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25% off 15 Day Docomo Japan Travel SIM + Free Upgrade to Unlimited 4G Data $45 + $1.95 Postage @ TSD


Please use code in the description below:


Hi guys, have been flooded with Japan requests. Have held off for 2 reasons: a sudden leukemia diagnosis in the immediate family had us distracted for quite sometime, but also we have been trialling a new Japan sim, that after ironing out the creases with the new supplier, we got this one! Unlimited 4G data for 15 Day sim card is here, and exclusively to this deal for the time being! (Previously was a 14 Day SIM Card).

No more of the first 200mb at 4G speed then slowed down!

DoCoMo Japan Data SIM Cards: Apply Code "welcomeunlimited4ozb"
DoCoMo 15 Day Unlimited Data Card: New Standard Price $60, With Coupon $45

SIM Features -

Unlimited Data for 15 Days (15 Days begins after first use)
Tethering and Hotspot Available
Unlimited 4G Data!
Compatible With 800/1700/2100Mhz Phones
Some of the best coverage in Japan through DoCoMo Network

Docomo Japan Data SIMS Must Be Activated By October 15th 2016

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  • +4

    how come the docomo sims need to be activated by 15th september 2016?
    i'm traveling to japan on 9th october, will you be able to extend to deal for a sim to cover that?

    thanks :)

    • +1

      Hi mate!

      Basically we get them in batches for periods of time from the supplier. Currently the sims expire end of September, so anyone activated by 15th September is fine. Close to your travel date we will have one to cover your trip, either look out for the deal or PM us and we will sort you out in a few weeks and give you the same deal!

      • awesome thanks :)

    • Same boat, travelling on the 5th Oct.

      • Hmm I will call the supplier now and see if we can get a order in covering your dates express posted (so we get them in Australia next week and shipped to you guys ASAP!)

        Will keep you all posted.

        • Thanks for the good service, but relax. As long as I'm sorted in time it isn't super urgent.

        • I'm travelling October too, a 14 day sim would be perfect.

        • +1

          @Dice: Hey guys ordered, confirmed and date adjusted on the deal.

          Best we can do at the moment is 15th of October, first use by that date. So if you're landing in Japan by the 15th of October, you're covered in this deal.

          Anytime after that, we will have to organise a special close to your travel dates!

        • So if we activate on 10th Oct - it will last the 2 weeks up to 24th October?

        • @Dice: Yes!

        • @TravelSIMSDirect:
          Thanks very much, bought one.

        • @TravelSIMSDirect:

          Only read this properly tonight, thanks bought 2x!

        • Hello, my order no. is 5263 which was place on the 18/07/2016. My flight to Japan is next Saturday (06/08/2016), can you please ship my sim ASAP. Thank you!

  • +4

    Mate that is no good with the illness in the family. Hope all is going well for you and hope the future is better.

    • +15

      Thanks a lot for the kind words mate, really appreciate it.

      It's funny OzBargain started off as just a place to get some clicks etc for these cards when the Aussie dollar was strong and profits were decent - but with the low Aussie dollar and other not so favourable variables, there is very little money in this industry at all.

      But with all the highs and lows the ozb community has been so supportive and kind, one way or another we just want to keep being a part of this family and help people travelling one way or another.

      So many OzB users have reached out to us and have been supportive and understanding, we don't deserve it but we appreciate it and it makes hard times so much easier.

      Thanks to everyone! :)

      • edit: wrong reply

  • +4

    Wish your family member gets well!

  • +2

    Hope your family member will get better soon TravelSIMSDirect, all the best.

  • +2

    Thanks TSD!! Ordering now.

    All the best with the family. Hope all goes well. Family comes first.

  • +2

    Any chance you might have similar for Nov activation ?

    • +3

      Not yet but we will close to your travel date, contact us or look out for a deal closure to your departure!

      • I'm in the same boat, will keep an eye out closer to November!

        Hope everything gets better for your family, health wise. All the best.

  • do you have any that covers 30 days?

    i'll will be in Japan from 30th sept to 28th Oct

    but I might get the 15 day one for a mate

    • We do have a 30 day card - it isn't unlimited 4G though! You can see it on our site.

      • so only the 15 day one is 4g unlimited

        what about this one then?

        Docomo 30 Day Unlimited Data Japan SIM Card $90

        or can I just get 2 x 15 days since with discount its $90 anyways

        • Yeah for best value get 2 x 15 day cards, but make sure to only start using the second one once the first has finished its 15th day.

          You dont want both cards expiring after 15 days!

  • +1

    Price in Title please.

  • +2

    b-mobile from ¥2,380 (about $30) for 14 days, they will post to your Japan Hotel or Airport.

  • +5

    Well wishes for you and your family!

    I used a 14 day sim in May this year and it could not have been a simpler process, some people argue that there are vending machines etc at the terminal but this made it so much easier.

    I put the sim in once we landed, connected to the airport free wifi to set the correct apn settings ( forgot to do this at home ) and that was it, once past passport check I could use google maps etc to find out where the hell I was and use hyperdia to get the correct train. The sim made my trip all the better and easier for a first timer in Japan.
    We will use TDS again in the future and highly recommend them, even if it costs a little more for the convenience, it's worth it. A+ in my book.

  • This or Yokoso SIM? Both 15 days on DoCoMo network, but Yokoso is $5 cheaper but only 3.5GB rather than unlimited. Not that I would need to use all that data to catch up on my anime simulcast when I am already in Japan…

  • Can also vouch for the b-mobile service for about $30. Only supported 4G bands on my Note 4 but went to some pretty rural places where it still worked (mountains and islands), although a little slow. Did have a problem on the first day (delivery never arrived at hostel), but the staff helped me ring up and it was delivered the next day at midday when I checked out!

  • When will you have the H2O SIMs in for USA ?

    • Currently we are mainly stocking T-Mobile, supplier issues with h2o that we aren't very sure when will end! Sorry.

  • Hey guys, I bought a Japan (Docomo 200mb 4g) + USA (T-mobile 1 month 6gb 4g) sim card from TSD and wanted to report back.

    They both worked perfectly, I sent TSD an email or two and always got prompt responses

    In actual fact, TSD, I can report back and confirm that specifically the T-Mobile 6gb 4g SIM works in Canada too (I was in Canada for about 10 days but didn't go to Mexico). It's awesome that it works because T-Mobile apparently has roaming agreements with a bunch of Canadian networks so the coverage there was great.

    Tip: If you're in the US for longer than a month but less than 2 months you can always drop down to a lower plan (which excludes Canada/Mexico roaming) - US$3/mo for 30 min/text + US$10/week for 1gb data. That's what I did.

    • +1

      So glad it all worked great, hope the trip was amazing!

  • Can vouch for TSD, I ordered SIMs from them last year and they didn't arrive after a few weeks, contacted and they fixed it right up they worked great too. Shame I'm not planning on going to Japan this year (yet, sale fares for November and early Dec may change my mind) or else I would have picked them up again.

    All the best for you and your family mate

    • Thanks heaps for the kind words :)

  • Arghh travelling to Japan in November any chance of a special then?

    • Definitely we will do one then!

  • Will you have sims in the future with later activation dates?

    • Absolutely, we constantly update stock, and in turn extend activation dates.

  • Would you have smaller sim plans too for later dates? Thanks!

  • "Coupon "14dayunlimitedspecial" does not exist!"

    Hum what did I do wrong here?

    • Ah not sure why that particular code has been postered at the top of the deal - a mod on ozb has likely put the wrong code in.

      Look at the code we provided in the description, that works!

      • No moderator (or anyone) has edited your deal, see revision history. That coupon '14dayunlimitedspecial' was entered in the coupon box of the deal when it was posted is still present. If this is incorrect please edit the deal and remove.


  • Hi rep, any deal for US sim?

    • +1

      We are hoping to do one in a week or so!

  • Nice deal OP, any chance of similar deals for travel in November?

    • Yeah definitely! Likely late August I would imagine :)

      • Sweet, thanks, keep up the good work!

  • Hi guys, thank you for this as I'm buying one for my travel to Japan in August. Can I ask you please to put "+ shipping" in the title and/or description? It is a bit surprising to find the shipping charge for standard shipping when going through the checkout process.

    Thank you.

    • Of course, sorry about that mate!

  • Just some feedback from my side. Bought a Sofbank Japan Data SIM Card from them for 25AUD last year. That didn't work when arriving in Japan although within the advertised dates. I kept receiving some chinese message and gave up. It could be a mistake from them or me not understanding how to set this card up in my phone, but anyway, if I need to have my phoneand 4g in Japan next time, will upgrade my vodafone plan, arrange some less attracting but working for sure options from the airport. There is a lot of free wifi in shops.

  • Hi TSD,
    Parents about to head off to France and Japan for a holiday leaving Australia on the 2nd of August.
    Dad would love a Data SIM for Japan for when they arrive on the 21st August.

    Couple of questions:
    If ordered today or Monday, would the SIM arrive to 2480 by 2nd of August?
    Does the SIM have to be activated in Japan or Aus?
    Is the activation process difficult, dad is somewhat hopeless with configuration but can replace SIM easily enough.

    Appreciate your help.

    • Hi,
      Sounds like an great trip for your parents!
      It's a bit of a likely but can't guarantee with AusPost to 2480 (I would suggest Express Post, just because you're away from the key major cities).
      The card has to be first inserted into the phone and used in Japan (upon arrival). It is a easy activation process and we provide an activation guide we wrote ourselves in plain English to help - I don't think he will have much trouble at all!


      • Excellent, dad just put through an order with express post. Hopefully gets here in time.

  • +1

    Hi TSD,
    I am travelling to Japan leaving by Oct 3. How come the website says, "First 200mb of each day at 4G speeds followed by unlimited 3G data"? Is it really unlimited 4G?

    • It is. Right now the unlinited 4G is exclusive to this deal i.e. if you enter the discount code you get the 25% off + upgrade to unlimited 4g!

      • Thanks TSD. I just purchased one.

  • Hey there TSD. Quick silly question for you….I've just ordered the simcard as I'll be travelling over to Japan in August…I'll also be dropping by South Korea, will this work in Seoul? Thanks

    • Unfortunately not! It would be amazing if it did though.

    • I wish D: i'm in japan for 11 days, then Korea for 8 then another 5 in Japan which makes it a bit annoying in terms of phone sims. I thought 11 days still made it worth it for the unlimited internet though. Works out to $4 a day

      • Were the flights to and from S. Korea to Japan expensive?

        • They were pretty reasonable! you can get them a fair bit cheaper than I got them but I needed to fly out on a Saturday at a specific time that was more expensive.

          Our flight from Osaka to Busan was only $75 but from seoul to tokyo was $197 (wah) But yeah you can probably find return flights for less than $130 or so if there is a good sale on.

        • @Lunawinter: That's generally really good, will have to do that the next time I am in Japan!

  • Does tethering work with these sim cards? Does the speed drop after a certain amount of usage?

    • Tethering does work with these cards. Though no specific limit is put on the tethering, some telcos around the world who advertise unlimited tethering have a hidden "unfair use" limit of 50 or 100GB - not sure if this is the case with Docomo though - no one we have sold to has ever either used that much or been capped after using that much!

      • +1

        Thanks so much, I'll definitely be getting a couple for November. Appreciate your presence, you are a great asset to the ozbargain community!

  • Any idea when you'll have a USA SIM card deal ? I'll be traveling in September and looking to buy 2 sims.

    • +1

      We are hoping to have a deal on here for T-Mobile in the next 24-48 hours!

  • I am travelling to japan last 2 weeks of november. Hope you have the unlimited 4g deal then

  • Do you have any deals for 8 day sims? Travelling to Japan on 13/8 for a week.

  • Hello i will be in tokyo area only for 1 week. In the first half of september 2016. Is there any discount for the 8 day sim cards? Thanks

    • Just saw the above comment. Lol

      • At the moment there isn't but we are working on my 8 day cards stock to be able to do a deal very soon!

  • Thanks TSD. Recieved sims in the mail today.

    The instructions say to download the APN settings on iOS devices by going to that address. Would I need to be connected to the internet (i.e. using some free WiFi) to download the settings? If so, would you know if there's free WiFi at Narita Airport?

    • You're welcome! Narita Airport does have Wi-Fi, try downloading the information for the APN settings here in Australia and just have them handy for when you arrive also?

      • Thanks.

        I wasn't able to download the profile as the URL didn't seem to work for whatever reason. I'll try again later.

  • I'm looking at possible heading to Japan sometime next month. Considering I haven't decided what date yet, does it matter what date I choose when I make the order?

  • Hi op,will you have another offer anytime soon? heading to tokyo in 3 weeks time.

  • +1

    Hi OP, I'm in Tokyo(anywhere from Shiodome/Ginza to Akasaka) right now with the 15 Day SIM. But I'm not reaching anywhere near 4G speeds at full bars. I'm averaging 0.6/0.4mbps (down/up). Even my roaming 3G NTT Docomo speed is faster.

    I'm a little bit concerned as I'll be heading off to whoop whoop tomorrow. Any way you can help me out?

    • +1

      Alright, I'm going to have to give my verdict after failing to receive a response from OP nor from their customer support through the website. I travel to Japan up to 2-3 times a year and this is the first time I've used TSD and I must say I'm extremely unimpressed. Using a compatible phone that supports 4G/LTE band in Japan I have found that in most places right in the heart of Tokyo I receive barely 1-2 bars. Even at full bars the speed is sub 1mbps down & up.

      Comparatively, my roaming with Vodafone which uses the 3G docomo reaches faster speeds than this. I've tried my local friends docomo network which is makes this a laughing stock. Tethering is out of the question as is uploading screencaps of speedtest.

      I wish others the best of luck with these, but I will never use this again.

      • +1

        Thanks for your review.

        I bought the same 15 day sim and headed to Japan in a couple of weeks. Hoping issues have been resolved by then as I'd hate to think I just wasted $45 on something barely usable :(

        • Me too :( this is really frustrating.

  • APN Downland link didn't work for me.
    Some advice for those with the 15day unlimited sims after arriving in Japan. The website in the instructions didn't work when I tried to download the new APN settings on iPhone6. Annoyingly Apple doesn't allow you to manually type the APN anymore.
    After some googling I found the same/similar config files here

    As OP says get the APN profile before leaving. I suggest that you don't leave the Narita free wifi until you're settings work.

    • +1

      Instructions it came with didn't work for me either.

      My workaround was connecting to the Narita free wifi, navigating to http://m.apnchanger.org/ and entering the details manually to install the profile.

      What speeds are you getting btw? I'm getting an average of 0.75 Mbit down. I'm considering going to BicCamera and getting a B-Mobile sim if it continues to be this slow.

      • how'd you go? I'm wondering if I can get a refund, I fly in october

        • +1

          I ended up getting a B-Mobile sim today as the speeds weren't getting any better.

          Here's a screenshot of the speedtest results. The bottom 4 are from TSD's 15day.. And the top 4 are from B-Mobile. Both use the DoCoMo network.


          There's a cap on the B-Mobile 14day travel sim (1000MB in 3 days), but still faster than the one I got from TSD.

          Depending on your requirements, the TSD one might be okay, but uploading any photos online takes ages, and is definitely not 4g speeds.

          Hope this helps.

        • @tabz: thanks for your reply, ill need it for google maps but if it cant even upload photos, its gonna be slow for maps, hope i can refund this, thanks again!

        • @tabz: did you try and get a refund?

        • +1

          @keen_7: I'm averaging about 10-15Mbit now that I've switched sims.

          I'm not going to bother asking for a refund since I already activated it, but I'll probably just stick with B-Mobile next time.. works out to be cheaper anyway.

    • +1

      If anyone reads this and has the same problem, they messaged me this link and said to copy and paste it in safari, it now works for me.


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