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MYER Friends and Family Offers - 40% to 50% off Mens/Womenswear, 50% off Kids Clothing/Footwear + More (Selected Brands Only)


First time poster.
The usual 50% of non-concessional brands and more. AFAIK this offer will be extended till 14 Saturday. (Yet to be confirmed)
To take advantage of this offer, simply present this voucher at any Myer store on Thursday 12 May and Friday 13 May 2016 when making your purchase on qualifying full priced merchandise.

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          I am not denying that claim at all. It seems 'Any bargains?' is the standard response on any thread these days. Overpriced or not 50% off in some instances is still cheaper than what other cheaper places offer on a 20% sale.

          I am as tight as the next person but I have found many bargains at MYER over the years.

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          Whilst I know they can occasionally come up with some great deals, it is part of the posting guidelines to actually give an example of an actual bargain -

          Deal posts that reference a sale, catalogue or store but don't provide enough information to find at least one bargain, may be unpublished. Deal posts that contains ambiguous or non descriptive titles such as 'up to 50% off sale', 'big clearance' or 'sale' may be unpublished unless specific items are mentioned within the deal description OR a dedicated offer/discount such as '50% off sale' is present (preferably in the title).


          Whilst this does list brands as having a % off, not knowing what their original sale price is doesn't show where an actual bargain is though. Just a couple of examples and the post would be fine.

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          I never post deals so I didn't know! Seems everyone is a moderator here. Your response to me would have been much more helpful to first time poster OP than 'Any bargains'.


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    No love for the loners…

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      At OzBargain we're all family….whenever a family discount is in question ;)

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    Thanks OP! great first post :)

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      Thanks mate! It may not be a bargain for all, but will surely benefit some :)

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        It is definitely a benefit for me! You can't please everyone

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    $100 off iPad Pro 12.9"
    - Excludes iPad Pro 9.7"

    Save $200 when you purchase an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus 128GB for the price of the 64GB
    - Excludes iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

    • iPhones come with a free Apple case too! Online anyway…

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    Thanks a lot. I definitely will go to have a look. 50% of Piper - lovely

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    Thanks OP. You can find bargains if you spend some time at the store.

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    Thanks OP

  • nothing floating my boat but thanks anyway OP….

  • In store only? No online I assume?

    • "To save, simply present this flyer at any Myer store or visit myer.com.au. Full terms and conditions at the bottom of this flyer."

      I assume you can use it online too, but I don't know how.

      Nice find Op, thank you.

    • Anyone know how to use online?

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        The discounts will just automatically show up online tomorrow.

        • Is this how it's worked in past deals? The discount will just be there online?

        • @Bramey93: Yeah from memory it will show the item at the discounted price and say "XX% family and friends" or something like that. Really weird they have the sale online for everyone but it can be a bit hush hush in store.

        • Thanks for the quick reply, much appreciated.

        • @Bramey93: No worries :)

        • @lkp:
          Looks like the kids stuff has the discount automatically applied but miss shop stuff doesn't? Booo! Wanted to avoid going in store as I always end up buying stuff I don't need lol

          Oops I take that back! Looks like they've excluded the essentials range this time #£@%&&#@!?!&. Whyyyyy!?! Well, guess that saves me money as that's the only range I find of value at Myer sad panda

        • @KupoHo: automatically applied at the checkout? Just had a quick look and can see a few things marked

        • @lkp:
          Sorry, my bad, looks like they've excluded the essentials range this time which is what I normally get during these sales :(

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    Can I just reiterate my hate for the Myer website?

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      It sux on purpose I am sure of it.

    • David Jones website is way worse…

  • No offers for irons.. eugh on the look out for one! Can anyone recommend a good one reasonably priced? Looking to spend $80-$140. Cheers!

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    Hey, I need some pillows and this includes a 50% discount on some pillows - winning

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      Don't forget to check out spotlight for some deals on pillows too!

      you can combine any sales on pillows (looks like they are having 40% off dream away pillows) with this offer for extra savings!

      • I think that deal is $40 off min. spend $100 to be exact/pedantic.

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          Spotlight have 40% off on the pillows without the $40 off $100 spend….I was trying to explain that you could combine the 40% off the particular brand with the $40 off $100 spend for more than 40% off.

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          @lkp: Ah, gotcha, thanks.

  • Hey guys! Prob a stupid question. Does anyone know if there'll be a discount on brands for men's clothing other than what's listed already. Eg. Jack and Jones

  • Any discounts on men footwear?

    • I second this, need formal wear but I may have to go in store to check out brands.

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    Great first post. Hit the 100 positive vote

  • Here have a + from me too, I was just about to buy a pair of shoes on the vogue 20% off sale.. tomorrow they are 40% off with this sale - thanks heaps!

  • Nice! Now off to Myers for a new pillow! Would be even better if that gel pillow is medium profile!

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    Paid by gift card over the phone.
    Not only did I get 50% off, with free delivery, but I also managed to redeem two of those $20 gift cards that are supposed to be valid only for full price items from five specific brands, with one month expiry.

    Thanks for the deal!

  • Thanks OP!! 50% off Tokito was a winner for me :)

  • so can I show the PDF on my phone in store or do you need to print it?

    need some clothes but would like to try stuff on first..

    • You can. i did today.

  • Certain items within a brand may be marked as 'special price' and not have the discount applied online. In that case you can go instore and they will give you the discount in person. Have done this already at Melbourne city Myer, your mileage may vary.

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