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ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition Shipped $1024 @ Newegg


Hi All,

just picked up this today. Its in stock. Shipping is $87 but still cheaper than local.
backed with international warranty by Newegg.

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    Price in title?

    • done.

  • Anyone read any news about a possible lower priced alternative? $600, let alone $900, is a bit too much for me as I've only got a 1080p 144hz monitor.

    • Only news i read is ppl complaining abiut fan reving bug and dvi clock issues.

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      New the 9 480's are supposed to be dirt cheap and about on par with gtx 980 if you are on a budget

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        Pair with gtx 980? Lol where you get your info from? Wccftech?

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          lol where did you get your literacy from

      • Rx 480 is on par with the gtx 980!!!!!!!!!

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    veeeery tempting, but I'm on a holding pattern until we get some reliable RX 480 benchmark results!

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    Can this drive you to the shops?

  • Found power supply to match

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      part of the appeal of the new cards is the low power consumption, actually

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    Can preoder gigabyte founders edition for US $717.36 (~AU $966) from amazon

    EDIT: You can even preorder this deal for under AU$900 shipped thanks to the falling pound.

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    As far as i know anything over $1000 will attract %10 GST? Im aware the price of the graphic card it self is less than $1000 but the total with shipping is over $1000. Some GST is paid for anything over $1000 including shipping and some says shipping is not countable.

    • it didnt count gst for me when i ordered.

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        Will have to wait until you either receive your customs receipt in mail, or when your card arrives without any GST on top.

    • This is correct and shipping shouldn't be counted

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    Please people, unless you have some weird nvidia FE fetish, or for some reason think the FE is more visually appealing, there's literally no good reason to buy a FE card anymore. There's not a big difference in delivery time now, plus the FE is more expensive, runs hotter, louder, inferior OCing to pretty much every single other 1080, even the reference pcb ones.

    Wait a couple more days, and you'll probably see the lower to mid range 1080's coming in at $900-ish AUD. I just bought a Zotac AMP 1080 for $952.99 AUD Incl delivery, because I'm impatient and am satisfied enough with it. Why anyone would pay more — especially someone who frequents this website — for significantly less, is entirely BEYOND me. Pls ppl. Don't do it.

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      Pretty much… Wait a week or 2, let the stocks replenish and the RX480 drop. Price definitely isn't going up!

    • Some people need blower cards in their systems especially if they sli/xfire

    • Non-ref cards's price has been out and in Australia, they are NOT really cheaper than FE cards (less than $100 diff), while Founder's Edition's premium metal material blows non-ref cheap plastic out of water. Hotter? not true! The FE cards in fact runs better in many regular air-cooled PC tower, the non-ref cards blow hot air all over the place to lower its temperature, but in fact it increases the tower temperature, so unless your PC tower has state-of-art cooling system, you wouldn't see the temperature difference as these reviews! OC?? you gotta be kidding, go and look around, Nvidia limit the voltage and both ref and non-ref have very limited OC capacity, and in many forums, people reports FE appears to have better OC capacity so far

  • This is a very bad deal

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    Stop buying overpriced rubbish and wait till they start pricing stuff at a reasonable level say $500-800 AUD this is just obvious price gouging complete joke

    • I have the Oculus sitting at home for a week so cant resist no more.

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    Newegg's international warranty appears to be only 15 days. Not really a selling point.

    • You have 15 days from the date of delivery (when it reaches your door and receive it, obviously) to get an RMA issued from Newegg. It must only cover DOA or fault found soon after unboxing. So it's best to check your goods from Newegg as soon as you get it.

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    Horrible price. Not a deal in the slightest..

  • What is Newegg international warranty?

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      "International Return Policy

      Return for refund within: 15 days

      Return for replacement within: 15 days

      You can learn more about our return process and guidelines in the Overall Return Guidelines and Additional Return Information sections of this page.

      Defective or damaged products that state "This item is covered by Newegg's International Return Policy" must have an RMA number issued by Newegg within 15 days from the delivery date for this policy to apply. In the event a product is returned that is not defective, the product will either be returned to the customer or the return shipping cost initially covered by Newegg will instead be deducted from the refund amount along with any necessary restocking fee that may apply. To file a return, please contact Newegg customer service via email or live chat."


      • thanks. I couldnt find anything via my mobile phone.

  • I'd buy a third party and water cool it. I personally like getting my hands dirty and would enjoy stripping one down and throwing a water block on it. I have a 980ti though so I'm stuck with it for a few years.

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