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[Xbox One] Halo: The Master Chief Collection - Digital Code AU$11.75 ($11.16 with FB Like) @ CD Keys


How low can this go?

Get a further 5% off with facebook like (Just enter in any random non-existant email since email confirmation isn't required). Also note that you'll need to be logged into an account for the 5% code to work.

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  • Coupon code "35439krkkv" is not valid. - ahh well, it's still a ridiculously good price!

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      You need to be logged into an account for the 5% code to work - just added it to description.

  • God damn that's low.

  • Cool. Thanks!

  • Damn! Picked it up from here for $13 last week :(

  • how big is the download?

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      Around 60GB lol

      • I'd rather spend double for the disc version

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          And download an update that's basically the same size.

        • @PainToad: update is only around 20gb, not 60gb

        • @ozdesi:

          Try guardians, 80+gb. By the time I'd downloaded it is missed most of the free play time

    • 60GBish

      • Are the games able to be downloaded individually?

        • No, but you can pause intermittently

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    I said this game would get as low as this about 5 weeks ago.

    The answer from the morons was "Common sense suggests it will never get that low".

    Just call me Nostradamus…

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      While I agree that you're basically right, your bet with those "morons" was that it wouldn't be any higher than $11 within six weeks of your comment and technically, it's still higher than $11: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/251303#comment-3748729.

      In fairness, you still have one and a half weeks left to prove yourself right, but I'd wait til then before you sling insults around. :)

      • Take 5% off the current price and if you buy in GBP not AUD, as long as your conversion isn't a ripoff the price is less than 11 AUD.

        The fact is, these "common sense" people didn't think it would even get close. Just like religious faith, it turns out to be baloney.

        • IIRC, you first said $8 didn't you???

        • @StewBalls:

          "Well I will have a friendly wager it is no more than $11 within 6 weeks."

          The replies:

          "coz common sense says your prediction is wrong.

          StewBalls does too.

          And Futurama."

          FACT is

          Common nonsense by those fools

        • @GreatWhiteHunter: Your first comment in that thread:

          You get the sense if it follows the price drops of other XBONE games that have followed a similar path in recent weeks, it will be about $8 in about 3 weeks timeā€¦.

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          But the wager was $11….

  • I'm feeling like I was ripped off buying this title back when prices were at a lofty $19…

    • I paid $25… :(

      • I paid $9 from Cash Convertors.

  • Great price. Be warned that the 60GB has to be downloaded in one hit and it doesn't become 'ready to play' until 100%

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    Tempted to get it but not sure if it will be included in the "play anywhere" thing (since I don't own an XB1)

  • omg…that is so cheap.

  • Hey all silly question, do you have to have Xbox live to get this game?

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      An Xbox Live Gold membership? No, only for the online component of the game.

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      You need an Xbox Live account (free), but you don't need Gold (not free).

  • low enough for me to pull the trigger. Now, just need my Xbox one to arrive from last weeks madness.

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    Lack of self-control strikes again! Thank OP

  • pulled the trigger also. thanks op!

  • Thanks! I wanted to buy it a little while ago and they were outta stock, but it's all good now!

  • Thanks OP, missed the last deal. Never got to play Halo 4 so looking forward to that.

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    Wasn't going to get this but this is almost free! Done - that's four Xbox One games purchased today. Had no plan to buy any.

  • I bought one using palpal checkout without creating an account with them. But when i click on the download link to get the keys, it ask for my tel number to verify the purchase? does everyone else get this? seemed weird? Is it safe to gjve out my mobile number? thanks

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      I didn't give it a second thought, it's just an authentication mechanism.

      • Thank you, did it, work out fine.

  • That's a lot of game for $11.16

    • games* ;)

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        Maybe it was meant to be an adjective or a noun?

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    Hmm tempted to grab it just so I can ditch the disc version

    • Do it! ;)

      • Bought Inside instead - it's fantastic.

  • This has got to be the best value for money game bundle out there for Xbox One…

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