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100 Mini Human Figures US $0.91 (~AU $1.21) Delivered @ AliExpress + More

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  • LEGO knockoffs are not cool.

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      neither is being a monopoly apologist

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      Nanoblock knock offs are fine though ;)

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      The lego patent has expired.

    • Either are Curious George knock offs.

    • Maybe it's a Kiddicraft knockoff. You know Kiddicraft? The design the Lego shamelessly knocked off?


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        From 60 year old stories about blocks( I was referring to the minifig) to personal attacks on my username , surprised at the hate.
        Chill people, it's just a toy. :)

  • Love the effort!
    Cheers OP

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    Not quite sure why I just ordered 400 mini people. I can't believe I hadn't thought of getting origami paper from AliExpress. Thanks OP.

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    100 Mini Human Figures
    Color: White

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    Will these do ok as voodoo dolls for work folk? ;-)

    How come it's under AliExpress category Tools > Abrasives?!

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      I have steped bare foot on a handful of risk figurines and i can tell you its like lego landmines on a new level.

      • I see your Lego landmines and raise you British plugs. Anti-burglar devices at their finest.

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          Caltrops! Now with voltage.

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    It's amazing to think that factories exist to actually make these things.

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      Just last month they would've been making 'hoverboards'!

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      3D printers will put them out of business soon enough.

    • architecture students love these things

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        So do potential dictators/politicians. :)

  • Thanks picked up a few things!

    Ordered and got about 6 emails saying the same thing from aliexpress. Luckily credit card has only been charged once.

    • Money is kept in escrow and not paid directly to the seller. Ali is safe.

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    One zombie horde diorama coming right up!

  • How long are orders from Ali taking to arrive?

    • Around 3-4 weeks

  • Yay for lead!

  • The Arkham / DC lego figures are US$ 0.85c per piece, not 85c for 30 pieces.

  • Size (Approx): 10mm
    Scale: 1:200

    Do they sell microscopes?

  • Great price for so many fishing hooks, cheers OP.

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      what's the catch?

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        Australian Salmon; delicious.

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    Size (Approx): 10mm

    way too small for kids

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      Not if you hide them in the rice bubbles. Snap crackle and ouch.

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    monopoly fun? the only use I can think of for these figurings…

  • Thanks op but it appears the items are sold out or seller has ect…

    Ozbargained. Lol

  • Looking for wedding decorations. Anyone reckon Ali will deliver?

  • anyone got theirs yet?

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