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ZOTAC GTX 1080 AMP! Edition £502.19 (~ AU $938) @ Amazon UK (Dispatched within 1 to 3 Weeks)


this card has a back order of 1 - 3 weeks

GPU GeForce® GTX 1080
CUDA cores 2560
Video Memory 8GB GDDR5X
Memory Bus 256-bit
Engine Clock Base: 1683 MHz
Boost: 1822 MHz
Memory Clock 10 GHz
PCI Express 3.0
Display Outputs 3 x DisplayPort 1.4 HDMI 2.0b DL-DVI
HDCP Support Yes
Multi Display Capability Quad Display
Recommended Power Supply 500W
Power Consumption 230W
Power Input Dual 8-pin
DirectX 12 API feature level 12_1
OpenGL 4.5
Cooling Dual Fan IceStorm
Slot Size Dual Slot
SLI Yes, SLI HB Bridge Supported
Supported OS Windows 10 / 8 / 7
Card Length 300mm x 148mm
Accessories 2 x Dual 6-pin to 8-pin PCIe adapter
Driver Disk
User Manual

i placed an order today and this was the final price
Item Subtotal: £483.33
Postage & Packing: £18.86
Order Total: £502.19

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel K Keepa.

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  • +3

    I can't figure out if the Zotac version is worth it…

    I think I'm going to wait, this card has 2x 8-pin connectors for better overclocking but I don't think it has the cooling for it.

    • If you actually overheat your 3rd party card with non reference design, you are doing it wrong.

      • +1

        How do you know? I can't find any information on zotac 1080's.

        • Zotac is in 1st rank tire of video card manufacture
          Japanese best card.
          they use super high quality materials for their cards and always loaded with…..more stuff……
          AMP is their high end line….
          I will not question their quality at all.
          if i can make a ranking list
          i would say…Asus EVGA Zotac/MSI/gigabyte ….
          Asus Strix
          EVGA FTW
          Zotac AMP
          MSI X
          Gigabyte…extreme / G1…

        • -1


          I'm not asking about quality, i'm asking about cooling/gaming performance. They are different things.

        • @samfisher5986:

          AMPs performance better then founders edition.

          cooling performance are way better as blower cooling solution was known to fail……after use a while the dust will greatly reduce the cooling performance and you can't get those dust out easily. unless you open the chassis which do have a chance (not likely if your have exp) to damage the card, or avoid warranty…screws could be covered under seals…

          gaming performance should be surely high then the Founders edition based on 3 reasons
          1: they come with a higher frequency…….OC mode..
          2: GPU boost 3.0 greatly depend on how "cool" the GPU is working. if your GPU working under a temperature let's say 60C, GPU boost will keep adding work load, voltage to GPU, "release" more power. until the Temperature hit a number, let's say….80C, then GPU start unloading voltage, make GPU working less hard so the fan could take the heat away.
          so~~~ if the AMP has a better cooling fan system….it should be working at a higher frequent.
          3: normally speaking. AMP or equal high end badge is like a car. both Mazda 6 2.5L using same fundamental design and component. but Mazda 6 luxury with BOSS sound system will give you a better sound quality and sporty tyre size give you more road feeling and looks better.
          that means AMP using higher quality capacitor, board, that give the card more potential to over clock, or constant working under a higher frequent.

          i wish this helped.

        • -1


          Ehh sorry but anything is better then founders edition.. so you didn't really need to write all of that.

        • @samfisher5986:

          Then why did you write

          i'm asking about cooling/gaming performance.

          So someone was nice enough to respond to your question then you brush it off?

        • @IceCreamBandit:

          Because he provided no information?

          He's basically saying that marketing speak from GPU manufactuers should be taken seriously, in which case all the GPU's are the best because they all talk up their own products.

          In reality cards perform differently.

        • @samfisher5986:

          it highly depend on your cooling system.
          normally speaking these high end custom version could have a least 5% up to 10% better performance then founders. could be more if your cooling system is good. so far some test already verified customized AMP. StriX. G1. are well enough to working at 2000mhz. you can calculate yourself. founder is 16XX…boost 17xxMhz(could be higher in my opinion)
          but as i said….if you have a bad cooling circle in your PC, GPU boost will not help you out there, if they only working at 1800-1900mhz. not the card's problem.

        • @alucard147:

          We still don't know how the AMP performs though.

    • +1

      Well, there's evga ftw 1080 too on amazon uk but will be backordered, what i dont get is gbp 50 ish import deposit for evga but none for zotac

      • i think thats todo with the import duty's when its value is over a $1000

        • but it's not over aud 1000 isnt it? the goods itself only worth gbp 500 which approx 915 aud

        • @k3nn3th323: I get charged import duty from china when the value is $1,000+ inc international freight costs.

        • @Awsam: well, here's the breakdown of total amount:
          Estimated Postage & Packaging
          Total before VAT
          Import Fees Deposit
          Estimated Order Total

          if say, only the items plus international freight costs it's only gbp 515 / aud 940ish ?
          I'm aware that it's possible for Amazon to refund the deposit if it's not incurred, but just prepared for the worst case scenario.

    • 2 8-pins doesn't guarantee better overclocking, if you lose the silicon lottery then it's pointless having a 2 8-pin.

  • Comes up at £579.99 for me. Did the price go up or is there a discount applied at checkout?

    • +1

      VAT gets removed at checkout? pretty sure.

    • it removes the V.A.T. at checkout, add the item to your cart and when you click on the basket under the subtotal on the right there is "Estimate VAT, Postage and Packaging" click it and it will tell you the total for the order

  • Thinking of use auspost cash passport.

    Anyone had any experience with that card?

    • Yes. Packed with fees.

      There are other products that will do similar things for you. Bank accounts snd credit cards with no fees, including international. Last I read was Citibank transaction accout and 28 Degrees or maybe Amex.

  • +4

    Zotac offer intentional warranty?

    • +5

      No they won't cover repair costs if you decided to damage it.

      • +2

        What about if it's unintentional?

        • +1

          If you'd unintentionally drop it, they wouldn't cover repair costs either.

  • Wow, this is is a pretty good deal.

    1 month ago, a 980ti cost more than this. Can't believe how quick prices have dropped on these. almost tempted to get one.

    • +1

      In about a month prices going to drop much more.

  • I'd buy the ftw but I'm being charged the import tax, I thought if the item without shipping was under 1000 aud there was no import tax?

    • Yeah i wonder about it too, if there's no import fee, i'll grab the evga rather than zotac

    • Yeah there shouldn't be.

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