expired Bonus PS3 120GB with Selected Sony Bravia TVs


By now you should know the drill :), free ps3 120gb (well, for $25 'admin' fee) with selected Sony Bravia TVs.


t&c: http://promotion.sony.com.au/bravia/Home/TermsAndConditions

The following models are 'selected':
EX KDL46EX500 $2,199.00
KDL55EX500 $2,699.00
KDL40EX700 $2,199.00
KDL46EX700 $2,899.00
KDL52EX700 $3,699.00
KDL60EX700 $5,699.00
HX KDL40HX700 $2,499.00
KDL46HX700 $2,999.00
KDL55HX700 $3,899.00
NX KDL40NX700 $2,999.00
KDL46NX700 $3,699.00
KDL52NX800 $4,999.00
KDL60NX800 $6,999.00
Z KDL40Z5500 $2,199.00
KDL46Z5500 $2,699.00
KDL52Z5500 $3,699.00
EX1 KDL40EX1 $3,499.00
KDL46EX1 $3,999.00
KDL52EX1 $4,999.00
ZX1 KDL40ZX1 $4,999.00

Prices listed above are RRP, cheaper can definitely be found (e.g. http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/25015)
Expires after 45k sold (although this MAY be increased, as per last promotion) or on 12 July 2010.

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Received an email from Sony about new 'bonus' PS3 with selected Bravia TVs. Looks like there will be at least 45k ps3s, but details are limited (website with t&c not yet available) but hopefully these fill be up and running soon. Presumably it will be similar to last time with selected TVs getting a freeish* PS3 (*~$25 payment for P&H).

As an example deal apparently avilaable now (from the email) you can get the 40" 40EX700 (LED lit) for $1999 incl. delivery, installation, and the PS3 from the QLD Sony Centres:

(I suspect over time there will be better deals around, but thought I'd include that as a known starter.)

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    $1999 for a 40 inch led seems very high


    jibi can do it for 1800 if u push them hard enough :D


    or $1849 if you buy a cable with that! :D


    Haha sony cant sell them so they have to give them away… poor sony :(


      ya PS3 is still abit on the expensive side.

      the only reason u would buy it for now is the extra Blu-ray and Play TV features.

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    And voila, here's the official page including all qualifying models and T&Cs: http://promotion.sony.com.au/bravia/

    Cheapest options for the promo are the KDL46EX500 or KDL40EX700 (RRP $2,199).

    Ordered the KDL40EX500 two weeks ago when MYER had the 15%+10% special (making it $1,070 as posted here http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/24370), but despite the great price wasn't that happy any more to pick it up next week knowing that this promo is on and my model didn't qualify.

    Called my sales guy at MYER today and asked for an upgrade to the 46", and while he wouldn't give me a similar 15%+10% discount any more I could get him to agree to $1,800 for the KDL46EX500 with immediate pickup next week. I'm quite happy with that as I wanted to get a PS3 anyway, not sure if it would be possible to get an even better price though? If so please post for everyone's benefit!

    There seems to be very limited stock at the moment and the promo will drive demand further, I recommend to act quickly if you want to get your TV in time for the World Cup! :)

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    Picked up KDL55EX500 from Bing Lee for $2300 inclsuive of 5 years extended warranty & delivery (TV alone for $2100.00). Told them about DJ’s 20% making it 2159 at DJ, which they happily beat by $59.00. Was surprised when they offered 4 years extended warranty for only $150.00. Thanks for the posting.


    Got a KDL40EX700 @ $1799 from DSE (pricematch against Clive Peeters) and PS3 on its way.

    Now, sadly, just have to deal with the DOA TV. Ughh..hopefully just some bad luck. Happy I got the extended warranty to 5 years though.


    Anyone just bought a Sony Bravia in Perth recently? I'm hunting for qualified models lower than $2500 at the moment. Hopefully can get it in time for the ps3 offer