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Oral B Vitality Plus Power Brush with 2 Brush Heads $20.00 (Normal Price $47) at Coles in store only


Just noticed that Coles world square has Oral B vitality Plus, Vitality & precision clean for $20. This is the cheapest i have ever seen these, comes with an extra refill as well. Not sure if this price is only at world square store or other stores too? Online price is a bit more, Oral B Vitality plus is showing $25 online i think.

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    Reading the title I thought it was just the two brush heads

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      Same here. Nearly neg the post. lol

      • Thought maybe the guy was on acid

        • thats bad for your teeth lol

    • Forgot to add 'with'. Edited now

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      Just read the edited title after you read it and still thought it was just two brush heads.

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    Same price at my local Coles in Murwillumbah.

  • Does any one know if this is store specific? or Coles wide?

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      I'd say store specific as the current catalogue has it listed at $25

      • There is a good chance it might be at least NSW state wide as both the sticker in store or my receipt showed it at clearance price

        • NSW has it in the catalogue for $25 also. It's on sale for $22.49 at Shavershop and $22.30 at Woolies, bought the Oral B Pro 500 Cross Action Brush Regimen Kit $39.80 at Catch of the Day so was checking prices recently. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/249253

        • Got one for $20 at Coles Revesby. They had plenty there at the time.

      • Got one today from Newtown, Tas for $20

    • got one today for $20 at Coles Pacific Fair in QLD

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    I paid that for my Professional Care. Cashback plus Woolworths half price.

    • I guess that was couple of years ago!

  • I found the whitening heads the best for these… teeth feel cleaner after use

  • Really tempted Is it better then the colgate slim soft brush with 17X slim bristles to clean the teeth ..

    • I'm a fan of that bristle toothbrush. Twice a week I will use this Oral B because it cleans better as it's stiffer. Colgate bristle brush is too soft and doesn't remove "crap" as good as these electric brush.

      Nonetheless, the colgate bristle does reach areas where these bulky heads can't reach.

  • I'm going to get one after work. Should still have stock.

  • Brandon Park , Mulgrave, Victoria have them for $20. Picked up one at lunchtime.

  • Its nationwide

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      Thanks for confirming. Edited post

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    Thanks lokesh7, have been on the lookout for these.

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    Okay, feel free to crucify me but has anyone used 1 of the spare refills for 8 months+ without changing it or is it just me…

    • I just leave them in bleach fora little bit now and again… works fine rinse and see all the gunk that comes out eh internals…

      Dunno if its just me but I expected 3 brush heads when I bought one previous had + 2 extra brush heads on the packaging so I'm thinking two on top of the standard .. not two total.

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      That's really quite revolting

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      No crucifying, but an explanation of why that's not a good idea.

      So the reasons why we need to replace brushes are not totally obvious. Even if you can keep it clean for hygiene reasons, by dipping it in bleach or something like @akoli has mentioned in his comment, and it some how hasn't gone all soft, the brush has still actually lost its ability to clean your teeth as well.

      The reason being, is that the surface of each of the bristles on a new brush are very coarse, for a reason, so they can pick up plaque etc. Brushing your teeth with toothpaste uses an abrasive, that polishes your teeth, and also these bristles smooth. The manufacturers put in a wear indicator using colour etc, but you cant obviously see this with your eyes.

      Don't take my word for it here is a video with electron microscope images of this phenomena.


      Replace your brushes. You'll notice a big difference in plaque, and whiteness.

      • Thanks very much, I'll change my behaviour from now on!

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    "Hey, they have toothbrushes with motors and here I am using my arms like a sucker!"

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      did you ever wonder why you bought so many eneloops?

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    The batteries are non removable and of poor quality in these toothbrushes. I had purchased 2 of these an year+ ago(Coles on special under $20), but after 2-3 months the battery will lose over half of it's power.

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      I leave it on charge all the time so it's always at full speed

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      I bought mine 2 years ago. Battery still going strong. I only charge when battery is flat.

  • Is there any real difference between the 3 models?

    The Oral B website sucks.

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      They all have different brush head with different features. But the body itself is same with different colour. Chargers are identical.

      • Thanks. Ill keep the current one I have in that case.

  • Good deal but Oral 6 works better than Oral 8.

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    saw a guy with a full basket of those…and looking at me when i was just looking at the shelf…

  • Hey, have you guys ever tried to replace the battery? I'd super hard and Oral B doesn't tell you how.

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        Dude, I know that. But I'm asking the Ozbargain community on their attempt

        edit previous post: it's super hard…

    • Yea I tried on my old brush the battery copartment sat under the motor so I had to twist the part where the charger fits inside took it apart to access the battery.

  • Is everyone else's toothbrush quite noisey and vibrates you head? Maybe I'm just not used to an electric brush.

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      Get a better head

  • I use the cheapest manual Colgate toothbrush - its normally $2 or less. My dentist is always happy with my teeth when I get a checkup. Is something expensive like this really worth the money?

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      You might want to hand in your OzBargain Badge (OBB) for even questioning bargains.

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      Absolutely yes, especially at this price. So much better than a manual brush.

  • These are very good and this is the best price I have seen them. I bought one to replace one of ours where the battery is starting to fade.

    Our dentist mentioned he could tell our kids used decent brushes last time they went for a check up.

  • Good deal but prefer devices with easily replaceable batteries.

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    I thought I got a bargain when I bought this for $25 at chemist warehouse. This is a great price!!

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      I bought the kids version (Cars & princess) as well. Price on the shelve is $50, but scan at $20. It is still $25 at chemist warehouse.

  • Anyone find that with the oral-b brushheads that after a short period, maybe 1-2 months, the rotating part loses power or becomes loose such that when applied with any pressure to your tooth, its range of rotation is greatly reduced ie it does not rotate as strongly.

    Also in general I find that the vitality range motor is a lot less powerful than the ones in the more expensive models.

    The best clean I used to get with an electric toothbrush was the old oral-b sonic ones. Had no issues with tartar after 6 months. But they have now been discontinued :(. The philips sonic ones are poorer quality and several we have had have lost the sonic vibration if any lateral force is applied to the brush head.

  • Which one would you guys go for?

    Whitening, floss action, original precision clean?

    • I'm wondering this too. Also can anyone tell me if the brush head replacements are expensive? Are they discounted very often?

      • Expensive, buy online, I bought 8 pks to last me forever $1.70 Electric toothbrush heads 4pk

        • How are those compared to the genuine?

        • @chichi: Five times cheaper and last ages. But they are soft, which they should be, and are good for sensitive gums; so I do two slow passes to scrub out any plaque

      • Brush head replacements approx $5-6 a pop.

    • Bought 2 whitening ones eventhough both already have existing. Worth as spare/ replacement and head brush themselves

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