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PooTube - 1 Carton Containing 10 Boxes of Biodegradable Refills $77 Shipped (Save $5). Fits Sangenic Nappy Bin.


PooTube Version 2 is out now! Take advantage of our OzBargain discount plus discounted shipping rates and SAVE up to 27% for Melbourne Metro buyers and 23% for all other interstate Metro areas delivered to your door! Further shipping discounts available for multiple orders. Please e-mail through for a custom quote.

We've listened to customer feedback and version 2 is now bigger and better than before!

About PooTube Version 2:

  • Biodegradable
  • Cheaper Alternative compared to the original Sangenic refill
  • PooTube liner refill length 12 metres
  • One PooTube liner length = One Original Sangenic liner length
  • Lavender Scent
  • Pre-formed to fit existing Sangenic plastic cassette

The PooTube is an innovative biodegradable product that provides a cheaper alternative to purchasing the original Sangenic, Tommee Tippee, Closer to Nature (all with a common cassette) nappy disposal bin Refills.

This environmentally friendly product degrades in 6 months when disposed of and is cheaper than the non-environmentally friendly Sangenic product. This will appeal to families as they are not only saving money, they are also helping the environment.

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  • I saw "pootube" and couldn't help clicking on the link to watch…. Not what I expected…..

  • Scent/Marketing aside - Much better from here:




    Even cheaper from international sellers if you can wait - ~$60/200m.


      Hi ob123,

      Thanks for your comments. The products that come on a roll where you have to manually fill a cassette and painfully cumbersome to use. The bags usually are only a few meters long which means that you have to refill the bins very often.

      The PooTube is a 12m long continuous bag which is pre-formed to fit into the cassette without all the mucking around having to compress the bag yourself. This can be refilled in 60 seconds or less. The claimed 90 second fill time of the roll bags is misleading because you will need to refill it more often as the bag length is only a few meters long.

  • My local woolies had the closer to nature ones on clearance. $15 for a 3 pack.


      did you post the bargain?

      • Nah. Clearance line at woolies Mitcham. I bought the last two packs (call me broden). Didn't know if it was nationwide or how many there were.

  • what does 10x mean?
    If I add 10 rolls to the cart it's $700.

    the code only comes up with $5discount off the normal price not $23.

    • In guessing there are 10 'cartridges' per box. $7.70 is good value. The closer to nature ones are normally $10 per cartridge if buying in bulk. See my comment above for clearance lines at woolies

    • +1 vote

      Hi PVA,
      Apologies looks like the title of my original post was modified. If you select QTY 1 in the shopping cart you will receive one carton of PooTubes which contains 10 individual refills.
      Hope this explains it a little better.

  • I have checked the OP, have even opened the linked website. Still have pretty much no idea what this deal is about.

    If the OP is keen to promote the product, they need to do a LOT better job at marketing it. Like explaining what it is, and what makes it so good.

    Currently it feels like some kind of guessing game or "in-joke" for those who know all the jargon.

    Oh, I just googled and seem to have worked out that this is simply a deal for ultra-expensive plastic bags that are less expensive than other brands of even more outrageously expensive plastic bags. Designed so that you can store baby poo inside the house. Strange product!


      Hi llama,

      Thanks for your comments. Yes this product is targeted at people with babies. This is a whole new world for parents and along with it a whole new bunch of products come into the equation.

      Apologies that this is not clear enough however if you have a baby, then chances are if you walk into any baby store one of the first things that you will see next to the nappies is the Sangenic or Angelcare Nappy Bins.

      • I am a parent, recently with a baby. And I doubt very much that I would notice a Sangenic or Angelcare Nappy Bin. I've never heard of such a thing, nor can I see the point of it… then again, nobody has explained it, so maybe I am ignorant LOL

        This is a whole new world for parents and along with it a whole new bunch of products come into the equation.

        New products that do what, precisely?

        I am still trying to work out why anyone would want to store dirty nappies inside their house ROFL (and shudders)

        • They're a nappy bin brand, supposed to reduce the smell until you can throw the nappies outside.

          Given a newborn poops every feed ie every 3 to 4 hours do you walk to the bin outside each time? Even at 4am in the morning? When older they poop less but much smellier. You must have your council bins closer to your front door than I do ha ha!

          They sell Sangenic refills at Coles, Babies R Us, Kmart etc. so they are around.

        • @munted:

          do you walk to the bin outside each time? Even at 4am in the morning?

          YEP - You're up and about anyway :-)

          I would never have contemplated keeping the things anywhere near me!!

        • @llama:
          You must live somewhere warmer than Melbourne! I keep my nappy bin in the toilet so it's not "near" me I suppose.

        • @munted:

          You must live somewhere warmer than Melbourne!

          Even if I lived at the North Pole, there is still no way in the world I'd have used nappies in the house with me (dry retch)

          I keep my nappy bin in the toilet so it's not "near" me I suppose.

          Why not place it OUTSIDE? I find people's desire to have soiled nappies near to them inside the house to be really bizarre LOL

          (Full disclosure - I am a man, and I absolutely hate baby poo and nappies. SO after the change is done, all evidence must be eliminated immediately)

  • Hey OP, just to confirm, do these just go into the cassette's once they're empty? Ie. No messing around trying to get it fitted?

  • I just put it in the bin in the bathroom and empty it every two or three days and I recycle the plastic bags from Supermarket which they are free.

    I am not sure why should a parent with a babies want to buy this? I cant smell anything bad even I empty my bin up to 3 days.

    • We also use the supermarket bags (tied in a knot) for free.

      I am not sure why should a parent with a babies want to buy this?

      I guess the people who buy these 'used nappy storage devices' also purchase a change table (another thing I cannot grasp why anybody would want or need).