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Mitsubishi Lancer ES Sport Automatic 2015 Model from $18,490 Driveaway [Melbourne Only]


This is not a Mitsubishi Australia offer but a dealership offer that has been popping up on my Facebook feed since yesterday (yes, I've been looking at Carsales - but not Mitsubishi's or sedans in particular; and definitely not new!).

On paper, this doesn't seem to be a bad deal given a 5-year warranty, an auto upgrade, reverse camera and LED daytime lights - but I do know the Lancers have been around for a while and may soon be due for a next-gen model.

Thanks to A4classic:

Just rang the dealer and confirmed that:

It is brandnew but 2015 model and manufactured November or December.

5 year warranty already started a few months ago.(don't understand why )

Additional $1000 for non white colors.
Ready to pick up up to 4 days.

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  • +4 votes

    So is it the Bluetooth or reversing camera that makes this car the sport version?

    I assume these are already registered as part of meeting some EOFY quota. Advert doesn't say new then again it doesn't say demo either.

    I'm sure sbackbace can give us the full details as to why such a good price.

    • +8 votes

      Too many variables without contacting them. Likely they have licensed them in order to hit targets, and now have a ton of them to get rid of.
      Or there could be only 5 available at that price.
      Or they have some bonuses and are gutting them out. That could be just to try to make money off finance/aftercare etc.

      As OP said, Lancer has been around for like 8ys in current form, with just cosmetic changes. Given ASX just changed, surely a Lancer update is around the corner…

      • +2 votes

        The update to the Lancer is the new bumper….

        As far as I am ware, there is no new Lancer being developed, so will be a matter of whether or not they co-develop one with Nissan and one of the Europeans. Mitsubishi apparently think there is no money to be made in the small car segment and want to focus on SUVs and utes.

      • +2 votes

        Update may be around the corner, but a car at the end of its run can be very reliable, as they've ironed out the kinks. I would not buy a car in its first year of production ever again.


          Depends on the brand. I've had zero defects with a Lexus model that didn't even exist a year earlier.


      Honestly, I don't know if these are already registered or not. Just went on the Mitsi's site and they are offering it for $20,990 with a free auto upgrade - http://www.mitsubishi-motors.com.au/shopping-tools/special-o...


      The sport appears to be the base model, you need to get the GSR if you want an actual sporty car.

  • +17 votes

    Lancer should have a replacement new body style by now, but Mitsubishi cannot decide whether they will continue to have Lancer here or not, thus they keep doing facelift yearly. Overall a very good car, done 200k plus and it is still going.

  • +9 votes

    Love Mitsi. Done 120k+ with no issues at all.

    • -5 votes

      Like to see your report after the next 120k.


        My Mitsubishi Lancer 2001 sitting at 187k has had no issues too

        • +1 vote

          Yep, '97 Lancer at 200k+ checking in. The only part I've ever had to replaced was the after-market immobiliser.

        • +2 votes

          @Piers:I had a '94 CC Lancer for 7 years with 400k trouble free kms, original engine and trans. Currently have '08 VRX with 200k trouble free kms. In over 12 years of Lancer ownership I have spent less than $500 on repairs (distributor cap on the CC and a shocker on the '08). And I would say I treat my cars fairly average to be honest!

      • +2 votes

        1999 Lancer sitting at about 240k. I haven't serviced it in about 4-5 years, just the occasional oil top up (every 8 months or so) and I recently changed the spark plugs myself. It still runs beautifully! So yeah even if you treat them like shit they just keep going.

        They're great value For the price (compared to a Mazda 3 or Honda Civic)! I would definitely consider another when this one finally dies due to my neglect.

  • +9 votes

    The 'DriveChat' feature on that website is hilarious.

    Michael: May I know what is your buying budget?
    Me: no
    Michael: Can I get your name please?
    Me: no
    Michael: When are you looking to purchase by the way?
    Me: not sure
    Michael: May I know the best number to call you on please?
    Me: definitely not
    Michael: I understand. We can also send you the details through your email address if you prefer?
    Me: nah she'll be right thanks mate

    • +65 votes

      Why'd you even bother the person? They're trying to do their job and you think that's funny?

      • +12 votes

        The BOT has feelings, don't hurt them!

        • +27 votes

          They're not bots, they're actual people. Like a call centre

        • +2 votes


          Can anyone tell me when 'Julie' realized I wasn't interested in the Lancer? Had the chat before I read the comments, legitimately thought I was talking to a bot

          Me: hi im looking for a ferrari
          Julie: Hi
          Okay! Let me have a consultant check its availability and current price as well.
          Can I get your name please?
          Me: ferrari
          Julie: Are you after a new or used one please?
          Me: new
          Julie: Just a head's up, we are only catering Mitsubishi for a new vehicle. Would you also consider a used one?
          Me: yes, if by used its been used by dawyne the rock johnson
          Julie: Okay! Have you got a budget that you'd like to stay under?
          Me: would prefer under 1 million buckaroos
          Julie: We want to accommodate all chats, as every chat that will enter our site is important to the business. We appreciate your visit. But we will now answer other chats connected to the business. Thank you and have a pleasant day.

        • +2 votes


          Yeah they're likely not paid much lol

        • +2 votes

          @Spackbace: I'm assuming this 'call centre' support their website & are paid on a per 'click' basis? Ozbargain just gave them 2000 clicks in the last couple hours!

          Alan might be in for a shock when he hits the office in the morning.

        • +3 votes

          Lol I had some fun too - Gave them Alan Mance's phone number and told them to email me at alanmance@gmail.com and that i'd be trading in my ferrari

        • +1 vote

          @Spackbace: I'm not convinced that your 'actual people' would pass the Turing test…

      • +16 votes

        To be fair, I didn't initiate the conversation. I had the courtesy to reply to this friendly gentleman and not just simply ignore.

    • +1 vote

      They seem nice!

    • +51 votes

      I got 'Lily'

      We're going out for a coffee tomorrow…

    • +44 votes

      Nah to the ah to the no,no,no
      My budget is no
      My name is no
      My sign is no
      My number is no
      My email is no
      You need to let it go
      You need to let it go
      Need to let it go

    • -7 votes

      I had a go too, didn't get very far lol

      Hello! Welcome to Alan Mance Mitsubishi! Are you looking for a new or used car today?
      Me: I'm looking for you [wink]
      We want to accommodate all chats, as every chat that will enter our site is important to the business. We appreciate your visit. But we will now answer other chats connected to the business. Thank you and have a pleasant day.
      Thank you for contacting us.
      Chat session disconnected.

      • +24 votes

        It's not funny. People shouldn't have to deal with that crap anywhere, especially at work.

        • -13 votes

          Lol you need to relax and stop being so uptight. Life is too short to be serious!

          If anything I probably added a bit of variety to her day.

        • +8 votes

          They should not initiate unwanted chats,it pisses me off. You can't go to supermarket or shopping center or train station without getting harassed, now websites. Especially as I totally avoid eye contact that is dead giveaway DO NOT talk to me in public, if they do which they always do I tell them to piss off now. At least you can close Julies window.

        • +4 votes


          Did it really seem that way? I think you're reading her signals wrong. Just for future reference, when you do the same thing to girls/women working in shops you frequent, it doesn't make their day either.

          I guess you have to justify your behaviour to yourself somehow though.

        • +2 votes

          Yeah, which is why she disconnected you immediately.
          I'm a guy and therefore am not a feminist per se, but - seriously - guys telling "serious" (=humourless) "uptight" women what to "relax" about is kinda old.

        • -5 votes

          @Miss B:

          So I typed one line, and the whole internet crashes because I apparently wasted one precious second of this woman's time. Like I said, you need to relax, if you don't get the humour that's fine,however no need to be patronising just because others like to have a bit of harmless fun.

          Ok Miss B, I'll make sure to run everything by you next time, hopefully it makes you feel a sense of importance

        • -1 vote


          Yeah, which is why she disconnected you immediately

          Exactly, she wouldn't have thought anything of it and we both move on with our lives lol

      • +2 votes

        Should've included a 'Don't blush baby' while you were at it.

      • +3 votes

        How do you idiots all think this is funny? This is the more immature version of prank calling. I am by no means an internet white knight but this is bullshit and frankly I expect better from the seemingly mature and passive OzBargain community.

    • -10 votes

      well mine was pretty serious.must not be a bot then.felt sorry for the guy.

      Me: hello
      how are you
      Are you looking for new or used car today or possibly help with your car service/parts needs?
      Me: yes
      Nathan: I'm doing good, thank you. Are you after a new or used one please?
      Me: a new ferrari
      Nathan: Oh, we don't cater new Ferrari in our dealership.
      Me: you guys suck then.bye
      Nathan: We want to accommodate all chats, as every chat that will enter our site is important to the business. We appreciate your visit. But we will now answer other chats connected to the business. Thank you and have a pleasant day.
      Thank you for contacting us.
      Chat session disconnected.


      I don't get it, why you stupid people abuse them!
      These days all major companies are uses them, Optus,Mitusbish, iinet, miele.
      I know they act like bots as they all so polite.
      but very convenient when you are at work. No need to ring call center, talk to some one with heavy accent or stay on the line for hours to ask simple questions.


      IS that a bot or a real person?


    Now I'm waiting for all the car sales people to come in here and rage!

    I wish someone could link me to the post where a car sales man threatened to give away all the trades secrets and gave some out.


    Any deals on the mighty ASX??

  • +4 votes

    I wonder if it would be worth it to fly to Melbourne and drive it back to Sydney…

    Kinda in the market for a small car.

    • +1 vote

      Negative, wait another month and you will get EOFYS!

    • +11 votes

      I would suggest using this offer as a negotiation starter to one of many Sydney dealers. They may simply match the offer (or perhaps offer a better deal)!


      From my place on the Mornington Peninsula I can drive to Sydney without going through a single red light. I love freeways.

  • +1 vote

    no wonder its cheap, 9 year old design. ive had the 2009 version in 2009, same es model with auto. nothing special, its basic, one of the most average cars ive owned, the lancer ralliart on the other hand is a different animal, I miss it so much

    • +2 votes

      But what's really changed in other models? We're still fundamentally exploding dinosaur juice in not a great deal of difference from the past few decades.

      • +1 vote

        yes you are correct, I was only talking about the physical design of exterior and interior.
        seems to have a lot of kit for the price, wayy more than what my es had in 2009, that includes leather trim, navigation, reverse camera, alooy wheels, drl, standard auto, and 1 year rego, on second glance sounds like a good deal to me, non of that was in the old es. i would say its worth it if you are in the market for a small car

  • -2 votes

    Pretty long in the tooth design but good at that price. Probably better off using it as a bargaining chip on a Kia cerato.

    I have to say though 5yr wty, alloys and climate control are great features at this price point. I wonder if the reversing camera is factory fitted or an aftermarket add-on

    • +5 votes

      The Lancer does have the advantage of having Independent Rear Suspension though (possibly the cheapest car on the market with it), whereas Cerato has inferior Torsion Beam setup.


        I think the handling of the lancer probably is better, but the CVT can be a letdown for driving experience over a 6 speed. If I was in the market for a small sedan, id check this out.

        Form the experience in our outlander, The CVT actually performs quite well on 3/4 and full throttle openings, but a a little slow off the mark and just dosent "feel" as fast in acceleration as a conventional auto. Its just really linear. Not a bad things at all really. When I was younger and dumber I would care.

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