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Vodafone Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB $70/Mth ($0 Upfront on Our $70 Plan) - Sign up before 30th August 2016


On the Vodafone $70 24 month plan (1) you can get 6GB of data (2) and unlimited standard national calls and texts all to use within Australia. The $70 plan is a pop up plan and won’t be available after 30th August 2016.

Over 24 months. Total min cost $1,680. In Australia additional data automatically added at $10/GB ($0.01/MB).

The offer is available in store, online and by calling 1300 652 798.

This is posted by a Vodafone employee with up to date pricing and offers information. I won’t be responding to any question on this forum so for more information please call the above number.

The nitty gritty: For personal use by approved customers only. Inclusions expire after 1 month. Plan excludes Premium Services, 123 Ask-Us-Anything, International Roaming, content purchases, Call Screen and charges for additional data & additional standard international calls.

(1) Early exit fee: $70 x months left on contract plus any handset payments.
(2) Services subject to device capabilities, network limitations & customer location.

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    Been this price for a while now m8

    Optus are actually $5 cheaper, and Virgin Mobile are also $70/month with 7 gigs.

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        not a bargain.

        I am on VF old Red plan which include 300 min international calls to ANY country. Now they restrict international calls only to selected countries but still charge $70/month.

        Will be leaving Vodafone in 2 weeks when my 2 year contract expires just because of that.

        No deal, VF.

        • Actually the $70 plan has no international minutes. They restrict international calls only to selected countries on all other plans with international minutes.

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    Optus and Telstra both let you opt out of your contract after 12 Months and pick up the latest model phone that is usually available every 12 Months
    Optus charge $100 and Telstra $150 you have to give them your old phone

    Vodafone have no such offer and in fact have gone backwards with benefit to be able to upgrade

    You used to be able to get out of your contract after 21 Months if you were upgrading to a new phone.
    They now only let you do that 1 Month out from the end of your current contract

    Oz Bargin members spread this information around sociall media to get Vodafone to move with the times

    • this is True …
      been with VF since they bought 3
      Always able to get new phone between 20-21 months of your current contract
      Called them few days ago to do the same for my wife's phone which finished in early Oct.
      VF told me to wait until Sept.

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    no deal. buy outright and get any cheaper tpg, kogan, amaysim or other provider with no lock in contracts

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    My son just signed up the similar plan with Optus yesterday, if the Gear VR is not a must have for you, Optus plan is better, more data (7GB) with 300 international mins included (Vodafone has NO international minutes included, they'll charge $6 for 60 minutes if you call international), with student discount my son's plan come to $58.50 a month, he just rang and said he has got the phone just now, so happy he was almost in tears :D !

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    Seems like an abuse of ozbargin. Maybe come back when you have a deal to offer

  • Not a bargain. More like spam. This is normal Voda price. Also cheaper at Optus.

    Also for those who need international calls, Voda $70 plan does not include any. $60 plan however, does include some. Weird pricing.

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      This is posted by a Vodafone employee with up to date pricing and offers information. I won’t be responding to any question on this forum

      You posted a deal and then said you don't monitor or respond to user comments. So just SPAM & DON'T CARE???

      Nice store Rep attitude.

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    voda's concern about their customer is going down the hill lately

  • Actually pretty poor from from OP as a rep of Vodafone, coming in here to post a 'deal' but not sticking around to answer any enquiries, instead palming any questions off to call centre staff.

  • "Your negative vote on this post has been revoked by a moderator as this comment has been unpublished due to "inappropriate use of negative vote".

    Sorry Mod. Let me explain my previous "booooo". I meant to say this deal is RUBBISH. It's not a deal. It's more like SPAM. There's no support from the OP. Why don't you revoke his account instead?

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