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TPG ADSL2+ $49.95 - 180GB with 1mbps shaping


Super Fast /180GB - $49.99 -(90GB+90GB) - Shaping 1Mbps/1Mbps, uploads counted.

Best deal in the market for the ones who do not upload.

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    props for mentioning that uploads are counted. actually, the website says max speed 1mbps and shaping speed 1mbps. does this mean it is unlimited downloads and uploads?

    • Once you go over 90gb in either peak or offpeak, that period gets shaped to 1mbps, but you can still do heaps of stuff with that speed, so pretty much unlimited downloads and uploads at 1mbps.

      • but the tpg site lists uncapped speed at 1mbps… i don't see what difference the shaping does?

        • It doesn't list uncapped speeds as 1mbps. The 1mbps/1mbps shaping means upload and download rates are 1mbps when capped

        • The normal speed will be over 1.5mbps depending on where you live, how far you are from the exchange and how good your wiring is.

          It should normally be far higher then that, but if it's less then 1.5mbps, they HAVE to do something about it.

  • Removed.

  • +1

    If exetel still insists to halve the off-peak time, this might be my next plan.

  • just refresh my memory, but I can just change to this plan (i'm already on TPG) free of charge, through the website. I don't mind about uploads being counted if I essentially have 180GB of ADSL2+ than unlimited 1mbps

  • I'm currently on Super Fast Standard /130GB $49.99

    Do I have to pay any additional cost for the Super Fast / 180GB $49.99????

      • wait nvm :) hahaha

    • +1

      personally, if i'm already on the 130GB plan, i wont bother to change to this 180GB one… do a test yourself, and you might be surprised that uploads volume are about 30-40% of volume, are actually for uploads… quite a fair bit of your data volume are used to manage the data transfer/internet protocols

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    Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't those who download without uploading known as leeches in file sharing circles?

    • -3

      torrents are for noobs, usenet is where it's at

      • What's the best service/price for usenet access currently (for someone who doesn't have a bundled option)?

        • LOL, there isn't one! Hmmm, pay for a Usenet service or use your head & sign up to a good private torrent site/tracker where you'll get equivalent speeds for NIX??? Lemme think about that one…duh…

          I'll take "noob" torrents FTW thanks Eddie, lock it in! :D

          • +3

            @StewBalls: agreed!! Paying for a usenet subscription defeats the purpose of getting the stuff for free. Torrents are quick and easy for me. Sure usenet probably gets stuff released direct from the scene but in a few hours it turns up on torrents anyway so its no biggie.

          • @StewBalls: Ingorance is bliss. Keep using those torrents and keep usenet for 0-day folk.

            • +1

              @goober: I just love all these n00bs that have just discovered binaries! Coz they think it's cutting edge they're now happy to be milked for something the rest of us had value-added free with ISPs for years; and that we moved on from coz it's simply become another revenue source for profiteers looking to milk the cash cows! :o

              Well, my private torrent tracker maxes out my ADSL2 line speed, and stuff's there as soon as it hits the scene anyway; oh, and did I mention it costs NOTHING! How dumb must I be, eh! ;)

              Yeah, congratulations, you keep paying for nothing guys, leave the commonsense for the 0-pay folk! :D

              • @StewBalls: Sure thing. Enjoy your shitty ISP which doesn't offer a free Usenet server. Gotta love Internode for that.

          • @StewBalls: Most of the good/popular private ones I've come across don't take signups anymore (Good for those that got in or spam/beg forums for an invite now). Will keep looking… Need to increase my quota in any case ;-)

        • +1

          Astranews has a few good plans. $10 unlimited p/m or $25 for 180GB pay as you go

      • +1

        get seedbox. upload using my adsl speed is way way below than what i can upload using cheap seedbox.
        i'm talking about $5/mth seedbox :)

        just rent seedbox for 1 mth and you can get more than 1TB upload credit on busy private torrent.
        (unless you're competing with other seedbox users :P)

  • -1

    No good if you d/l using torrents!

  • +3

    IMO you're not gonna upl 50GB worth of data?

    • Thats true too.
      Guess I hafta think about it.

      • I upload a lot and I fnind that I upload about 70% of what I download each month (taken from stats rather than a guess)

  • +2

    Damn, and I was excited for a minute.
    Thought it was another TPG free upgrade!

  • +1

    Looks like I'll be switching from Exetel to TPG soon unless Exetel decides to reverse the half offpeak time limit. :(

    Excellent deal a positive for me.

    • +3

      TPG offpeak is 2am-8am but their huge quota makes up for it.

      I just hope these counting upload plans won't end up affecting the other regular plans. I hate counting upload. It's like being charge to receive phone call.

    • I think you really need to do your sums again mate! ;)

  • Yep, not a great move if anyone doing torrents.
    for a moment I was so excited. meh.

    • Ditto.

      Basically in peak hours, I'd getting an upgrade of 20Gb but now uploads would be counted too, which negated the increase in quota for me. I have more than enough allowances in off peak.

  • +1

    On average, how much GB do a regular "torrenter" upload anyway?

    • +4

      Telstra "torrenter" 0

    • For bit torrent to work efficiently, everyone is meant to upload the same amount as they download.

  • No Usenet :(

  • +4

    thats a crap load of linux distro's!!!

    • Yep, love me my 0-day linux distro downloads. Pretty much the only legitimate way to use up 180GB of data. For some reason I just have to have them all.

      • Actually there's a lot of legit video/streaming media that can also use up a far bit of data legally esp. with more channels allowing online replays, etc. Shame we don't have more services like Hulu operating in Oz (officially) as well. A lot of times I couldn't be bothered taping a show and watch the on-demand/catch-up version legally. Have a few people in the house doing the same thing and a lot of data can go in no time.

        • +1

          youtube doing HD also.

          then again u could be an avid porn freak with membership(s) and downloading dvds.

  • Optus has one of the better off peak times. 12am to 12pm. Imagine you have the whole of sat and sun morning to use your off peak times. Their new plans are great.

  • :( -"Download and Upload Counted"

  • is this 24month contract ?? any1 knows any uncontract (or 6-12months) and good ? but please not unwired

  • +1

    Upload counted is a let down, won't be moving to this plan.

  • +1

    TPG Is Great for value

    i'm on the Unlimited plan but i have a mate moving to this plan because he doesn't upload much so this will be a great deal for him $50 for 180GB such a great deal

  • All those complaining about uploads, who needs uploading when u can get a seedbox for like 10 bux a month?

    This is perfect for me :P

    My seedbox can up at 50mbps :P

    • which one ?

    • how does that work? doesn't it use upload data?

      • A seedbox is usually not at your own house, its 'rented' at another location i.e not your bandwidth

  • amazing

  • +2

    could be better if it is naked

  • gahh, i just applied for Superfast standard 130gb 2 days ago. Is it too late to change it now? I still havent got adsl activated yet.

    • +1

      You can upgrade once your service begin at no charge, as long as the plan you're moving to cost the same or more than your current plan.

  • With an additional $25, you can get the unlimited ADSL2+ plan!

  • +3

    180GB per month — that's 6GB every day of the year — a huge amount of porn, I mean movies, YouTube and Facebook… ☺

    • Yeah but with 1080p content becoming more common 180GB a month isn't that much. it's only 20 BD rips a month.

      • +3

        Seriously though, who needs 20 BD rips every month?

        Who has that much time to download and watch 20 movies?

        Methinks that the piracy hounds arc up thanks to people who download this amount of material and the rest of us get screwed (ridiculous government censorship anyone?).

        Then again, what would an average consumer need 180gb of data for every month outside of pirated material and pr0n?

        • 2 words, streaming movies….

          • -1

            @wisc: Sure, but 20 x 2.5 - 3 hours per month?

          • @wisc: Amen to that, the number of people I see with blown quotas who proffer the asinine comment "but I don't download anything" is staggering1 ;)

        • +2

          You're assuming only one person is using the internet in any single household.

  • IMHO it's a good offer but to be sure it's good for you you can just keep an eye on your usage(up/down) for some days and the just compare the results with the offer above.

    2 weeks ago i changed my TPG plan for free. I moved from 59,99$ 75GB to 59,99$ 140GB
    The week before that i received an email from TPG warning me about my usage:
    "Thank you for your continued interest in our TPG Internet service.

    This is an automatically generated email to advise you that you
    have 20% or less of your peak download limit left until the
    end of your monthly billing period (14/04/2010)

    At the end of your allocation your peak service
    will be throttled to 64 kbps.

    Yours faithfully,
    TPG Internet"

    Is this normal?Where is the 1Mbps(or at least 254k) shaping speed?
    Also, my download speed varies from 1100 to 1600mbps. Can TPG do something about it or it's just wiring and location problem?

    @harthagan what do you mean "only 20 BD rip a month" how many movies do you watch a month? :P

  • +6

    DON'T encouraging them to start counting uploads, if people switch to this plan they will start counting it in all there plans, would love to neg it for counting uploads, as i consider counting uploads as a deal breaker for me personally. (transferring large databases to and from work.)

  • @ covert: no need to be such a pain( you get negative votes for nothing)
    @ wisc: as i said it depends on your needs, i'm not encouraging anyone, i'm just saying that not everybody downloads 20 BD rip films in a month or uploads large databases on daily basis.
    Knowing your upload/download needs(as you do) it's very useful(not only) for choosing your ADSL plan.

    • +3

      yep, i agree, but my main point is that we shouldn't be encouraging them to count upload limits :) if they see its successful, they will start migrating plans and count uploads. we should be encouraging them to move towards the unlimited plans rather than different methods of counting… and we can encourage by not moving to plans that count data more than less…

  • +3

    This whole debate here basically comes down to whether you use torrents or usenet.

    If you use torrents, this plan is NOT for you.

    If you use usenet, on the other plans you are effectively cross subsidizing all of the torrenters who are uploading a ton each month. On this plan you are not and that is why it is significantly cheaper. I keep considering moving from Adam to TPG but communitynet (100% unlimited uploads and downloads to people on the same exchange, where naturally DC+ hubs have been setup by people) is just too good to give up.

  • +6

    For the general user, anyone who doesn't A) Seed Torrents, B) Upload large volume data (Databases, YouTube etc) or C) Host a gaming server , counting uploads is a very, very small percentage of your monthly quota.

    If you are on a plan that counts uploads, you can either use Torrents still (but you'll just be a leecher!) or sign up to Usenet (free for Internode, $$$ for everyone else).

    I agree we don't want ISP's moving to Upload counting plans. However if they have plans that are both, but with Uploads having greater quota, I can't see anyone losing.

  • Agreed to not counting uploads.
    I guess it's still good TPG at least HAVE plans that do not count uploads.. so yeah.

    I don't think i'll be switching to this as I host a L4D2 server and upload a minimum 2.5gigs a day..

    Each to their own needs I guess.

    Also, with the the 1mbps shaping, it's dead easy to pull the extra quota from the Super Fast Standard /130GB

  • They do have an unlimited plan now, a bit expansive that's true. The internet companies are far behind here as some other countries in Europe and US. I used to have unlimited downloads / uploads in Europe 6 years ago! The fiber was just in front of your door, fiber connection is most common there. When I came here I had a shock as it looked like many years behind, now is getting better but still 8-10 years behind Europe. I'm pretty happy with my TPG plan for now, but could be better. It's all about competition, everywhere, internet, retail, banks etc.

    • +1

      The land mass of Australia is larger. We are isolated from the rest of the world hence we we are so far behind.
      It's a fact of life.

      • And also, because we are an English-speaking country most of our traffic is to the US, which makes it more expensive compared to if it were local traffic only.

    • i agree with you.just moved to Australia from Italy where i had "unlimited" 24Mbps down for less than 40 usd.
      I'm positive though, things are getting better and better here and i'm sure one day we will have unlimited plans with "real" adsl speed at a good price(and not my current 1,2 Mbps continuous… shaping speed :) )

  • no one mentioned the unlimited for $75?

    • That's not exactly 'new' news. Been there for some time.

    • Not many areas can sign up for the unlimited plans

  • -1

    Most downloads are from P2P, if everyone don't what to seed, where you can download from, my PC seed BT and emule 24 hrs because uploads is not counted and i'm happy to share files with others, but i won't do that if TPG count uploads, no good for P2P at all.

    • Usenet. However, as I mentioned before, if you aren't with Internode (who provide a free Usenet service) than you need to subscribe to a Usenet service.

      Alternatively, as mentioned by Muzammo, ISP's that don't count quota on their own links usually have community DC++ hubs running.

  • And here is the governments plan for "better broadband network" rofl

  • +2

    Other countries laugh when they hear we have uploads counted in our plans.

    • +7

      Other countries laugh when they hear we have bandwidth limitations, period.

      • But they don't laugh when they hear our speed though. Most of my friends in USA are only on ADSL 1 speeds. lol.

        • A number of them have Fibre or Cable though as well ;)

          ADSL1 does go up to 8mb/sec which seeing my ADSL2 only connects bout 7meg .. is still better

  • +1

    i love my unlimited plan :D best value for $75

    • +3

      needs to come down to 49 bux though :D

    • which area you in ??
      first ive heard of something being on that unlimited plan

      • TPG Unlimited plan is only valid in NSW at the moment.

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