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Sony FHD Video Action Wi-Fi Camera $137, Nikon D3200 Body $278, Canon 1200D SLK $334 @ Harvey Norman


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  • Hunting for a GoPro Hero 4 before the end of next week and unfortunately missed the eBay sale a couple weeks back. Anyone know if this Sony cam is worth it at this price? I looked at a couple of reviews and they said the stabilization is good but there can be a lot of noise when the waterproof case is on (which I'll be needing). Don't know if there will be any more sales similar to eBay with 30 June so close now. :(

    • This is definitelty a good price to buy. The built-in image stabilisation works quite well apparently. If you want to shoot lots of video underwater I read the curved lens of the included waterproof case can blur the image, so people have to replace the lens with a flat lens.

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      i would rather get a xiaomi yi for that price

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        Their Yi 4K action camera seems to have some nice specs.

    • I picked one up a while a go for around $150. You do get internal reflections from the case when facing towards the sun. I'm not a fan of the mounting options and the fact it must be mounted vertically.

      The image quality is ok with the case on and the image stabilisation is very good.

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    I think the HDR-AS20 (2014 model) @ $137 is a good price. JB was selling @ $167 few weeks ago. Some camera stores were selling between $180 - $199. The RRP is $299.
    Since you need it for underwater shooting, get the MPK-AS3 housing selling @$69. The image quality is good and has the basic function of an Action Camera. I have tried it but returned due to HN selling the AS200 @ $187.
    If you are happy to spend more, get the AS200v. It was selling at $187 at HN but has gone up to $207. The RRP is $399. These models comes with an adapter where you can attached to a GoPro accessory.

    Sony have just released a new model AS300 on the 25/6/2016 but not sure when they bring the new models into Australia.

    • Thanks for your help guys!

      Yep, judging by the Youtube videos available, the MPK-AS3 housing looks necessary for clear underwater footage. Getting the AS20 with the case bumps up total cost to the AS200v, but the footage from AS200v does look better anyway (as to be expected, I guess?) and end result is that it's less than a full priced Hero 4 Session. I'm only holding off on either camera now because I'm struggling to find a place that stocks the housing. Sony online store's best estimate of delivery is just a day or two before I take off, but worst scenario would be the housing arriving when I'm away; no clue what their return policy is like either.

    • I'm really interested in getting the AS200V, you mentioned it comes with an adapter that allows it to be attached to GoPro Accessory? which one would that be, I play indoor soccer and need to get a cam that can be used along with a magnetic mount (http://www.harveynorman.com.au/sp-gadgets-gopro-magnet-mount...) <— only one i can find and it specifically can only be used with those wicky wacky gopro mounts, I've watched unboxing videos of as200v, but nothing in the vids demonstrate a tool that permits it to be attached to the GoPro mounts. any advice? :)

  • The 1200D is a steal for that price, I was trying to sell mine secondhand that i got 8 months ago for more than Harvey is offering it lol, might have to wait now!
    Saw it for about $549 at Target last week with single lens, great beginners camera, helped me make up my portfolio too.

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      Almost all the Canon DSLR cameras have really poor dynamic range. They are 3 or more stops behind Sony and Nikon in all but the two top Canon (Pro) models.
      Very sad.

      For travel or landscape it means you frequently need to do multiple exposures (in RAW of course) and combine them together just to get what the Sony and Nikon can do. If you aren't worried about this sort of thing, then you shouldn't be buying a DSLR. You are just carrying unnecessary weight.

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        Where is the three or more stops from? From reviews I have read, the Canon is a bit behind, but 3 stops is a huge difference

        • Here is a review showing two stops, which is huge. Doesn't sound much but it really makes a big difference between having detail in a highlights or shadows. http://www.dxomark.com/Cameras/Compare/Side-by-side/Canon-EO...

          In case you are wondering. I am not a Nikon or Sony fan. I have only owned Canon SLRs. It wasn't until I found I was struggling so much with travel and landscape photos that I investigated what the problem was. Needless to say I was not happy that the equivalent Nikon had 2+ stops better dynamic range and that the then current equivalent Canon DSLR (three models later) had no better dynamic range than the one I already owned.

      • Cool…
        It's a good camera for the price, for under $350 with the lens kit it's even better. Takes great day shots, autofocus is snappy, camera is easy to use, and excellent for a beginner - night mode and video mode sucks nonetheless.

        • Hey is this camera good for product photography ? I have no clue but this seems like the best deal I've seen in a while

        • @PAOK11: Does the job well for an entry level DSLR, the flash is very bright also. Auto mode is fine but not very good for low light. The standard lens is good for closeup shots as well.

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          The poor low light is all part of the poor dynamic range. This review also shows it isn't good in low light.

        • @PAOK11:

          What sort of product?

          The lens may be totally unsuitable.

          This is the bottom of the range amateur DSLR camera and not a good one at that.

        • @not a bargain: Yeah it's somewhat underwhelming in low light, i know that, keep your pants on man.
          For the money, with a lens included it's a bloody steal whether you approve or not. If you're taking daytime photos and want to get into DSLR's and happy to fiddle with the manual mode here and there then this camera is a decent starting place. I've only just moved on from mine.

        • Complete newbie here. Please answer me this. I want to take photos of products like toys and what not. Am I better off buying a good digital camera like Sony RX100 or buying something like Canon 1200D SLK . I understand the RX100 is much more expensive and the top model is $999 at JB HIFI but at the same time It may come in handy on holidays while the DSLR cameras are too bulky to be carrying around with me as I don't want to be lugging around a huge camera and a carry bag and all that jazz

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          @PAOK11: for a beginner this shoulf be fine..

        • @PAOK11: The 1200D has an auto mode that's fine for newbies, the autofocus is quick in most situations too, 18-55mm lens it comes with is OK for taking photos from a distance and fine for closeups although not for very closeup shots.
          Don't expect miracles out of it but it does do a great job for the money. Setting up, navigation through menus, etc, is also very easy.

  • thanks OP, bought sony $207 one

    • Good choice. You'll get a $15 eVoucher as well.

    • I also bought the HDR-AS200V for $207 and they included the Sony Action Cam LCD unit.

      • Fantastic deal. I've only just bought a heap of these Action Cameras and accessories, and was patting myself on the back getting a couple of these AS200's on eBay new-in-box (second hand) for under $200. I guess some did come with some extra accessories which eases the pain, but I paid $90 for one of the LCDs (only to get another two units included with more cameras I bought). I only found out about the HN deal a couple of days ago, where was it hiding? I never saw it on OzB. Still looking for a cheap separate hard lens cover for my collection. Maybe I can score some eVouchers.

      • Which store did you purchase from?

        • Bundall, they had a half yearly clearance sale at the convention centre

    • Made a mistake, useless product

  • Got a GoPro hero silver already so is this Sony any good to it or just no point?

    • +1

      no point

    • if you need stabilisation built in then maybe

      • and stereo audio

  • I have seen the outcome between a GoPro and Sony without Image Stabilisation. And with IS is much better.

  • I should've bought it, when i had the chance, looks like the 1200d sold out or removed.

    • +1

      It will still be on special in store if you can find stock, ends 3rd July

      • cheers, will give them a call tomorrow to find out ;)

  • Any idea if there is anyway I can get the AS20 or AS200V to be used with this magnetic mount? http://www.harveynorman.com.au/sp-gadgets-gopro-magnet-mount...

    Thanks :)

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      Sony uses a standard 1/4"-20 tripod screw, very common in photography. GoPro use a proprietary fitting. Just get a cross-over adapter and enjoy the best of both worlds. Something like this or this will allow you to attach a Sony camera to any GoPro fitting. There is this adapter to go from a GoPro camera to a Sony/standard photography base.

      • Hi Endotherm, thank you kindly for your response, after taking a glimpse of the links you provided I immediately placed an order and paid for pick up for the AS200V this morning.

        Would you happen to know if any location stores would sell one of the stated adapters (sony camera to gopro mounts)? buying it from ebay will just take too long for it to be delivered.

        Thanks heaps!

        • Not really, but they should be really common (the GoPro-camera-to-standard-tripod adaptor seems to be MORE common though). Anywhere that sells GoPros should have them. Camera stores would be your best bet. Be prepared to pay a lot more than $1 for them though!

        • @endotherm:

          I placed an order for the two items you listed, so cheap even if I do find one locally it'll be good replacement, thanks again

        • @lawlieta: I just had a new camera delivered and was surprised to find one of these adaptors included in the box (the first right-angled one).

        • @endotherm:

          Yeeeeah! i picked up my bag of goods as well as camera from harvey just got home, notice theres that adapter too, AWESOME!

          the camera is heavier than i thought, i hope the magnetic mount can hold its weight when plugged sideway against a wall ! :x

          btw any advice you can give about that battery and smart charging? I've got smart chargers at home and not sure if it'll damage the battery?

        • @lawlieta: Can't help with smart charging, I just use the microUSB port on the bottom of the camera to charge it via USB.

        • @endotherm:

          no problem at all, haven't really had a chance to use it properly and freaked out when there was no audio until later i found out have to transfer it to pc/phone (not stream) for audio. now just gotta wait for the damn magnetic mount to be available for pickup, sheesh whats taking so long! :(

  • Should I buy the Canon 1200D SLK $334 ?? Seems like very old stock???? Can someone please help me ?

    • Scratch that looks like its sold out

  • anyone got any idea how long they'll hold stock for if you chose pickup method? (paid with cc already)

    • Maybe ask HN online chat they might be able to help

      • all good! 2 out of 3 items picked up the next day.. now i'm wondering how long it takes for the 3rd item to be available for pick up…

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