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eBay Group Buy $149 ASICS GEL-Kayano 22 Shoes Delivered


Great price for ASICS GEL-Kayano 22 Shoes.
638 left as of 03/05/2016 11:22AM

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  • +2

    as usual… only ones left in my size are bright neon yellow or bright red… :/

    • +4

      will make you stand out in the crowd!

    • so only the in fashion colours left, thats good then.
      unfortunately only daggy black left for my size, so won't be buying.

      • +4

        You two should swap feet

    • +1

      Lucky you. They don't have size 14. I'm forced to take what i can get. Hah

      • +1

        People with small feet FTW! Guess that excludes me from this deal. Oh well good for those who got one they want.

  • Not many options in my size either!

  • ASICS are the best for walking/travelling and running.

    I bought one and i walked from 9am-9pm without any leg pain! Amazed by it.

    • My kayanos destroy my feet. Blisters everywhere

      • Ouch!sorry to hear!

        • to be fair, i'm yet to find a pair of running shoes that don't rub my feet to shit. I usually wear vibram fivefingers for gym.

  • +3

    boom 2E black inbound !

  • Anyone have any experience buying from here? Given the amount of running I do I am always careful where I buy my shoes from as there's lots of fakes out there.

    • +2

      I've purchased from them last time ebay had a 10% off everything sale, I paid about $162 I was very happy with that price and the shoes I received.

      I doubt that ebay would do a group buy with fake shoes.

      • OK thanks mate

    • I have used this seller 3 times , have also bought in store they are exactly the same. Shipping was pretty quick also.

  • +1

    Managed to grab a pair in not too hideous colors in my size :)

    • What do you call a hideous colour?. A while back i bought a Nimbus 17 in Green colour. I think that colour is cool.

      One of these Kayano 22 however looks more like a mix between green and yellow. That one is hideous perhaps.

      These Kayano 22 looks very similar to my Nimbus 17. I swear the Kayano 22 must employ some of the same design style as the Nimbus 17.

      • To be honest, any shoe that isn't mostly white with stripes is on the hideous scale for me. I chose the mostly red model and that will be the most garish running shoe I own.

  • +2

    Just ordered a pair for my partner! Just in time before he starts training for City2Surf. He has wide feet so luckily there were still 5 (now 4) pairs left in width 2E! Nice black colour with silver lines. Awesome deal for the amount saved, thanks!!

  • +4

    read this as 22 pairs of shoes!

    Still great deal

  • Well technically…

    22 Shoes

    …would be 11 pairs :)

    But yes, still a good deal

  • Hey guys, one question, I wear Nike runner 5.0 sie US9, will it be the same as ASICS size US9, thanks

    • +1

      I have a pair of Nike Free's 5.0 in 9.5US and also have a pair of Kayanos in 9.5US so I'd say you would be fine.

  • I heard from a shoe retailer that the Korean Gel Kayano's are inferior to other countries; is this true?

  • My dad and many around the office rave about Kayano's finally took the plunge and bought them. $149 is not bad.

    • Yeah. I didn't know how good Asics shoes were until i bought a Kayano 21 and Nimbus 17. You feel almost like you're walking on pillows especially with the Kayano.

      • +1

        Yeah, it's going to be hard to convince me away from the tongueless/sock-like fit of my Nike Frees, but I'm sure these will offer more stability.

        • I love Nikes! My toddler wears Frees and i recently bought the sock-like Juvenates. So comfy and much better than the old Free 4.0 i had for casual wear

      • +1

        Though nimbus and kayano's are both running shoes you do realise they are each designed for different people? One of the two would be better for you then the other. For myself kayanos are superior to nimbus.
        It wouldn't matter how cheap I could get nimbus for I still wouldn't run in them.

        • Yeah. I think the Kayanos are more for people with over pronated feet

        • Yeah i know some prefer the Kayano over Nimbus. I just happen to own both. Personally my feet are fine with either.

  • Great price for great shoes, I bought a set 2 weeks ago in the COTD 10% off sale. This is a better price.

  • +1

    I totally misinterpreted the title initially

  • +2

    I'm still happy with my Kayano 21 which I only paid $80 last year in the COTD sale

    • That is an amazing price!! I always wondered if COTD had anything interesting to buy. Did you get that deal after aug/sept when the 22 came out?

      • Yes, amazing price for these amazing shoes. I bought these on Nov or Dec can't remember exactly. There's only slight difference between each generation IMO. Might be able to catch the 22s around $100 later of the year.

    • Yup. I got mine in Dec, for $40 after $20 discount and the store credit I had. Happy with that price. I'll wait until the Kayano 22 drop to around $100.

  • Are these true to size?

    • Pretty much, like nike

      • I found these to be half a size bigger. I'm normally a 10.
        Had to return it since they didn't have 10.5

        • Ahh unlucky! I was just going off what my partner usually wears and the sizes jave been consistent for him but he does have wider feet so he buys the 2E shoes in his usual size

  • I would like to see sketchers group buy instead

  • +1

    I saw this today. I don't trust the seller. They're based in Hong Kong. There's lots of fakes on Ebay so I'm wary of these.

    • +1

      Nah they're legit

    • +1

      Items sent from Hong Kong but returns are made in Sydney if needed..

  • What is the longevity like for people swearing by these? My Gel Kayano 19 lasted about a year or so (I paid full price as I needed one ASAP ~$250). Definitely very comfortable, but not at all impressed with the durability.

    I'm not a runner, I just used them at the gym and for work (I wear casuals to work).

    • My partner buys a pair of kayanos every year. They are put to good use as he does the city 2 surf, city 2 sea and the blackmores half marathon mainly.

  • Picked up my shoes today from the post office and wore them for the first time for a 5K run. Disappointed I didn't shave 5 mins off my pb :P

  • Ordered the same size in Euro as all my other shoes, but these are to small!