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Sony A7 Camera Body $1079.2, A7II Camera Body $1563.2 Manufacturer Refurbished @ Sony eBay


Hi guys, first deal in Ozbargain, pretty good price for the SONY A7/A7ii camera body, they are manufacturer refurbished but Sony Australia provides 12 months manufacturer warranty, you can even get further GST back if you are leaving to oversea within the next 2 months.

Original eBay 20% off selected stores deal post

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  • So who bought my refurb A7RII?

  • Be warned, Sony's eBay store is horrible!

    I purchased a refurbished speaker during that last eBay sale and their customer service was terrible. Long story short, I never got the speaker and had to put in a dispute via PayPal before I got any action from them.

    • I've bought a refurbished camera from them before and had no issues.

      • Does it look brand new?

        • The camera itself did. The box looked like it had been opened before.

        • @dust: i noticed via their feedback that some people have had luck with their purchases

        • @dust: Yeah - frequently the 'refurbished' kit is simply returned stock from a store to Sony, rather than from someone who bought it and then returned it for whatever reason. Not sure if Sony do this, but many companies will let a store hold stock for a set length of time before having to pay for it. At some point though they have to either pay or return it. So a camera might - for example - have been on display in a window at a shop, but otherwise unused. This is more likely with the A7, maybe less so with the A7ii. It's a gamble though - if it's been dropped on the ground or something then you may end up having to do the warranty thing which is a pain.

          Sometimes those cameras can be sitting around with no lens or body cap, showing off the sensor and letting dust in. So… if you do get one of these, as soon as you get it even though they have been refurbished, I'd have a really close look to make sure everything is ok. No dust or fingerprints on sensor, battery life is ok, no scratches or signs of the camera being dropped or wet…. and also check the shutter count (eg http://tools.science.si/index.php).

        • @PlasticSpaceman: Yeah I inspected the camera and sensor and it all looked clean. I should have checked the shutter count but didn't. (It was a few months ago though so probably too late.)

    • Add the fact the Sony don't repair their own cameras but outsource it to 3rd parties.

  • I just bought a refurbished Sony a6000 camera with lens for $559.
    Amazing bargain (though not enough stock for it's own post!)

  • People just keep in mind they don't accept change of mind returns.

  • So I ended up buying the Sony A7ii from Kogan since it was new and Sony's was a second, price didn't differ too much. The purchase went through successfully on the 8th June, 20% discount applied and I paid $1,626.40. So today I got an email from Kogan saying there was an "unforeseeable supply shortage" and they are unable to supply my product…..only options were to refund or receive store credit.

    If I had know I would have gone through Sony….now that the promotion is over, I cant get the camera at that price.

    Anyone else having the same issue? I think its BS and is false advertising from Kogan…..at the time I bought, the ebay store says there are more than 10 available.