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Xbox 360 Console 500GB with Forza Horizon 2 - $199 @ Aldi (from 21 May)


Aldi special buy starting saturday 21st may (as per latest catalog)

Xbox 360 console 500GB.

Includes 1 wireless controller and free download token for Forza Horizon 2 game

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      So what if you don't see? If he has access to information you/we don't it doesn't make it less of a deal.

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        The link above says "go to deal". I didn't say that deal was invalid, just that the website currently doesn't have any mention of it. If he has inside info, then he should state that.

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    Should be $99 now. I could see the value of a PS3 as it could be used as a BluRay player, but this…

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      While I would love to see this at $99 I think you're not being very realistic. There is still a huge catalog of games and plenty of disks still being sold new.

      Oh and by the way the 360 can operate as a media center on your LAN. You just need a Win7 box you don't care about stuffing the media library permissions on because Win media center modifies permissions (which is why I didn't adopt it in the end). Pity MS killed media center.

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    thought that said Xbox One. Got all excited :(

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    not exactly a bargain @ $200
    Could grab a 4gg for cheaper and replace the HD.

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    why r people still interested in buying last gen consoles?

  • I have been thinking about updating my commodore 64 for a while now. Does anyone know if my tape drive will be compatible with this machine?

    • yes, just wire it through you telex via your pager.

      • Thanks, Im looking forward to pick one up. The High Def should look amazing on my Phillips 32cm push button tv. I should pick up a copy of Double Dragon too

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