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Limited Editions Wool Blend Suit Jacket - Navy $44.50 (Original Price $89) at Target


Limited Editions Wool Blend Suit Jacket - Navy is available in clearance items for $44.50. Free click and collect or delivery charges apply

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    The pants are here too.

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    If you add the suits together you get both items for about 29 dollars. About to get my game of thrones on but just add the pants and matching jacket to the same order. Cheap suit!

    • Its not working like that I tried it, are you using mobile site?

    • How?

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        Order Summary

        Cool Wool Suit Trousers - Black
        Item Code: 58530863
        Unit Price: $24.50
        QTY: 1
        Item Total: $24.50
        Cool Wool Suit Trousers - Navy
        Item Code: 58532539
        Unit Price: $24.50
        QTY: 1
        Savings: $12.91
        Item Total: $11.59
        You have received the Navy Cool Wool Suit for $179

        Cool Wool Suit Jacket - Navy
        Item Code: 58530740
        Unit Price: $49.50
        QTY: 1
        Savings: $26.09
        Item Total: $23.41
        You have received the Navy Cool Wool Suit for $179

        Item Savings - $39.00
        Sub Total $59.50
        Home Delivery Fee $0.00


        incl GST $5.41
        Total Savings $39.00

        • Thanks mate, I got it thanks for that, I did exactly what you did, needed it. I bought the Charcoal full set in full price last year and I love it.

        • Thank you! I got the cool wool combo for $35.

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          Seriously, you are one clever dude it took me ages to work that out even following your instructions!How on earth did you ever find that ?Plus one for a great find

        • Do jackets and pants have to be the same sizes in suits? Sorry, I never bought a suit before and am not sure what the jacket size should be as the size guide on Targed is kinda confusing. Ta

        • @AussieDaddy: I don't think so. Pant size is your normal pant size depends on your 30 inch/32 inch etc….Jacket size should be in line with your shirt size like 38/40/42etc

        • @pyramid: O, I see. That helps. I thought jackets should be bigger than shirts or something lol. Thanks, mate.

        • While I was going through the payment process (I've decided to backtrack and double-check some info), I've got an *'Oops, sorry….' message saying one of the two pants is out of stock. I ended up with the Navy jacket and pants for $35, which is a lot better than $59 for the 3 pieces. :)

        • Legend!

  • Still dont get it, I ordered the suit and paints together but didn't get the further discounts

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      pw2002au, ordered a different products "Cool Wool Suit" and other one is "Wool Blend" search with the item code and you will be able to order it.

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        Cool Wool Suit does it. not wool blend.

      • pw2002au bought two pants but one jacket. A Cool Wool Suit combo (pants and jacket) is $35.

      • Ah got it, thanks

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          just scored 2 suits (2 jackets + 2 pants) for $70 delivered

          I was checking them out a couple of weeks ago and didn't feel the need to buy at that price.

        • How was the quality and body fit? Seems a cheap price for a wool blend suit

        • @altomic: Do you mind to give us 411 on sizes/height/weight etc if you don't mind? I find clothes from Target of supposedly similar sizes vary differently. I am afraid to buy several pieces of clothes and upon realizing they're the wrong sizes to find out they have no stock for exchange.

        • @AussieDaddy: they seemed a tad slimmer. unfortunately I usually don't look too much at the actual size and just try them on.

          but "slimmer" .

          I'm 183cms, 90kgs and swim and ride 4 or 5 times a week - so wider shoulders, not as much of a gut as 6 months ago and solid legs. so I went a 40 jacket and 36 trousers.

          quality was pretty decent for an inexpensive suit. I've looked at cheap suits for dodgy parties or the races and they are usually 100% polyester and shiny and felt like crap.
          I have owned a few decent suit over the years
          these looked very reasonable.

          you can't go wrong with one of these suits

        • @altomic: Tad slimmer, that's what I thought too. I am overweight and I think these suits might turn out to be very tight for me, even if I go for an L size. Thanks for the reply anyway.

        • @railspider: I'm also interested in knowing, since my standard for clothes are not rock bottom low, so I haven't shopped in Target for a long long time…

        • @altomic: did same… did not put much logic to reduce to 58. 70 was good for 2 pairs

  • Thanks op,

    Ordered both colours in two sizes of the cool wool suits to make sure I fit

  • Bargain!! Ignore my previous comment about adding and swapping sizes … my mistake :/ Great to see black is available too :)

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    Knowing spirit here, afraid we will all be targeted on the street, we all look the same!

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    To get the full suit (jacket & pants) for $35 as other commentors have mentioned, you need to add the Cool Wool Suit Trousers & Cool Wool Suit Jacket to your basket. Only Black & Navy colours work.

    You'll get a green message stating 'You have received the Navy Cool Wool Suit for $179' (a little higher than the $35 they charge you!)

    I bought one of each, with the free postage for spending $59+

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    Sorry about the rushed post earlier and thanks for pointing out i forgot to add the jacket! A big thanks to everyone for the corrections and railspider above for the effort.

  • I followed their size guide so hopefully they fit me. Good stuff op

  • Fashion expert: is it easy to distinguish this target one with a Politix suit?

    • yes, the politix ones all seem to be polyester. no wool blend. no wool. they would more likely to get a shine as they age. also wouldn't be as comfortable in warm weather.

      and they are way more expensive than this deal.

      for polyester suits they are stupidly expensive. you could check out myer sales and get a quality wool/wool blend suit for less.

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    We're sorry. Stock levels have changed while you've been shopping.
    We have made some adjustments to reflect the quantity we have available now.

    These products have been removed:

    Cool Wool Suit Jacket - Navy (size: 38)


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      I got the black set, thanks pw2002au :)

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    I've got four weddings and a funeral this weekend. Great timing. A different suit for every occasion. My family will be like "where did he get all this money from?"

    I'll just say I got them cheap from some shemale I know on the internets and have fun watching everyone explain to granny what I mean.

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    Got the jacket and pants for $35. Thanks to Shemale for the post and pw2002au for the little trick!

  • Damn, out of stock of jackets while I was checking out

  • Darn size 42 in navy cool wool jacket gone just as I created account.

  • Damm missed out on my size

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      Why not add any size, then swap it for your size in store later?

      • So even if the sale is over when you want to stop in store you can do it, how long do you have to exchange?

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    Target is awesome quality these days :)

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    Damn, someone managed to ozbargain my shopping basket as I was resetting my password!
    Oh well, great pickup for who ever gets them!

  • Thanks OP…got black cool wool combo and charcoal limited wool blend also.

  • Paid for 2 suits and the jacket of one went out of stock as I was paying. Oh well still a great deal on pants

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    Word of advice: Always make sure that you have at least one suit that isn't cheap, fits well and is full wool. That's one item of clothing that you shouldn't skimp out on. I hate to say it, but first impressions really do count in the business world. Not to mention there's also a strong confidence boost that you get from wearing a more expensive suit.

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      You do realise that this is ozbargain, right?

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        I do. That's why I'm saying you need at least one proper one, not a whole wardrobe. It's the small things that land you a job and a cheaper ill-fitting suit doesn't present it as well. A couple of hundred dollars savings here may end up costing you in the future.

        Alternatively, if you do have a cheaper suit, you should at least spend <$40 to get it tailored.

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          going for a job at Ozbargain:

          Scotty : how much was your suit?
          -.- : A couple of hundred dollars
          Scotty : GET OUT!!!

        • @altomic: couldn't stop laughing.

      • You do realise that this is ozbargain, right?

        I lol'd.

        But yeah, seriously, I agree with -.-, a good suit or two for interviews for corporate jobs (if applicable). An interviewee applies for a mid management role shouldn't look like they were doing vacuum cleaner demos in a mall.

        If your A-game suit costs lesser than a good pair of running shoes, you need to go shopping. :)

    • Been thinking about this:

      Have 1 really nice suit to impress in interviews. Once you have the job and have impressed them, proceed to wear the $35 suits. Bait and switch haha.

  • Checkout crashing…
    Edit: seems to be back online

  • Tempted and Tempted… Finally ordered suit jacket and trouser. Thanks OZB.

  • Sold out most normal suit sizes. Damn

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    What happened to cashrewards?

    • They hired a new guy and had to cut costs

  • Thanks OP I got Limited Editions Wool Blend Suit Jacket - Navy $44.50

    I could not figure out how to get the set for $35

    • Follow what pw2002au did, cool wool does the trick. only black and navy was in that category

  • The above deal is no longer available… I copied and pasted item code nos that pw2002au used into search and these items are no longer available online. Website now states for navy cool wool trousers eg "ITEM CODE 5853253 Currently unavailable online". They have available similar items - eg Black cool wool trousers - ITEM CODE 58530900 and navy cool wool trousers - ITEM CODE 58532560 but have different item code nos and $24.50 is the price with no further discount.

  • Thanks OP. got 2 suits from target store for 70$.

    • Yes this stumped me for a while too. If you look at the lining of the 2 jackets it is different. Not sure what other differences there are.

  • Rajesh , Did you buy directly from the retail store and the price came up to $35 for the set ?

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      Yes. Stock is still available in store.

      • which Store & what did you buy ?, was it marked down or when you went to check out it just came to $35 per set

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          I bought Black and Navy Blue set. Suits were tagged as 89$ and trousers as 49$. At the time of billing price was down to 35$ for set.

          Store address : 236 Bourke Street,melbourne

  • Damn. Now how am I going to sell my unworn suit/2 pant set from the mens shop?? That's $250 or whatever down the toilet.

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    This deal is also available in stores. I grabbed a navy suit (common sizes available) in the Adelaide CBD store for $35

    • Darn, I had a feeling last night this might be the case. I'll have to try get to a Target store after work.

  • There's also other business jacktets on sale that aren't listed on the website. I got a Gray jacket for $22.50. It's marked as $45 down from $89, but they have 50% off the marked price so they are cheaper. Perhaps all the suits reduced are like this?

    Got the Gray Jacket from Indooroopilly. I couldn't find this specific suit code in store and all the suit jackets I could find were either $89 or $119 as the original price, nothing had $99 as the original price

  • Thanks OP picked up the last jacket and pants combo and were my size thankfully! Well hopefully anyway can always take them back but generally my size.

    Oh and I should mention that I've been borrowing my fathers suit for 5 years now, time I grow up and buy my own! (For weddings and special occasions)

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    Oh good. Got my court date coming up.

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      I wouldn't play tennis in these.

  • Just got notification that my order is ready for pick up! What service!

  • I went to the Target - Watergardens the ones on special are set for $99

  • I got 2 Cool Wool suits in black and navy from Broadway Target for $35 each.

    • Was there many left when you went?

  • Dammit - looks like the Cool Wool suit (set) @ $35 is no longer available, doesn't trigger this price when adding to cart.

    Can anyone confirm if it's still available in store?

  • I just got the shipping notification.

    I really thought I would have got a cancellation email.

    2x wool blend suits for 70 delivered?! Holy hell. The Target range in size 36 is one of the only store bought suits that gives me a good fit.

    They alter suits also really cheaply, I had a suit done in the past there as I bought it for $10 per item. I'm going to take mine to Chaddy or Southland with the receipt and say I would like them tailored. Just need to bring up the cuffs and hems a little and these rippers are better than anything I could get from Myer for under $500.

    • So you were able to alter them for $10 each the last time you went? As at my Target in NSW they're charging $22 each

      • +1

        I haven't received the 2x suits I bought this time. My post office is terrible in that only send a collection card a day after they receive it, and I can only go collect the day after I get my mail. So 3 days longer than what it takes normal Post Offices.

        The last time I went to Target for a suit was in November last year and it was $10-15 per item. They had their tailoring done through another store which I believe was 'Looksmart Alterations' (which I could be recalling incorrectly). I remember at the time Looksmart was going to charge $40-$50 per item and Target having a super special and getting a whole suit altered for less than $30 when asking for alterations on purchase in store.

        Not great to hear they are charging $22 per item, but it still may be cheaper than others.

  • Plenty of navy & black Limited Edition Wool Blend suits still left in Brisbane Myer Centre store. Went at lunchtime today, and there is an aisle rack full of them in the Businesswear section…

    Edit to add: There was NO 'Cool Wool' 100% wool items left at all.

    • Went to Target Brisbane CBD store yesterday. No LE wool blend suit trousers left so can't make up a suit (some Charcoal jackets left) but a small rack of 100% wool Limited Edition Jackets and suit trousers in Blue and Midnight/dark Navy (says black but when compared to other black in the store it isn't the same). Sizing in blue jacket seems to be a little smaller (sleeve length and in the body) than Midnight Navy for some reason and trousers are slimmer in the thigh and shorter than average Regular trousers.Jacket reduced to $99 with a further 50% off = $49.50 and trousers reduced to $49.00 with a further 50% off = $24.50. Total suit for $74!

      • May have to take back the suit trousers as they have a special "protector strip" fused onto the hem allowance near the fold just on the back section. Trouble is it stops the very generous hem allowance from being let down so that they can be made longer. Why are Target trousers so short? Haven't had any problems on length in other suit trousers before. Don't think that this fused strip can be steamed off easily without leaving a sticky glue line. Damn - hate short trousers. Have no idea how others' suits were priced at $35 in the end - saw nothing in any of the Target stores that came down to that price - and assume that the stock is the same??

        • See if you can get an exchange for a one size up. My jacket fits perfect but the pants were bigger in the waist so I took them back yesterday to my local Target store for an exchange. They didn't have any of the Limited Edition Wool Blend. I took them again with me to another store which happened to not have them as well, but the young lady at the lay-by area called another store (in Adelaide CBD) and that one had some in stock. Went there just about an hour ago and got them exchanged. That's one of the things I like about Target. Their staff are friendly and they don't complicate refunds/exchange issues.

  • Received mine today. They look pretty nice but can't try the pants on as I'm at work atm but tried the jacket and they are very nice. They didn't have any of these cool wool suits in the Indooroopilly Store, but the jackets seem much nicer on the inside compared to the other suit jackets they had in store.

    I can't compare it to more expensive suits as I simply have never tried any one, but can't go wrong with $35 for a suit. Kind of wishing I had of gotten 2 of the Navy ones, but guess that would be greedy and someone else would have missed out. If only we could have bought the pants on their own for cheap so can have 2 pants for 1 suit jacket.

    • I bought extra pants for my navy suit at $24.50 still a good price as they fit me great and the quality is pretty good, would've bought an extra pair for my black suit but there are none left.

      On another note they aren't 100% wool it states wool/polyester on the tags inside the jacket and pants, while the website states 100% wool.

      Edit: I think the polyester on the label is referring to the lining and the material in the pockets so I could be wrong and they are in fact 100% wool.

  • Picked mine up today. The quality of both the jacket and pants is pretty good, especially for $35. Like what butterbuts said above, the lining is much better than the other jackets I've owned.

    Happy with the purchase, thanks OP!

  • I've got a Cool Wool Suit Trousers (32) and jacket (44) - Navy that I don't need and am happy to post to someone if they missed out on getting it for $35. Postage would be about 10-20 I guess..

  • Mine came today, couldn't be happier with it.
    Anyone know if you can get the same Deal instore? I want another one!

    • You can still get the suit in store for $64.50 reduced from $74 when buying pants and jacket together, the $35 offer only lasted 24hrs. As of this afternoon there were 10+ each in Navy and Black at Melbourne City Target.

    • The same here. I regretted that I didn't buy two suits, though I wasn't sure whether the size was gonna be OK or not. Hope there will be similar sale in the near future. :)

  • I got 1 Black and 1 Navy suit. Wish I had of either gotten 2 Navy suits or at least 2 pairs of the pants but I didn't know the size either. Could have alays bought an returned if it didn't fit but ah well. Very happy for the price

  • Can't believe I lucked out on this deal. They only had 1 of each left and they happened to be my size, picked up on the weekend and are a perfect fit.

  • Mine arrived yesterday. Cool wool navy. The 44 jacket is too big for me. I should have got 42. I went to the only store near me, and they didn't appear to have any cool wool navy jackets in stock. They've sold out online, so I've emailed them asking if there is any way for me to swap my 44 for a 42.

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