that lasts until next year..So I'll just wait till the price lowers down by $50, because everything increased by $50 for mothers day.

      • bit dodge if they give an extra discount… and increased the price for the 'extra' discount equivalent

      • indeed the single was $550 before mother's day and now is $650 !

      • Can you share the long-expiry coupon code?

        • You can ask support/live chat on your own, they'll give you one, if not private message me.

        • @Pikaloo: What did you say to the support?

        • @leiiv: can I have a $100 coupon code.

    • They are medium firm, and I think they are great. The first mattress I got had been damaged during the packaging process, they quickly sent me a replacement, and my insomnia has disappeared since using this mattress. The gel layer and with the pinhole latex on top was the selling point for me, as memory foam is known to get a bit warm for some peoples tastes. Also they are higher density than most competitors like Greywing and Koala.

      • Could you cite your source for "higher density than mos competitors like Greywing and Koala" please?
        Not being rude, I am genuinely interested in this exact specification difference between the three. Thanks

        • It is on the site somewhere babe, they state the actual density, I did my research for months before I bought, but thats old news now and I don't get commission, so you may have to read all the stuff. I did like them enough to buy more, everyone in the house sleeps on Ecosa now.

        • @nikkirose: Thanks! I had a chat with a ecosa rep this morning and got the specs (see my last comment at the bottom of this thread) and was pretty happy so bought one. After hearing the densities I have a good feeling. Seems to be second only to Ergoflex / Tempur

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    PRICE in title

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      Price is too high to mention. Not a bargain. Ikea sells similar mattresses for a fraction of the price.

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        Price is too high to mention.

        Quite possibly…

      • fraction of the price

        Link for the latex mattress please?

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          The all-latex mattress from Ikea appears to be cheaper than the Ecosa with a thin layer of latex over foam.

          I may have overstated, but still think this is no bargain for a foam mattress.

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          You're right. Looks like IKEA sells better latex mattress than Ecosa.

          Thick layer of Latex, QB is only $749.

          Will have to go in the store and try them out.

        • @PW: 25.4cm thick (Ecosa) vs 18cm thick (Ikea) also Ikea doesn't do free delivery.

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        Got a little Simply Red flashback there…

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  • I wonder what happens to the mattresses returned after 100 days.

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      Motel Formule 1 ;)

    • If the Ecosa mattress isn't perfect for any reason, we'll organise a free pick-up and refund you the full amount. Ecosa will not resell a used mattress. Depending on the location, any returned mattress will be donated to charity to help less fortunate families. We only ask that you try our mattress for at least 14 days before asking for a return as it might take a couple of days for your body to adapt.

    • they donate it to charity

  • Lol cheapest is $650 (before discount)

    • It's cheap considering the warranty and the reviews.

      • Nobody who pays that much is going to give a bad review. Basic human psychology. I think it's called the Apple Effect :)

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          That's them trying to justify it, but that's only for people that are poor. People that have money to purchase another one will write an honest review.

        • I could have got my money back, but the mattress I received was great, except for the factory damage, the replacement is awesome.

        • @Pikaloo: ROFLMFAO, so poor people are liars & only rich people can tell the truth…right???

          Surely you don't need me to articulate just how astonishingly stupid that comment sounds…

        • @StewBalls: Well they need to justify their purchase somehow, otherwise they'll just cry :P.

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      Agreed, really overpriced for a basic memory foam mattress. We didn't pay much more for a genuine Tempur.

      There's plenty of places you can get them for half of what these guys are asking…

      • Instead of saying there is, why not show us some links yeah. Just saying things means nothing without proof.

        • Start with eBay, Richie Rich…

        • @StewBalls: Well done, you stated a website. Amazing.I said links to the product, not naming websites.

        • @Pikaloo: Well mate, if you can't manage to find a product on a simple to navigate site like eBay then there's little hope for you I'm afraid.

          I don't waste my Sundays spoonfeeding dunces…

        • @StewBalls: Exactly, can't find any proof to validate your statement. Just go back to justifying everything you purchase.

        • @Pikaloo: I could probably justify the purchase of some Preparation H for your butthurt, princess! ;)

      • I'd like to know where you can get a new Tempur mattress for not much more over $650. Used might be a different story, but who knows what the mattress has been subjected to LOL. Not saying that these Ecosa mattresses are any good mind you.

        • Yes, to be fair, it was a few years ago during a sale we got a King Ensemble at a great price…however, the salient point is still that generic memory foam mattresses like these, Ergoflex, Koala et al. are a dime-a-dozen nowadays. As Shaybisc noted, they're just onselling the same basic stuff imported from China.

          The wife's friend still has an awesome Queen size one we helped her source from eBay a few years ago for <$400…and prices have actually dropped since then.

        • @StewBalls:

          Ergoflex do provide quite detailed specs. I don't lump them in with the mystery mattresses like this one.

        • @shaybisc: Fair point, in fact some of the better eBayers give pretty good density specs as well…

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    I've come across a few of these online mattress sellers lately- Koala: Greywing: this one- and they all give woefully inadequate specs- Thickness of the layers and density of the layers being the most basic specs you would expect.

    Are all these brands I've mentioned made by the same consortium or are they all pitched at the ignoramus market?

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      You've just foiled the OP's cunning plan with logic, damn you…

    • Convenient, delivered to your door. So far the only helpful comment here is the one that links to ikea.
      I do agree with Pikaloo, please flood us here with the links to sellers that provide better and cheaper mattresses. Ebay is a big market place and a lot of things are overpriced there. We're here to help each other right?

  • Hi Pikaloo, just wondering if you had bought this mattress, and if you did how is it? I have previously bought a koala but i might return it as my bf says its too soft for him :(

    • Yeah, I heard ecosa is firmer than koala, you could try it. I'm not purchasing one yet, waiting for the price to go back down, they raised it due to mothers day and I have a $100 off coupon they gave me which expires next year so yeah.

      • I have a feeling the prices went up before mothers day and that the 100 off at the same time, that is offered on the site for almost eveyrone. I have a feeling that the price will stay as it is, with the ongoing 100 off. Speculation, purely, but thats my hung

    • I bought a koala also, about a week ago, and it's not good for back sleeping as it doesnt maintain neutral spinal position, I've also heard the Ecosa is firmer and better for spine so probaly going to get an ecosa in the coming weeks

      • How is the koala for you in terms of heat? I find that now i am waking up feeling slightly damp from sweat so i dno if its because of the mattress

        • subjectively I think its a certainly cooler than what I had before, which was just a simple 10cm 130-30 slab of foam. Ive been waking from readjusting position not temperature at all

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    I posted this over on another thread:

    Extra info re Ecosa (I just ordered a Ecosa and will be comparing it to Koala):

    Ecosa Group: Our top comfort layer is natural latex which has 70 m2/kg high density. The second layer is gel memory foam which as 60 m2/kg high density. The support layer also has a high density of 60 m2/kg.
    Ecosa Group: Our top layer is a 2cm natural latex, followed by 5cm gel memory foam and 18cm high density support foam. Unlike traditional memory foam, Ecosa uses high density Gel memory foam which cost 20% - 40% more expensive. Gel memory foam has all of the wonderful features like traditional memory foam. In addition, the gel visco has a cooling effect that would achieve the desired temperature stabilisation. It also gives the foam more strength, avoid sinking in the bed too deeply. All the foams in the Ecosa mattress have environmental certifications that ensure they are safe and non-toxic. Our gel memory foam and base support foam are SGS certified. Our top latex layer is Class 1 OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified. The highest standard that guarantees the foam is safe for use by babies and children. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

    I confirmed the density unit typo, should be Kg/m^3.

    Seems to be a similar construction to ergoflex / tempur. Densities are lower than the latter, with ergoflex and temppur using 85kg/m^3 MF and PU support.

    Looking at the thicknesses and densities (not knowing IFD measurements), I'd say the ecosa is a similar and slightly cheaper alternative to Tempur with approx 25% lower densities.

    • nice research buddy have a +ve