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42mm Black Apple Watch - $369.59 @ Kogan eBay w/ 20% Code


So I've been lurking around for a while trying to find an Apple Watch, specifically 42mm Black.
I was tempted to purchase the last 20% Kogan eBay deal but waited, today I went on and boom $369.59.

Cheapest (even for a grey market) 42mm space grey apple watch I have ever seen, glad I waited and didn't resort to some Gumtree deal :(
Apple did announce new nylon bands which can be chosen instead of the sport bands (for the same retail price), but at this price I could buy them all individually :P

38m black/white is also available @ $329.60 (without cashback) if anyone is interested!

Anyone on the same boat enjoy this deal! And thanks to TA for the 20% code

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  • Beats me by a few seconds! This is the watch cheaper than last round of eBay promo.

    Well, keeps treasure hunting.

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      Haha Sorry :P
      Timing was good as well since Apple didn't announce any upgrades to the watch, just software/bands !

      • Yep, they just lower the 38mm price only, and no new models.

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          42mm too. Only the sport got the price lowered. Watch and Edition stayed the same.

  • En, just bought blue one last week for $411 after ebay 20% off. Not happy :(

    • +1

      Me too….. oh well.. was still a good deal, what do you do.

  • Are you these any good? Can someone provide a review based on their experience?

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        Yeah I can do that but I prefer the review from Ozbargainers. No harm in that right.

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          Yeah true, for some reason I trust ozb-ers + whirlpoolers over official reviewers.

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      I've literally worn mine every single day since I bought it last year. The in-depth reviews I think can be misleading because a watch is more personal than a computer. As in, it's up to you how you're going to use it. As a interactive notification machine/health tracker it has been superb, and lab work with dirty hands mean that I can use Siri for a lot of my tasks. These things alone make it worth it for me, as well as a few other functions only when I need them.

      When Apple Pay becomes widely available here, I see see it becoming even more useful.

      • +9

        I use mine for Apple Pay here in Australiar regularly (I use Amex a lot, and Coles/Woolies/Dan Murphys and most fast food places accept it). The amount of 'oh wow!' I get is amazing. They all want to try it. If only Apple weren't greedy and opened it to banks for free (cause, you know, the poor banks and all) ;)

      • -1

        The main things people tend to get from wearables are notification triage and fitness tracking. Oh, and a watch. Other uses are there, but secondary.

        As such I tend to point people towards something like the Pebble. It does all of those key use cases extremely well (better than the apple often) and the battery lasts a week so you're not forever worrying/charging it.

        It's also cheaper.

    • +3

      Have been using the Apple Watch 42mm since the day it came out. Its great! My only downside for the watch is its battery life. Most days I will get a full day usage of the watch (9am to 10pm with 10% battery left). If you're only using it for notifications then it will last you a full day, but when you do use apple maps for turn by turn navigation then you will need to recharge the phone by 6pm ish.

      The heart sensor is not as quick as Fitbit HR but it's still good and accurate. The loudspeaker isn't as loud but great for answering in a quiet environment, if you're lazy to take out your phone from your pocket.

      I have never dropped or scratched the apple watch, but I don't recommend you or anyone getting a silicon case as it peeled a bit of the paint on the back of my Apple Watch.

      For this price it's a good value, considering I paid $650 when it first came out.

      • Paid that price too. Great device and works beautifully with my iPhone. Apple Pay works wonders but the loudspeaker is way too soft to use as hands free (eg. In car while driving)

    • I think its really good if you are into fitness. I love hitting the Move goal everyday. It is great to be able to change music while riding a bike or during a run. I really like the Stand reminders too.

      Apart from that, I haven't found much use for anything else.

  • Cheers for posting. This was the first thing I looked at after the deal was announced. I would've also preferred the new Nylon bands, but heck, you could get one anyway and still be $50 clear. Thanks OP.

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    Thanks OP, these are going for around $450-$500 on gumtree used!
    Really tempted to get one :)

    • +1

      They're not selling though. I'm trying to sell one on there now (not a sport) and I keep getting 'oh I can only afford $400' when it's worth over $1500 new, and is in mint condition.

      I'm hoping that today's lack of new models will help mine sell:)

      • Can you please PM me which one you have for sale.

      • This is why you use ebay instead of Gumtree. Nothing but hagglers all the time or send you a message saying
        "yes I'll buy it" and then you hear nothing after replying

        • Doesnt ebay take like 15%?

        • @MrMcHairyHead:
          10%, but its easier to just increase the price on there to accommodate instead of dealing with stupid people everyday

        • @backslashio:
          Yeah but to have any hope of getting an OK price on eBay you really have to start at $1. You can shill bid but they have cracked down on that over the years. You can jack up postage but they crack down on that too.

          I have a business PayPal account, so the fees work out to be far more than 10% unfortunately.

          PLA74, i'll PM you.

  • What about the warranty part guys? Do these come with international warranty?

    • who cares - theyre $370 … gyaaaahhh

      to answer your q - it will be a Kogan HK warranty - you have to send it back to Kogan AU who send it to Apple HK for you

      • Not true. Bought from ebay deal last time. Checked with apple for warranty after activate it. It accepted with apple au. Even apple includes the link for australia warranty law that they might accept for hardware fault up to 24 months

        • woaaah, even better! thanks mate

        • I don't think that the ACL applies to Kogan HK purchases.

      • Wrong.

        Yes your DOA will be with Kogan. Yet your normal warranty is with Apple.

        • Alright we got it….16hours before you

  • thanks mate! been waiting for a deal

  • Selling out fast. Only 2 left as I type this comment!

    Edit: Okay… now none left… (42mm black)

  • +1

    Bought one! White 38mm sport - been wanting one for ages and finally bit the bullet.

  • +2

    Dang it. I snooze I lose :(

    • 22 sold in less then 2 hours.

      Still interested in OzBarginers' review? 😏

      Kogan tends to fill the stocks frequently, don't snooze this time and good luck!

      • +7

        I bought one when the first came out in April 2015 (Milanese Loop - $1029) and used it for 6 months. At the start, the health features, the communication features, etc, we're all really fun gimmicks. But over time, I stopped using the watch for anything except notifications and the time. And to me, that wasn't worth $1000. So I sold it and moved on.
        And that's fine for me. I don't need all the extra features, notifications and the time are enough to make me happy :)
        So, ever since I sold my Apple Watch I've been trying to replace it with something cheaper. I've tried cheaper Android wear watches, pebbles, Xioami devices, etc. All of them worked, but I didn't really like any of them. I've been waiting for an Apple Watch under $400, so I'm diving back in just to get notifications again.

        Anyway, In terms of pure functionality, I found:
        1. The display activates easily and often with the slightest turn of the wrist. (When this doesn't work, it's frustrating, but it worked 95% of the time for me so I wasn't bothered). You also learn a slightly different way to look at your watch over time - a more 'exaggerated' lifting of the hand… I don't know if that makes sense, but I do it now without thinking. I also found the display to be bright enough in daylight (it could always be better, but was good enough).
        2. The battery in my 42mm lasted all day and then some. I'd often get home from work at 6pm and the watch was on 60%+ battery life (after wearing it since 6am). I don't wear my watch at night time, so I just took it off when I got home (like I did with my non-smart watch) and put it on the charger. Easy. No second thoughts required.
        3. The magnetic charger is great. It applies quickly and accurately every time. It also charges fairly quickly.
        4. I went through a phase of buying lots of 3rd party bands, but in the end, I mostly used the band the watch came with. So this time, I'll probably avoid wasting money on spare bands.
        5. Lastly, I bought a screen protector. My wife had a 38mm sport, and after a few months she had loads of tiny micro scratches on the screen. You could only see them under certain light, but they were clearly there.
        Anyway, hopefully some part of this ramble helps :)

  • +1

    Well 42mm sold out but the 38mm is still avaliable in black or white. At $330 it is still cheaper than that COTD offer a while back!

    Haha honestly $370 for a 42mm watch was too hot to miss, if you want a nylon band you could order it for $70 off Apple and have both sport band and nylon. Otherwise eBay has a crazy amount of cheap leather, sport, whatever bands. I just wanted an awesome deal on the main unit and finally found one :)

  • +1

    42mm blue still available cheap. Comes out to $385.59

  • Back in stock guys! 42mm!!!

  • back in stock

  • +2

    Still overpriced.

  • This is very tempting!

    • +2

      aaaand just purchased…

  • I know it's not local stock but anyone tried to get Apple stores to match this?
    (I have a $400 Apple voucher burning a hole in my pocket)

    • +1

      I could be wrong, but I've never heard of Apple price matching an online only store.

      Also seeing as eBay/PayPal would be footing a bit of the bill I really highly doubt it.

      • Just went to Apple Store George St (Sydney), you're right, they only match bricks and mortar stores.
        It didn't stop them trying to sell me one at full retail though

  • Not sure if anyone has noticed but apple announced cheaper watches today
    States $299 i assume US, the band is different too

  • Band looks meh but got one

  • Don't have an iPhone, just an iPad. WOrth getting?

  • Since the price drop was announced, with the US price dropping to $300. Would there be a price cheaper than this anytime soon here in Australia?

    Also what do people think about buying the first generation Apple Watch when the second gen may be released this year?

    • +2

      The Australian prices have already been updated at the apple online store.

  • the watch is out of stock again.

  • stuff this I'll just try to win myself one from IGA.

  • its back again

  • This makes me fee great I sold mine yesterday for $440

    • why sell - didn't like it?

      • +1

        Not worth $579 I paid and still not worth at this price. Bought a Fitbit hR much happier

    • did you sell on gumtree? I'm considering selling mine too. just too slow for me

      • +1

        yea man on gumtree - but I did in time before all these sales and such - also the fact apple have officially reduced there RRP to $299USD.
        I reckon try to get rid of it at $300-$350.
        I put mine up for $480, in my head was happy with $380. got $440 :)

  • +7

    Review : I have this for past 6 months. its more of a jewelry then something that is extra ordinary. Yes its apple product so people will ask you once, but then no one in your circle will care. I actually might have lost few $$ in my pay because now my boss thinks i am rich. I am not since i am looking for deals here :-)

    On the tech side, its not charge once use for few days. Needs a charge every night. heart rate sensor is not fast or well calibrated. Has some customization features so you can change the dial and other stuff if you wish. This is not water proof so you can't swim with this.

    In summary i will not put any more than 300 AUD for this jewelry. Will go for anything that is water proof and can give me better stats. i got it as a birthday present.

    Hope this helps.

    • Pebbles are waterproof but not so good with ios

  • +1

    Can it be jail broken?

  • +4

    Back in stock guys!

    My view on why I personally want one is the app support especially fitness, loading routines and just glancing down at my wrist rather than taking out or grabbing my phone.

    I've had a charge HR but got over it since I went from cardio/steps into high intensity/weighted training so essentially that's my reasoning for wanting it.

    If I wanted a smart watch for aesthetic I'd go moto3602 anyday. But I trust Apple will continue building a stronger foundation for watch OS compared to android rather than over saturate a market with hardware and specs over productivity.

  • AH….bought one! Sometimes I think OzB is really bad for the impulse shopper in me. Hopefully it will be worth it, although I will miss my Charge HR's sleep tracking function.

  • soooooo tempted! but will wait for 2nd gen

  • +1

    Just take note to the people who have Jailbroken iPhones. You will need to update to the latest version of iOS as when you pair the Apple Watch it will give you an error reading "iPhone out of date". Problem is when you update your iPhone there is no JB available at this time.

    • +1

      Well looks like i'm selling my watch when it arrives then

      • Dang looks like I'll hold off buying it as well. Need my Kodi.

        • Kodi can be loaded on with a Developer cert (now free) check out the Kodi wiki on how to do it, no jailbreak required

    • +2

      Shouldn't it be fine for those who are on iOS 9 or higher? Because my JB 9.0.2 has the Watch app installed already.

    • Hmm I'm running jailbroken 9.0.2 and paired my new Apple Watch last week just fine.

      • Thanks everyone

  • +1

    Just bought two, one for me, one for my partner… I hope my partner won't get mad…

    Asked Apple, they said the watch will have warranty where the country sells the watch. Which means if it breaks, it would be covered in Aus.

    Oh I am excited.. thank you OP! I wasn't looking to get one… but.. went for 'two' anyway…

    • So you mean Apple Watch have Global warranty like Macbooks and iPods ? iPhone warranty is limited to country of sale and not global

      • -1

        iPhone warranty is global.

        • But limited to just 1 year via Apple AU !

        • @regenade: Yep! Consumer law coverage is only applicable if you are in the country where the product was originally purchased from. In this case it would be Hong Kong.
          However you can still claim consumer law through Kogan which I've had pretty good success doing.

    • Apple Watch warranty is covered basically worldwide.
      You will not be eligible for consumer law coverage through Apple though. You will be eligible for consumer law coverage through Kogan however.

  • what's the usual wait time for Kogan to begin shipping? Are their dates for delivery pretty accurate?

    • Based on my experience, it's about 1.5-2 weeks.

      • This is going to be a long 2 weeks…

  • +1

    out of stock again

  • Back in stock again.

    Got one this time! :) Thanks for the deal

  • Just picked one up myself thanks op

  • grabbed one cheeeeeeeeeers

  • Am I right to assume the charger that comes with this will be the HK power adapter?

    • I'd be interested to know this too

    • my experience was long time ago when i bought iPhone 4 from them, they provided AU connector. Not sure for recently

  • A plus for me, until I get buyers remorse…

  • +1

    thanks, just bought one :)

    In terms of warranty, I just checked with Kogan and they confirmed that its covered with Australian warranty.

  • Can't resist, brought one. Estimated delivery Tuesday, Apr 12, 2016 - Friday, Apr 15, 2016 :(

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