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20% off 30 Stores on eBay (Good Guys, Dell, Kogan, Sony, Futu Online etc)


Enter CLICK20 code at checkout to receive an additional 20% off the price at any of the following stores:

Link to search all stores

Don't forget cashback on eBay through Pricepal 1.25%

Terms & Conditions

  • By using or attempting to use the redemption code for this offer, you agree to accept and be bound by these terms and conditions.
  • This offer commences at 10.00 (AEST) on 1 June 2016 and ends at 23.59 (AEST) on 10 June 2016 (“Offer Period”).
  • The offer entitles you to a 20% discount off the purchase price for up to 3 transactions (excluding postage) at Participating Stores on during the Offer Period, up to a maximum discount of $1,000 per transaction.

Terms and Conditions

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  • Is everything on Kogan 20% off? if not it is for the mac book you are referring to?

    • I believe it will be, updating details now.

      • +8

        Once they put the price up first of course

    • +3

      They have increased the pricing on their mobiles for the sale. Crazy stuff and defeats the whole purpose of ebay wearing the discount.

      • They've been fined for that before. Everyone should submit a complaint to the ACCC. I did last time.

  • is this a 20% off all items in kogan ebay store, or just the laptop?

    • -5

      It didn't work on Nexus 5X i tried it on, so not everything.

      • +5

        Starts @ 10am

        • +12

          Well shit.

    • +1

      Is it just me or do the Kogan Prices seem to have risen 20-25%? usually they are close to competitive.

    • Did anyone happen to get a phantom 4 with 20% off from kogan? Its saying out of stock pffftt! Would have been a awesome saving! :(

      • Shows one left as of this morning - trying to restrain myself! Great price though at 1919

  • Seems an ok price. I assume it's the latest model.
    How does warranty work for these, does apple cover it or are you left with kogan.

    Pity it's not under the $1000 meaning you need today get etc on top of this price. (or I guess not seeing it's eBay)

    Not trying to stir things up but my sons old air is almost end of life. Is there similar win10 notebooks around this price (similar size, thinness, battery)?

  • I think code might be active from 10am onwards like usual.

  • +3


    No huawei watch. Why does everyone remove them pre sale. Good guys and Bing Lee did the same thing a few weeks ago.

    Guess I'll keep looking.

    • This is on at the moment:

      I bought one from this because it seemed like a good price

      • Trying my luck to get wireless1 to pricematch via best offer but not holding my breath.

  • +29

    Kogan have jacked their prices up on their ebay store 20%.

    • +1

      Damn that sucks, hopefully other stores are part of this sale then.

    • +4

      Yup, just had a look at a monitor that I've been keeping my eye on and the price has jumped substantially. About $10 cheaper than the usual price.

      • -7

        If $10 = 20%, then is it a $50 monitor?

        • +3

          The price was jacked up prior to the sale.

    • +20

      Doesn't ebay cover the discount? If so it is pathetic for the stores to remove items or jack up the price.

      • +1

        Yes, which is exactly why they jack prices, more money for them and customers pay the same/slightly less.

    • +3

      Kogan toke their iPhone6s 64G down, only 128G model available right now. sly

      • Just checked they brought them back :)

    • +33

      Does this man no learn? Are the penalties not stiff enough?

      "In the past Kogan has been forced to pay penalties of $32,400 after being found guilty of making false and misleading representations about the price of products being sold via his online operation.

      An investigation by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission late last year resulted in the penalty being handed out in January 2016.

      The ACCC issued the infringement notice because it had reasonable grounds to believe that Kogan had made false or misleading representations about the price of three computer monitors advertised by Kogan during a Fathers’ Day promotion on its eBay store, in contravention of the Australian Consumer Law.

      Before or at the start of the promotion, Kogan increased the prices of the three computer monitors featured on its eBay store.

      “It is simply unacceptable for businesses to raise prices before applying a discount in order to give consumers the misleading impression that they are obtaining a larger percentage discount than is actually the case,” ACCC Acting Chair Dr Michael Schaper said.

      “Truth in advertising and consumer issues in the online market place are both current enforcement priorities,” Dr Schaper said."…

      • +3

        Good that ACCC taking actions.

        it is so common with Apple Store apps.

        • +2

          I think that possibly because the 20% off is run by eBay that is how they are skirting this penalty, dog act regardless but it might be harder to peg them for it

        • +1

          Which apps?

      • +1

        the fines he incurrs is a slap on the wrist

        its called "cost of doing business"

        • He needs a kick up the arse

      • Probably makes that in profit on the sale items in a day

    • I just had a look at the gear s2 classic. They haven't jacked up the price, however the price is $21 higher than buying from the Kogan website. But with the 20% discount, it's still cheaper than elsewhere at $337.

      *edit, just realised the ebay site includes shipping whereas Kogan website doesn't. So same price before discount.

    • +1

      LOL at kogan. I was waiting for this sale for an ipad. instead of kogan and ebay I just got HN to price match office works and used the amex 50 off 350 and got my ipad in my hand for kogans discounted ebay price.

  • Damn, $713.59 for the Dual SIM (Exynos) version of Galaxy S7 is hard to resist…. Shame it's a grey import :/

    Ignore that, just saw the full list :D

    • Did you find a local stock one?

      • No… Initially the deal said The Good Guys was part of it, but they're not :(

        • Whats the difference if I buy one on kogan?
          I honestly have no clue

          thats $697


        • @Sami.H: Warranty limitations (I think it's only one year instead of two years when you buy official Aussie stock) and claiming anything on warranty through Kogan is next to impossible on grey import phones.

          That being said, I've bought a grey import Samsung Galaxy S3 and LG G3 in the past from them and have had no issues with the phones, so have been lucky to not go through the warranty process with Kogan. It's pot luck.

  • Theres actually heaps of stores in this sale!

  • +17

    (a) Amcal; (b) BCF; (c) Betta; (d) Bit Deals; (e) City Beach; (f) Culture Kings; (g) Dell; (h) EziBuy; (i) Futu Online; (j) GraysOnline; (k) hardtofind; (l) KG Electronic; (m) Kitchen Warehouse; (n) Kogan; (o) Mighty Ape AU; (p) Milan Direct; (q) Rays Outdoors; (r) Sony; (s) Style Tread; (t) Supercheap Auto; (u) SurfStitch; (v) Ted's Cameras; (w) Temple and Webster; (x) The Good Guys; (y) Toys R Us; (z) Victoria's Basement; (aa) WineMarket; (bb) Wireless 1; (cc) Your Home Depot; (dd) Zanui.

  • I have now updated the link with the landing page too :)

  • Awesome timing! Need a quiet heater for a nursery.

  • +2

    Should probably remove The Good Guys from the title as they aren't included in the terms and conditions.

    • thanks, I just listed what the eBay spokesperson mentioned.

  • +1

    Good but wish there were some Hobby stores as well. Would love 20% off of model cars, Gundam, boats etc.

  • Yes! Cant wait to get the iphone 6s!

  • is Thegoodguys there?

    Participating Stores means:
    Bit Deals;
    City Beach;
    Culture Kings;
    Futu Online;
    KG Electronic;
    Kitchen Warehouse;
    Mighty Ape AU;
    Milan Direct;
    Rays Outdoors;
    Style Tread;
    Supercheap Auto;
    Ted's Cameras;
    Temple and Webster;
    Toys R Us;
    Victoria's Basement;
    Wireless 1;
    Your Home Depot;

  • No The Good Guys in T&C

  • +3

    Thanks for the corrections, in the original memo I received it mentioned The Good Guys but it can now be seen they are not included unfortunately. Hopefully they join the sale.

    • Are you one of the associate? where did you get the memo?

      • +5

        Was just in the group buy for the macbook air. I then enquired with an eBay customer rep over live chat and they gave me all the details :)

  • Any awesome smartphones for around $250?

    • +5

      In smartphone world, awesome and $250 are rarely in the same sentence.
      Awesome generally costs $400 or more.

      • Not necessarily, it depends what you consider as an awesome. I bought my Hauwei p8 phone less than $250 and i consider awesome compare with my partner Iphone 6.

        • +1

          I guess it's very subjective - awesome compared to what? Compared to a flip-phone, a $30 ZTE from Coles is pretty awesome.

          I would rank the P8 at roughly on par with the iPhone 6 (which is great for such a low price) but neither are "awesome" in the way that the current flagships are. The newer models have qHD screens and better quality cameras, and battery life is vastly improved over the previous generation too.

    • If you don't have to have the latest and greatest. You can pick up a nexus 5 off ebay for $200 any day of the week. Should have all the bands for most carriers here too!

      I have myself one coming as a backup phone. (No phone = no income for me)

    • +1

      Nexus 5x for around $300 via Kogan I think.

    • +3

      I'm a new convert to Chinese smartphones. Recently bought a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro for $273 on a whim, and got my dad an InFocus something-or-other for $140ish. Both are fantastic for the money. I'm especially impressed with my dad's phone.

      Something to consider for smartphoning on a budget.

  • +4

    This one might be a good deal, already on special and would be $79.20 after 20% off.…

    • Yes, just tested it and it's down to $79.20!

    • its a good find

  • +6

    Call ACCCC!!! Price rise coming!! Someone please!

    • -3

      They won't so anything. It's the Aussie tax

      • +2

        But in the other myer thread people were so amendment they'd do so as they had the right and stores are dodgy etc… lol

  • +1

    God damn it. I only bought a $2400 TV from Grays last night. :(

    • Which one did u buy? I am after a 65inch 4K tv as well.

      • Me too, any bargains?

      • +1

        Sony 65X8500C. There wasn't many in stock though. Don't know if it still is, but minus 20% is an absolute bargain. I thought $2400 that I paid was very reasonable, now it's 20% off that!

        So upset, but hey - least I've got a new TV.

        • call them and see if they can offer you refund of the difference.
          Worth a try, you wont loss anything.

  • just waiting for more specific deals to come up…have no idea what to buy at the moment,lol

  • Been waiting for hump momth, pity Quality Deals isn't participating this time around.

  • +3

    Just noticed Futu stock the Belkin DualBand 4 port wireless bridge (F7D4550au) - I use one to get the PVR / Xbox / HTPC in the family room connected to the internet.

    Should be $20 delivered:…

    • +1

      Thanks. I needed to connect my Foxtel and Fetch boxes via ethernet and contemplated purchasing a powerline yesterday. This is cheaper and connects it all nicely :)

    • What does this do or can do?
      I have modem router in kitchen and have smart tv,xbox etc etc in another which connects to wifi from kitchen modem router what would i gain from this.
      Unsure what it is?

      • What does this do or can do?

        You can plug any non-wifi devices in to the Belkin via ethernet, then the Belkin connects to your wifi, giving the connected devices a network / internet connection.

        • Non wifi devices so what could that device be im trying to figure what benifit i could have with this.

        • @bwatt99:

          The current Fetch TV (the new ones have wifi), Xbox 360, PC, WDTV, older TV etc

  • +35

    not sure what I want , but I want something…..

    • +16

      I am waiting for someone here to tell me what I want.

  • +1

    Once again looking for a vacuum cleaner and a heater, lets share any bargain if someone spot anywhere.

  • +1

    This is great. I am buying parts for my new pc and have been patiently waiting for this 20% off. Which one of these stores are best for buying computer parts like CPU, coolers, case etc???

    • +3

      I would be interested in parts for a new rig for the 1070 coming soon.

      You would probably be best off looking through all the stores and finding the best deals and buying separately (You may be able to bundle it all in the eBay cart and paying in 1 go)

    • +1

      Kogan's 6700k CPU price is jacked up so only mild savings this time. It was only $377 after discount at the last sale, now around $428. Most store prices are around $484.

      • It's a shame that they put their price up. I have been looking at it for a while and the price is quite steady at $484 so $428 is still cheap but 20% off $484 would have been much better. Kogan will be grey import tho?? Is it worth saving $56 for grey import? Thanks

        • For a CPU, I'd say so. They almost never have issues.

        • Last sale my CPU shipped from Sydney …..4 days was on my door step.

      • The 6600k however is about $48 cheaper than pccasegear.

  • +1

    Damn there fast at raising prices. Futu Online already raised a UPS I was tracking to $155 from $129.

  • I am looking for Dyson V6, missed out on recent Myer ebay deal hopefully one of these store will have it at similar price

    • +1

      Same here, looks like the cheapest for the base model is Betta at roughly $340 delivered.

      • Yes that's the cheapest I can find, just bought 1 and also created a deal for this

  • +11

    Kogan can suck a fat one…

    Apple watch 42mm $62 more for a grey import than what Apple themselves charge.

    So dodgy.

    Still spewing I missed this

  • +1

    Was waiting for this so I can get some Oil Filters 20% off from Supercheap Auto. Thanks.

    • Did it work for you? Strange thing is I got all the way to the check out via pickup and then Paypal.
      Next thing it says error 7003 Items were checked out or item error

      • Yes same problem. Very frustrating. I am tempted to buy without the coupon code and ask eBay to refund the difference.

        • Would be interesting if you can purchase without he code.

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