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FREE: 150 Qantas Frequent Flyer Points by Downloading Assure App (iOS Only)


Just got this email. Not sure how far 150 points will get you, but free is free.

Link to the iOS app…

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    was 200 points a couple of months ago per this post

  • Thank you TA and WO

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    Awesome, now need 11,169 points to crack the half-million.

    • Damn, nice work.
      How did you accumulate most of your points? Credit card bonuses/business expenditure (tut tut hahaha)?

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        I probably shouldn't tell you this but if I didn't furnish my place using Qantas points converted into $15k's worth of Harvey Norman vouchers back in 2009, i'd probably have over 2 million points.

        All my points are through travel for work. I used to do a lot between 2006 - 2011. Busienss class trips to NYC clock up mega points and I've done a lot of those.

        • Wtf you bought Harvey Norman gift cards with your points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

          At least it seems like you now realise/understand that it's probably not the best way to use your points… :)

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          @illumination: Yes I knew that back in 2009 but I had so many points and no plans to use them for flights so it made sense at the time to conver them to vouchers. BTW, I had a mortgage too so saving $15k was of help.

        • Nice mate - impressive

  • Good deal.
    Yea 150 points isn't much but as you said, free is free!!

    Offsetting the cost of my iPhone a few cents at a time with all these iOS exclusives from QF Assure!

    • Just to let you know cc singup alone have netted me 240k worth of points. With another 110k on the way. So not that hard to collect points.

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    You can use the Qantas FF toolbar to earn a maximum of 150 points per month (1 point per search)

    • Nice - thanks!

    • been using it since it started few years back.

      But since the last couple years any searches i have done are not qualified for points.
      Any tips on this?

      • I thought it is no more? I think I remember seeing an email that they are not having this anymore…. Hmm, anyone?

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        Any tips on this?

        Stop using it to search for Virgin flights

    • What's using Bing like? Does it get annoying for the sake of 150 Qantas points or more or less as good or as bad as google if you know how to search smartly?

  • Anyone able to confirm that you can install the app from the last deal, claim the points and then uninstall it, and then install it again to attempt to claim these 150?

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    For those interested that's, 88.5cents in Qantas cash cards or $2 in flight points if you're good

  • I tried it, so far seems to be working but will take a while to install the 150. It tells you when you login for first time you'll be earning 150 points if I recall correctly.

    • So can it be rinse and repeat? Delete the app and install it again?

  • Thanks TA…am already Walken but just to add to the FF Points bandwagon…just by using my cc points I have a beautiful new Webber family Q , some great Samsonite luggage, accessories and gave my mum an upgrade with points transfers….I don't accumulate points at all through flying. I went for a ride this morning and already I know my points have increased through Assure…

  • So we get free FF points just for walking?

    • For Walken

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      You get the bonus points (150 in this case, 200 previously) however all the points you then earn by walking are locked until you unlock them by purchasing a Qantas Assure health insurance policy.

      • Thanks

      • Oh, well in that case I won't bother. Thanks for the info.

        I don't have an iPhone, but have a fitbit and was going to ask if there's a way to wrangle this deal but I ain't buying PHI just to get the points.

        Because the email said: and/or fitbit I thought there was a chance..

  • needs iOS 8.2…
    I am still running 7.1.2 :-)

  • Has to be on iPhone, didn't work on iPad.

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