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Shopping Express EOFY Sale Marathon 28/6 (48 items): 750 EVO 250GB SSD $89, 950 PRO 256GB SSD $195, 8GB DDR3 SODIMM $39 + More


Just saw that shopping express are having an end of financial year sale for the next 3 days, with a total of 48 items for tomorrow (3 items released per hour beginning 8am) Some decent deals in the mix, so make sure to check them out.

















Phew finally done linking everything, that was tiring.

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  • I take it as shipping not included?

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      Some items offer free shipping (i've just gone through and marked them)

  • 🌟🌟🌟Good one lyl🌟🌟🌟


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    their customer service went down hill lately, my items lost in mail enquiry has not received a reply for two months, heck, all they know is push new product.

    • Agreed. I bought a microSD last year with another item in the same order . They didn't send the microSD in the package . I contacted their support, we went back and forth and they implied I was lying . Anyways I finally caved in as $20 wasn't worth the headache they gave me and bought from another shop.

      • But you went to post this sale? :P

        • Doesn't mean i wont post a good deal if i see one.

          I know the rep means well, just their customer support is not helpful .

          Its not the first time I've been burned from SE. They sent me a faulty TV tuner a few years back and never responded to my emails when i asked for a replacement.

        • @easternculture: I always had positive experience with them. I have not used them this year. But I will advise to not post the deals if you have bad experience with the store and spread the word.

        • @Gaggy:
          Exactly. If not they will continue their bad behaviour .
          COTD did the same thing and did not ship a wristwatch among 10 or 12 other items.I pulled the plug on my account.

        • @Gaggy: I agree with Gaggy. If a retailer shys away from their responsibility to remedy or denies consumer right to remedy, I think people should stop posting their deals. I know it is good to buy item at a low price, but what is the use of getting it at a low price that in case of an event of failure after sales, you are left with a lemon and no remedy.

          This is what people did with www.megabuy.com.au and their 4 other websites because of massive customer service, ordering and non delivery issues. Stopped posting deals and saved everyone massive hassle.

        • @saty1296:
          I like the prices at Shopping Express/Futu Online, but crikey shipping is bloody slow with Fast(slow)way.
          That's tolerable, a trade-off for cheap gear.
          Hopefully they resolve the customer service issues above which are more concerning.

        • @tazmaniak: I was pretty annoyed when they jacked the pricing during previous ebay sales though. There was not too much stir about it though.

        • @easternculture:
          Skipping this sale then. Might as well buy cheaper from OS if you're going to get no support and slow shipment, taking my money elsewhere.

        • @Gaggy: Didn't realise that, and I bought $700+ worth of gear! It was still a little cheaper than normal I guess, but not cheap enough to really justify slow shipping and the other potential issues.

      • Oh hi, thanks for posting a shop that ripped you off personally, I really like the way you gave others the same opportunity and continued to support the business.

        After this comment and the sock puppeting the other day I don't think as much of your posts any more because you appear to be a points whore.

    • Thanks for the heads up, probably won't be buying from them again now.
      I did buy a HD7970 back in the day from them luckily it hasn't gone belly up.

  • What happened to the 1070?

  • Is the QNAP TS-431+ any good? How is it compared to other 4-bay NAS?

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    look through half of the sale but only tiny discount, if don't need shipping not worth the hassle from online seller.

  • The NUC price is same as msy. Useless sale.


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    Check prices elsewhere before pulling the trigger,
    A few items I checked were cheaper elsewhere.

  • Limited amount of units

    Have bought from SE and been happy in the past but filled in a survey recently that promised a $10 voucher that has never arrived

    • My voucher arrived, but I didn't end up finding something to spend it on before it expired (midnight last night) did you check your junk or spam folder?

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    Excellent Effort put into this post !

  • Tbe SE price is not good since last year. Lots of 'special' are not really special, just normal price..

  • Don't get it, why is the advertised price on the sale screen different from what you see when adding the item to cart? What am I missing here?

    • Deals change every hour. So if your deal is not on when you are clicking it, return at the correct time or it may already have expired. Please check the title and full details below it.

  • Was thinking about havin a crack at the 1080, is it worth a $130 less for the uncertainty?

  • I am keen to see what else comes up tomorrow and the next day. Nothing here I am desperately after so I may hold onto my $$ for now.

    In general I have found that SE has been great, but then again I have not had anything missing from my orders, my only issue was with a FitBit that was purchased through them, I went through FitBit for warranty and they were hesitant but replaced it in the end. The SE team did note that if FitBit did not honour it I should send it to them so they could replace it for me (it appear that they are source their FitBits from an authorised seller, but are not one themselves hence FitBit's hesitation). Overall not a bad experience because they were willing to help me out if FitBit did not want to come to the party, but then again I did not have to exercise that option.

    • It sounds like they were trying to palm you off to FitBit?

      • I had contacted FitBit first, and when FitBit started asking about point of purchase they mentioned that SE is not an authorised reseller, but would see if they could replace it as good will. FitBit at that point went silent for a few days. At that point in time I contacted SE to check their reseller status, and they came out with the above information and advised to return the faulty unit to them, for replacement/service, if FitBit would not help me directly.

        With FitBit I have found that they are very good to deal with directly, hence I had no hesitation to contact them directly over talking to SE intially.

        TL:DR - SE was not palming me off, I contacted FitBit first.

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 4 i5 256GB Tablet - $1590.25 including shipping…….available at Microsoft store for $1616 including shipping…..I would rather go with them for better customer care support!

    • Yeah, I was disappointed in the SP4 prices they are offering also…

    • My personal experience is their customer experience is like shit (the worst I have seem in Australia). I would definitely buy it at Microsoft store. Not to mention that microsoft offers no question ask 30 days return policy.

  • The 2tb wireless hard drive is coming up at $349 at checkout and doesnt include the free power bank :/

    WD My Passport Wireless 2TB Portable Hard Drive + 64GB Sandisk Extreme SD + TP-Link Power Bank$299

    • 1pm

      Asus VivoMini UN62V-M003M PC Kit - Core i7 $399(shoppingexpress.com.au)
      WD My Passport Wireless 2TB Portable Hard Drive + 64GB Sandisk Extreme SD + TP-Link Power Bank$299(shoppingexpress.com.au)
      Kingston 8GB DDR3 1600MHz SODIMM $39 (free shipping)(shoppingexpress.com.au)

    • That deal does not become live until 1pm today, which is why you are not getting the discount + extras.

      That was quick TA!

  • Please put the G710 keyboard on sale for a decent price.

  • Not much savings at all on almost all of these products from what you can get elsewhere.

  • the intel compute stick (z8300) seems cheaper on ebay (factoring in the $50 voucher)

    with free shipping too

  • Ditto - i am confused by all these upvotes - had a look through and there isn't anything on "sale"

    hardly worthy of 90 + votes. Maybe have a look at the list before giving it the + & not giving it a + just because there is a list.

  • i guess the 3x Toshiba 32GB Micro SD Card SDHC Class 10 $29.99 is good? but then there's no free shipping it seems -_-

  • Samsung 256GB 950 Pro M.2 is $229, not $195

    • Lol, I made that mistake too. You have to wait till the time passes for that deal, that item is open at 3pm today. At the time of this post, it is available at $195.

  • Hanging out for the Belkin surge + Wemo switch. Can't seem to see this cheaper elsewhere.

  • Are the Samsung 750 EVO SSD's any good?

  • Ordered the $1499 gaming laptop, thanks for posting this deal. Its time to put my old machine to slumber.

  • I've been preparing this all day

    • testing when deals pop-up (they take anywhere between 0-12mins after the specified time)
    • making sure paypal remembers password so I don't need to enter it
    • various other things to try and ensure I get a 1080 GTX for $999

    So from a few minutes prior to 11PM AEST, I would hit refresh (F5) every 0.7 - 1.5 seconds
    & as soon as the value changes to $999 speed through checkout.

    Well at 11:11PM at roughly 20 seconds past. Refreshed from $1199 and was instantly shown "Out Of Stock".

    I'm not sure after refreshing roughly every second (for nearly 14 minutes and leaving my cursor near the add to cart button, how I never even seen the button as instead it said "Out Of Stock".

    Those who said it will last roughly 20 seconds were on the correct pathway.

    But sold out in less than 1.5 seconds.

    I was expecting to quickly press "add to cart" then it would go "out of stock" before the page could load.
    Rather than what happened was it went out of stock in less than roughly 1.5 seconds to be honest I'm even being generous.
    I was hitting refresh like it owed me money. So I'm bummed to find after all that effort. I still lose.

    I'm very convinced, ShoppingExpress reserves your item until you finish cart. Otherwise it would be impossible for anyone to speed through checkout in under 2 seconds.

    I guess those lucky "5" people where on fiber connections who can refresh the page every 0.2 seconds and have very fast reflexes.

    This story goes to show it isn't worth wasting time. Even if you put all the effort into it. For such a saving on such a hot product.

    • The price didn't change on the product page but it did change in the cart at 11pm. Still, at 11 I tried and it was sold out. I think they might have put it up a few minutes earlier and those who had it in their cart already just checked out straight away.

      • I experimented with earlier deals, having items already in cart.
        I found that the price stayed the same even when the deal had been activated.
        Perhaps it's being glitchy and different for other people.
        But could explain the instant out of stock.

  • What are the bargains on Day2?

  • Look like Logitech MX Anywhere 2 is active now. (Suppose to be active on JUN 29 @ 8PM)


  • So I've read through these comments and it's hard to decipher if these guys are reliable. I'm looking at purchasing the Samsung U28E850R Monitor at $553 incl postage is about $100 saving from lowest I've seen at Futu Online.
    Can anyone tell me definitively that I should or shouldn't purchase from these guys?

    • There's been many happy buyers on here from SE and Futu. Far more than the comments on here would suggest.

      That's a good price right now, looking at eBay and Static Ice. Was a bit cheaper in the last eBay sale, but that price could be another 2 months away!

      • YEAH I'm annoyed i missed the 20% off 'Clickmore' promo. Might bite the bullet and grab one on this sale.
        I just saw they're doing the Dell U2715H for $599 as well. 4K Sammy for ~$60 less than a 2K Dell. Decisions decisions.

        • I'm the one who posted the original Samsung deal. I got it overnight via Couriers Please but I'm still waiting on a DisplayPort cable before I can use it.

          I think the main difference is whether you want more pixels or better image quality. I don't do much photo editing and am planning to use it for coding, so the Samsung is better for me.

          I'll update this comment with my thoughts if I receive my DP cable tomorrow.

        • So it turns out the monitor actually comes with a DP cable so I wasted my money there. Anyway the monitor is great, feels very rigid and high quality. The screen is fantastic but the default colour profile is definitely off. It looks like the contrast has been turned way up. Going to run it through my colorimeter tomorrow.

          Otherwise, it works seamlessly with my MacBook Pro. Very happy with it.

  • So i ended up going with the Dell once i realised that the 28inch Sammy is a TN screen not IPS. I ordered it at 9pm on 29th June and it just arrived. Very happy with that delivery time.