This was posted 4 years 2 months 18 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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3 Months FREE Foxtel @ Harvey Norman - In Store Only


Noticed this on HN Homepage.

3 Months FREE Foxtel @ Harvey Norman - In Store Only

  • Every TV Pack FREE For First 3 Months
  • No Set Up Costs On An IQ2
  • No Lock in Contract


Offer based on direct debit for 3 months of Platinum HD with a Foxtel iQ2. New residential subscribers and standard install only. Ongoing fees charged monthly in advance and apply after your third month unless you cancel – cancellation occurs at the end of monthly period. Unless you change your package to a different package by the end of the third month your ongoing subscription fees for Platinum HD will be $135 per month. Offer ends 31.07.16. Foxtel and some services not available to all homes. Foxtel marks are used under license by Foxtel Management Pty Ltd. The Martian (showing 24 July) © 2015 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

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  • Still costs too much

    • How is free too much?!

      • The cost of waiting for a tech to fart-arse around installing, then browsing through the crap because it's not all on demand (like Netflix), time spent watching ads, and then returning the crappy box at the end of the three months…

        Edit: plus dealing with Harvey Norman sales people…

        That's the true cost.

        • oh poor you

        • crappy box? IQ2 was fantastic, my techno-fearing-wife loved it.
          And the content was very good, especially sport.
          Foxtel isn't worth the money, but it is better than you think.

        • +11 votes

          @choofa: Sport is all it has now. Once Foxtel loses sport (Optus already have EPL rights) it will finally be finished.

        • @choofa: I had 6 months free no contract with IQ2, and I still regret it.

        • @sqeeksqeek: 95% of foxtel owners I know disagree with you completely. IQ2 is great, go read some reviews, the service is excellent, HD quality sport is brilliant, and the installations are usually pain free and quick.
          It's a massive rip-off, but for free this is excellent value.



          95% of foxtel owners i know disagree with you..


      • That was a genuine question. Sometimes I don't get where the down votes come from!

        Thanks for replying. I guess I'll stick to Netflix :)

        • Please do not listen to squeeksqueek, foxtel is a great service. IQ2 is excellent.
          For free it is sensational value.
          At $135 a month it is a huge rip-off.
          Definitely worth trying it out for free.

        • @choofa: Foxtel = Hoaxtel. It's a rip off, it's owned by professional (profanity) Rupert Murdoch. The amount of unsolicited calls I received just before they lost the EPL rights trying to convince me to get Foxtel on a contract stepped up (they must've known they were going to lose it).

          In the end, I got it for dirt cheap, no contract, free installation and still told them to bugger off.

    • I think it's worth it for the two free powerline (Ethernet over power) adaptors. Installation was no hassle and when you cancel, foxtel will send you a postage paid bag - all you need to do is put your iq2 into the post box. You don't need to return the powerline adaptors

      • I did the same thing with the last Free 3 Month deal.
        Just got it installed again today using this deal.

        Not bad considering the Powerline adapters retail for $119

        • Oh you get powerline adapters here? The tech didn't give me one for the Foxtel by Telstra deal.

  • Thanks but I don't want to have to go to Harvey Norman every time I want to watch Foxtel for 3 months.

  • Beware they make it very hard to cancel and try to squeeze little fees out of you when you do

    • Fees? Don't think so. They try and offer you deals to stay on, not fine you for leaving.

      • I took up an offer with Telstra for 1 month of free Foxtel a couple years ago and after calling up and specifically being told that if I cancelled at any stage before the month was up, there would be no fee's or charges… A week in I receive a $100 charge on my card which I was then told that this was to cover the cost of courier and the Foxtel hardware itself. They ended up giving it as credit towards another month of Foxtel afterwards, but flat out refused to refund it. Would not recommend

      • Exactly, my current deal is $46pm less than their advertised price for the same package. They will almost definitely offer you a deal to stay, but they won't stop you from canceling if that's what you want to do, just say 'no thanks'. No need for a huge rant on how Netflix is so much better to the staff either… I'm sure they've heard it all before…

    • I had a 6 months free/no contract offer 2 years ago and cancelling was pretty easy, never got charged a cent.

  • Foxtel AND Harvey Norman… it's like a perfect storm of overpriced crap. Do it for Rupert and Gerry. They'd do it for you 😷

  • So much hate for something free. Yes it's two evil corporations but why not take the ride if it means you get something for nothing. Nice work op I'm sure many people will be happy with this deal

  • +1 vote

    Harvey Norman knew nothing about it

  • So if I have Foxtel from Telstra (via their 3 month promo earlier this year) does this mean I could cancel that and then straight away sign up for this?

    • -2 votes

      You have to buy an overpriced tv first

    • Yep. But you'll still have to return the box you got from the Telstra deal and get a new one from this deal and have someone come out to install it. But if that's all worth it for you then go for it!

    • That is my plan. My three month trial runs out in 6 days. Will go into Harvey Norman This weekend and try organise.

      • Let me know how it goes - cause I saw another comment in this thread saying that if you've had Foxtel through Tesltra you aren't technically a "new" customer and therefore aren't eligible

        • ahhh.. will see what happens then. would be nice.. If not it will just get cancelled.

        • Called up to cancel the trial with Telstra before I went to Harvey Norman to try and get another 3 months for free. Telstra offered me the Basic + Sports for free for another 2 months. Accepted the offer.

        • @Spewdog: That's interesting, each time I have called to threaten to cancel they never offer me anything. Perhaps I'll try again. Thanks for letting me know

        • @TimmyShooterB: Barely even threatened, just said that I had no use for foxtel at the price they were charging. Said that sports was all I watched. So they offered sports and basic for free for 2 months…. Although no HD. which I said is pretty much a waste of time.. Ill take the 2 months and call to cancel again then.

  • JB Hi-fi had this a couple of months ago. The girl said to me 'would you like free Foxtel, it's totally free?' I said 'No'. Apparently I wasn't the first.

  • Got 3 months foxtel platinum free from JB. rang to cancel after 3 months. they offered me another 2 months.using that one now.

    • What did you say to get that offer and how did they offer it to you? I am on the same deal and due to cancel in two weeks and would greatly appreciate the help.

      • just rang to cancel and they said um we can offer you free foxtel base + one subscription (drama/sports/movies) for another 2 months. if they bill you for anything just ring telstra/foxtel billing and they will put the credit back….

      • cancel, already answered above

    • Yes I have got the same. Called them to cancel the three months free then they offered me another two months but it's only entertainment plus sports

  • Reminder for me to cancel my Telstra Foxtel deal.

  • Do they have Olympic channels? This seems ideal?

    • Foxtel don't have any Olympic coverage.

      Add it to the list of things missing from their over priced garbage service.

      Seriosuly, if you're thinking about getting this deal, trial the Foxtel app on Xbox first. You get all the channels of rubbish, without the hassle of installs and returning boxes. Then after the week trial, you'll see there no reason for this 3 month deal.

    • Channel 7 has the Olympics. There was a deal on here recently for free access to their app for the Olympics.

  • what a bunch

  • Handed back the iq2 after the 3 months free from Telstra. Wasn't offered the extra 2 months. Covered the entire season of got so perfect.

    Tempted for this deal, but enjoying Netflix which seems to have more HD contact and better resolution.

    Can't fault the iq2 for recording free to air.

    anyone know if all Foxtel platinum users get free presto or just via Telstra?

    Also have to standup for Harvey Norman staff all my dealings they have been fine.

  • Not even tempted. Had it for 2 years. Needs to be on demand and cheaper and allow you to choose channels. Then I'll get it.

  • im upto 5 months free. however i have to say the basic entertainment package is so rubbish. who would pay for it. the only thing that keeps fox afloat is having the sport channels.

  • Kodi + addons for the win


    This is just like those presto free coupons

  • Was never interested in foxtel due to having to fork out money to what I thought was unnecessary.
    I do recall from years of yore a time when people installed cable TV just to have cable internet.

    So is Foxtel still the traditional "cable" provider as I remember it? (as opposed to ADSL line or NBN)
    If so will they install "new" cable to house? and am I able to sign for cable internet after 3 months (w/ cable internet provider?)

    • I'm fairly sure all new installs of foxtel these days are satellite. I'm not 100% on that though, happy to be corrected.

      • Depends on your area, if you have telstr cable (hfc) internet then it will come in via that cable, if not then satellite.

    • OK so FAQ says they use Telstra ADSL and preparation for installation may require roof access via manhole.


      • They definitely don't provide the core foxtel service through ADSL, the on demand stuff comes through the net, but the basic service is always satellite or cable.

  • I'm still on the free Telstra offer. The tech was a great guy and they couldn't have made it any easier to get connected. Arrived on time and had a couple of calls before to confirm and the tech called me to let me know he was on his way. I personally don't think much of the service but the add free HD footy is great. I don't think there would be too many people who would pay over $100/ month for it. But the instal is done now for nothing, so if ever we want to join back up in the future it will be just plug and play. I found the IQ2 pretty good, but the remote is pretty glitchy. The tech said most were re-issues from people who have returned them.

    • I think this offer is worth it just for the install. Always allows you to connect later on with no fee. And if not free Satellite

  • Good timing, I can get it and get The Olympics for free. The previous 3 months free was too early & didn't last to the Olympics.

  • Just to confirm if cancelling after the 3 months is up there is no charges associated with returning the equipment and is it a straight forward process?

    Also does anyone know if you could have two boxes installed as apart of the deal?

  • The only major benefit I see for some is the free installation of a cable connection at your premises by a technician. Once cable is installed your can request cable internet from Telstra. When I had it in the past, download speed was consistently close to the 100mbit my line was capable of.

    But there are also some horror stories for some ppl… Depends on the area.
    Cable though maybe an alternative for some who cannot get adsl2 or who are too far from the exchange.

  • Oh hmm interesting totally 100% free? I think that's worth considering. And you get issued with a Telstra account number? Can this just be connected to your existing Telstra account?

  • IQ2 is a very dated machine. Don't settle for anything less than IQ3

  • They never offered free trials before Netflix. Their customer service prior to Netflix was terrible, the content was terrible and if you don't care about live sport there is nothing to watch.

    If they had great service and great content and charged $20 per month years before Netflix arrived they would've had a solid loyal customer base.

    But they didn't and they don't.

    • Spot on, during my 3 month trial all I bother watching is the sport everything else is just ads every 5 minutes or the same movies that was on last week, that I already have on demand on Plex anyway…

      If Foxtel was cheaper maybe I would have been a loyal customer for years and happy enough to stay with them…

  • Does "New subscribers" means who never has telstra foxtel connection b4??? can anyone confirm
    Or can we connect if we had foxtel b4 and have cancelled

  • Everytime someone signs up for foxtel the devil gets another soul

  • So my 3 months free deal with Foxtel with Telstra is almost up! This is perfect timing for me to cancel and get another 3 free months 😀 I had Foxtel previously already and cancelled to get the free deal with Telstra. How good is this!

    • previously did you have Foxtel with telstra or with optus? Coz when i signed up, they asked if i ever had foxtel with telstra. if you are with telstra currently and cancel and sign up, might not be new subscriber..

  • +1 vote

    I'm amazed that Foxtel doesn't consider changing its business model when they're struggling to give away something they value at $135/mo…

    Still, I'm gonna enjoy my free three months of Foxtel.

  • Anyway to get it free if we've already got foxtel?

    Had it about 12 months now, pay $45/month for Essentials+Sports+HD - I only watch Formula 1.

    I pay less than retail as negotiate every three months but why should I be paying when other's get it free??

  • Thanks OP! was waiting for a deal with no setup costs but this is even better with the 3 months free!!

    Random off topic question but if my apartment supports cable tv then should it also be able to support cable internet? reason is im looking at potentially bundleing this foxtel deal with telstra broadband but when i check my address online it only says ADSL2+ is supported. Currently on Optus adsl2+ getting a crappy 6-7mbps.

    • Cable is only available to standalone houses, not units or apartments. I was under the same impression as you are when I lived in an apartment and regretfully it is not available (even though it is possible to do it, as I had a setup with cable internet in an apartment when I lived in Chile).

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