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HP A310 PhotoSmart Portable Photo Printer $29.00


HP Photosmart A310 Portable Photo Printer
Great Mothers Day Special
Print 4" x 6" Photo's
Strictly While Stocks Lasts

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  • Yayy its free.

    Please update with a price

    • I think its $29.

      • It is and the tri colour cartridge is 26.95 from them

  • Price ?

    • Sorry updated with Price $29

  • Hey Excuse me sir, I want to buy a printer -
    Sure here's one, just give me your credit card -
    Oh sure -
    Thanks now sign here -
    OK, BTW what can use this printer for???
    ….. hmmm

    • Ahh yes portable printer , that runs on mains power another interesting concept.

      Oh and also , another question is , how long will it take to print

      Answer , 1 minute for mid/low quality and 100 seconds for quality

      • I was wondering how this portable printer could be this price when an A4 portable printer is ~$400.

  • what sizes does it print? is ink included in the $29 price? how many ml in the starter cartridge? i wonder if this model is any good for printing out quality ID cards?

    • It Prints 6" x 4" (Standard Photo size) only. And it does come with ink it says on the box 5ml.

  • It says "compact printer" on web site not portable.

  • +1

    "compact photo printer"-the two SWEETEST words in the retailer's ears, compact=small ink cartridge, photo=full photo printer that uses a lot of ink-they will make a killing on consumables here! heck, they could literally give these away for free and still make a healthy profit

  • I have one of these, in a weak moment bought it 2 or 3 years ago. Printed a couple of photos and never used it again (didn't even use the 5ml of ink). It prints ok, no complaint. Quicker and cheaper taking the trip to Big W and printing from the memory card. Just checked the price of replacement ink, you are cheaper buying two printers as the "cheap" ink comes with delivery costs making total cost more than catching a cab to Big W and print there.

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