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CyberGhost VPN Premium - 80% off (3 Year Subscription) - $39.99 USD ($55.47 AUD) @ StackSocial


Original price from CyberGhost is $224.64AUD for three years.
The cheapest I have seen for a great VPN program.

StackSocial's Description
It’s easier than ever to have your personal information stolen via internet browsing. Plus with constant activity surveillance, the Internet is more cluttered with ads and promotions than ever. You can tackle both those problems with a VPN from CyberGhost, providing you with military grade encryption, forced HTTPS secured connections, ad-free browsing, and much more!

“With a slick professional-looking interface and a decent selection of servers, CyberGhost VPN is the VPN service you’ve been looking for.” – PC Mag

Browse safely & anonymously (up to 5 times faster than the free plan)
Unblock great content from all over the world
Experience the Web without all the annoying ads
Browse confidently knowing CyberGhost is certified by ISO
Avoid malware & dangerous websites
Save mobile data when browsing your phone or when using it as a hotspot for other devices
Shop more securely w/ automatically forced HTTPS secured connections whenever available
Use CyberGhost w/ individually configured direct-to-system connections w/ additional support of native OpenVPN, IPSec, L2TP & PPTP

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    Anyone used this VPN? I'm with Private Internet Access (has been pretty good, sometimes a bit slow). Expires in a few days so looking to renew ASAP.


      I would definitely recommend CyberGhost. I used their trial, it was awesome. I have tried their premium using my friend's account, the speed is superb.

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      I would't recommend them. Their software crashes a lot.
      Look into TorGuard, much more reliable.


        Has never crashed for me, may be your operating system was conflicting with the CyberGhost program.


          Was using a VM so it was an identical copy of the one I used for Tor Guard, Bear VPN and Pure VPN and they didn't crash.


        Crashed on me twice though I personally hate their stupid software but that's my two cents and hey it does it's job.


      Currently got both, Paid for PIA and got cyber ghost later on for free on one of their free year trail key things.

      If you have any questions about either just ask :).


      I've been using them since they started as a crowd funding thing.

      Things were great, some of their servers are a bit slow, just switch around until you find a good server/country.

      Now it's just "good" after they bloated their software with security scanning and block for ad, traces and malicious site. Since the update, the software crashes now and then.

      over all, I'm happy with it, only turn it on when I need to access region locked content or torrenting.

      This is a great deal though, thanks OP


    I'm currently on one of their old subscriptions which is running up in August so I'm gonna grab this as they are great! I have only had 1 drop in 2 years and I get no noticiable drop in speed


    good price for Cyberghost

    their support is terrible - can takes months not days if you need any support - even if you are paid subscriber - makes no difference
    this is only for 1 device, you have to pay more for premium plus if you want more devices (up to 5 devices)


      I'm out then, need it for multiple devices! :)

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        exactly I got stung with this a few years ago


    Question, are these stackable?

    i.e. can I buy 2 and thus get 6 years?


    One device = one installation
    One device = one device ACTIVE at a time?


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      One device active at a time.

      License redemption deadline: redeem within 30 days of purchase
      Restrictions: usable on 1 device at a time
      Length of access: 3 years


        Thank you for the clarification


      If you install the VPN on your router then you can have unlimited devices connected to VPN with just 1 license I believe, at least I know it works for IPVanish vpn. But same should apply for all VPN's I think.


    Hows cyber ghost with p2p?


      Pretty good, Little speed drop but you get that with a vpn.

      From their site,

      • " For subscribers using torrents on most premium servers is still perfectly possible. Only exceptions are servers in the United States, Russia, China and Singapore. For simplicity reasons and a rapid assessment of a single server, the server list in our application includes a yellow exclamation mark next to the name, if the respective server is inaccessible to P2P. "

    Whats the TC and their policies on peer to peer, data logging etc?

    With all the good comments I presume they respect privacy.


      Apparently no logging and P2P is only available on the premium service.


    Thanks OP …. perfect timing as my annual CyberGhost subscription expires early August with an annual renewal of some $A79.95. Happy to purchase now, redeem in 30 days and blow just over a month, and save a considerable amount.

    For what's worth this is my 3rd year with CyberGhost and am very pleased with their service. I haven't needed to contact customer service so can't comment on response times. I think it's crashed 2-3 times over the time I've been using them. Pretty good for me!

    Thanks again …..


    "slick professional-looking interface" - PC Mag

    HAHAHAHAHA! What a stupid comment. If the PC Mag writer thinks CyberGhost's interface is professional-looking, he's probably the sort of person who panics whenever he sees a command line. Most of the IT professionals set things up via CLI. I doubt the writer would want to deal with the "professional-looking" interfaces built into enterprise routers etc.

    Good deal though, I've used CyberGhost quite a few times recently and was able to stay connected for days at a time without drop-outs, and they didn't have authentication issues with Google logins or search engines which NordVPN seemed to be plagued with. The software is pretty slow to start up (takes a minute or two to even open) and it could be 2-3 minutes before you're connected but once you're connected it's fairly solid and download speeds are about 90% of my non-VPN line speed.


    I use the getflix vpn for the very occasional torrent I download. The speed on that seems very slow (number of 20-40, not sure what that means). Would this be faster? Thanks.