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BangGood: Teclast X80 Pro 8" 2GB/32GB Windows/Android Cherry Trail Tablet US$79.99 ~ $105 AUD


$10 USD cheaper than Altomic's last deal.


Z8300 Cherry Trail Quad Core, 1.44GHz~1.84GHz
OS: Windows and Android, Dual boot
NAND / RAM: 32GB , 2GB
Display: 1920*1200 pixels, IPS, 8 Inch Multitouch
Camera: 0.3 Megapixel selfie, 2.0 Megapixel Rear camera

IO: Micro HDMI, Micro USB, MicroSD

Power: 3800mAh, with travel adapter included

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  • Has anyone used one of these before and can offer a quick review? Or if they've used/recommend anything similar.

    Just interested in how it'll run with Windows - simple office/outlook/excel and PDFs and how's the battery life?

  • Has anyone used thus tablet before, does Android come with proper Google Play store or is it one I'd of those Chinese modified one where you can't install anything when booting into Android?

    • Mine arrived about a month ago. Yes, it has proper Google Playstore. I use mine to play Clash of Clans and also stream movies with Kodi.

  • I find it really functional, no issues with play store, only downside is the battery but once you know its limitations you can work around it

  • Is the Windows 10 registered?

  • Can you play pokemon go on this? Sick of the kids hijacking my phone.

    • You need a 3G or 4G device to play PKGO. You need a data SIM.

      Other requirement is also a relatively long battery life and also fairly powerful processor and 2GB of RAM.

      This device has enough computational power but it is reliant on Wifi for internet and also the battery life is too short for playing video games at length.

      You can use a pocket modem but that's an added cost and an extra thing to carry.

    • Better off with a Chinese phone for that

  • This or thw chuwi hi8 pro?

    • I have the same question, from what I've read Chuwi on paper has small advantage with slightly bigger battery but Telcast would have better build quality. Would love to hear feedback on the Chuwi Hi8 pro vs Telcast 80x pro.

      • check if Chuwi is glass or plastic screen , can't remember the model but chuck I had came with plastic screen so prone to scratches….. just check the one I had might have been superseded .

        • My Hi8 felt like plastic screen, until 6 months later I realised it had factory plastic protective film. Removed it and it had the Glass feel. A few months the glass developed fault line and cracked, so most likely glass.

    • See my post comparing my Hi8 experience with the X89 Power. Probably worth spending a tad more to get the Power rather than this Pro for the better housing.


  • chuwi hi8 pro should be avoided like the plague , i have one and have had nothing but issues with it, very unresponsive and problems with charging. even when it is charged sometimes reboots itself i think battery is loose or not connected properly have to knock it about to get it on sometimes, now i have big cracks in screen from knocking it to turn it on. had it for less then 2 months but doubt gearbest will do anything for me.

    • Cheers, I just read the BangGood -ve reviews for the Chuwi and came across shutdown issues when it goes to sleep in android and other power related issues. Will more than likely go with the Teclast.

    • Hi spedstyle,

      Sorry to hear that,could you pls PM me your order numer and let me confirm with my colleague how is the processing´╝č

    • Did you pay with PayPal? If so, use the buyer protection to return it and get refund. I did. I think you have 90 days from purchase date.

      • unfortunately my first gearbest order was canceled (Jumper EZpad mini3) was just wanting something that had a full size usb3 port and was sent email saying i would be refunded but i would get more if refunded in gearbest points to use on next order, so my ozbargain brain kicked in and thought yeah that sounds good, ordered the Chuwi Hi8 Pro as it was the special of the week without doing much research and now have a $110 paper weight.

    • I have a Chuwi Hi8 (not the pro, android and win10, no USB type c and inferior CPU), basically it's not as great as this deal as I paid more for it, but I have to say it's worth the price and I'd totally recommend it to others.

  • Tablet with Original Box version? what the hell does that mean compared to this one?

    • Pretty retail box as opposed to a smaller box to save on shipping costs.

      • But shipping is free either way? I just ordered the linked one because I wasn't sure, but probably would have preferred box version

        • shipping is cheaper for them if they ship it in smaller/lighter box, sometimes they ship them better protected in smaller box to avoid damage that retail box might not provide much protection

        • @spedstyle: Well I paid the extra $2 for the insurance and I don't care to save them costs, but still I prefer not having to deal with a damaged item despite having the insurance, so I just hope that everything comes through intact and the product turns out to be good.

  • This looks like a good deal. Thanks.

  • I have the hi8 (not pro) and the x80 power which is the same as the pro except that it has a metal casing.

    Both are good, but the chuwi plastic screen is an issue over time.

    Only complaint with the teclast is that there is no root yet and no moving apps to SD card without it, so you run out of memory for apps quickly. Hopefully this changes soon.

  • Very tempting… but the question is do I need one?

  • +1 vote

    Same price at gearbest:

    I havent bought from either place so not sure which place to get it from?

  • Good deal the other tablet at this price is sold out.

    Edit you can also buy the repackaged version in a larger box which may reduce damage whilst in transit for the same price.

  • Is this tablet better than JB Hifi Lenovo Tab 3 with 7 inch screen ? It is selling for $99 and I think is is quad core.

    • not really the one here has 4 times the storage, double the ram, 4X the screen res, and runs twice as fast as the lenvo.

      • But the Lenovo will work properly, has local warranty and the battery will last 10 hours.

        • Correct, but the battery and speed/res issues are related.

          As an owner of a teclast x89 the storage is a serious issue.

          However this is a cheap and fun toy if you are playing with the idea of getting a Windows tab in future. Power bank is a necessity for Windows, but not the Android partition.

        • i use windows 10 and find the screen a bit small, my 9 year old has no problems ….. it's good for the price , though next one I will buy will be a Teclast 10" but they are $240 and $45 for the keyboard.


          The battery doesn't last 10 hours, but rather 5~6 hours.

        • @ozbjunkie:

          Do you know how to span the sdcard as a drive.


          Anyway I bought the plastic version of the Teclast X80 as a gift for a 10 year old. Can't loose lol.

          Funny thing is for someone in China.. so once it arrives from China it will be flown back to china, after it has been tested thoroughly/used for 1-2 month.

          As for myself I'll be upgrading once the right tablet gets released.

          I'm looking for a z8500, 4g ram, 64gb, and not have a squarish shape screen like the iPad, Dual boot. 9-11 inch screen

        • @imcold:
          Thanks for the info friend! I had read something about this but not tried it myself. Will have a crack.


      That is Mediatek Quad Core which means the performance of the chip isn't that great. I have Chuwi tablet(Bay Trail) and this Lenovo Tab 3. Chinese tablets with Intel CPU are MUCH better in terms of gaming and playing a video than Lenovo. Build quality of both tablets is about same. Battery life is about same, too. One thing that Lenovo is better than other generic Chinese tablets is that Lenovo's tablets are malware free. No nasty pre-installed Chinese software causes annoyance.

  • Anyone contemplating the x80 should grab the power. The build quality is excellent for the price. Outside of the performance, the quality looks as good as my kid's iPad mini.


      The build quality(basically means its case is not plastic) hardly matters when the battery and other major componenta are remained same. Apart from Teclast X98 plus mk.2. Now there is hardly any merit of getting a Chinese tablet, unless you want to play some games on it for 1 or 2 hours.

      • So do you actually have one then or just making a blanket statement about all Chinese tablets? Not to mention just about all, if not all tablets from no-name to Apple are made in China.


          I have Chuwi Vi8. It has a bigger battery than these newer Chinese tablets(5000 mAh vs 3800 mAh).

  • Thanks OP for pointing out the sale, I almost went with the Teclast but found the Cube iWork8 Ultimate also at BG. Reason I went with the iWork8 was due to the reviews at TechTablets showing better game performance on the low res screen vs the retina res screen on the Teclast. This is for my 12 year old son for games and light homework, so the reviews that helped my decision for the low res screen were the Mortal Kombat tests on the Cube iWork8 dual boot test and the Teclast X80 Power Review.

    I know the X80 Power is a different tablet but it still has the same specs and screen as the X80 Pro, just better housing and a higher price. The lag due to the processor having to deal with the higher res of the Teclast made me lean to the Cube iWork8 which handled the game tests pretty well, not to mention other Windows based games too. So considering the main use of the tablet is games I went with the Cube iWork8 not just because of the reviews but this tablet also has a $27 discount using the code "fcecc2". So I got the tablet and a screen protector through BG for $97.98 and also ordered an $8 cover from Ali Express, so all up about $106 for a tablet and some damage control accessories. For my sake I hope it lasts a while to get my money's worth.