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New AmEx Offer: Spend $300 Get $150 Back @ Langton's (AmEx Issued Cards Only?)


Hi all,

I have just logged into my AMEX account (Essential card and Qantas Discovery card) and noticed that there is currently an offer for Langton's. As I personally don't really know much about the wines, any recommendation or feedback on how to best take advantage of this deal would be greatly appreciated.

*NOTE: Just noticed that this deal has been extended by a week (till 19/8/16).

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  • This is a very good offer, particularly if youre the sort to drink high end wine/champers. The Wynn and Penfold prices are good. Most of the wines would benefit from cellaring too.

    Post a manual link if you can?

  • shows in my Amex issued.
    T&C: https://global.americanexpress.com/myca/intl/isummary/japa/o...

    hopefully that helps someone. I'm not sure how to make manual links…. will have to wait for the ninja!


    • Save the offer to your eligible Card and spend $300 or more on that Card, in one or more transactions, online at langtons.com.au only by 12/8/16 to receive a $150 credit. Limited to the first 5,000 Cards to save the offer.
    • Offer is limited to one credit per registered Card. Only spend on the Card number you register counts towards the Offer.
    • Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
    • Excludes transactions where you do not spend directly at Langton's. For example, purchases made through a third party payment processor like PayPal.
    • Excludes in-store purchases. Offer valid at Langton's Australian website only.
    • Credit is not redeemable for cash or other payment form.
    • Credit should appear on your billing statement within 5 business days from qualifying spend but may take up to 90 days from offer end date.
    • Credit will not be applied to your Account if it has been suspended or cancelled.
    • Credit may be reversed if your qualifying purchase is refunded or cancelled.
  • +3

    Great deal, just bought case of Piper and a few cheapy bottles to push the price offer $300 for free shipping and Amex offer


    Are there any offers from a cash back site for Langtons

    • Which cheapy bottles did you add to your Pipers?

  • Definitely targeted - only appears on my Platinum Charge, not for my Velocity Platinum (or my husband's). I had assumed this was a Platinum or Centurion offer only, but looks this this isn't the case.

    • It appeared on my Qantas Amex.

    • It appeared on all four of my cards (Green and Platinum Charge, Edge, Reserve)

      • Just curious, do you get much value out of having 4 different AMEX cards?

        • +1

          I sure do. Keeping green so I have only to pay $80 a year both that and the companion Edge card.

          The Platinum is super useful for me when traveling and comes with a Reserve companion, which I redeem for my yearly flight.

          All up, I pay $1280 a year for the cards, get enough value to justify the cost.

    • It appears on my 2 amex issued cards, platinum and gold.

  • +1

    Not just good for high end wines.

    Could also get, say, 24x Vasse Felix Classic Dry White for $336 - $150 = $186.

    DM = $13.30 in any 6 = $320.

  • Good find OP. In our offers on main Amex account, & supplementary Amex cards. Thanks!

  • +1

    Not in my ANZ issued Amex. Shame. I like wine.

  • I've got an Amex issued card and offer is available. Might be targeted to specific providers. Shame I can't drink alcohol though. :(

    • +4

      Just drink up and let future Trozza deal with the consequences.

  • +1

    This only available for Platinum edge card. Not available for my velocity card.

  • Awesome!

  • Available for both my Amex Qantas Discovery and Amex Gold

  • Appeared on my platinum edge but I have no need for it :/

    • You can do everyone a favour by right click and copy the save link URL :)

      (hypothetically this may be all that's required for others with an Amex issued Amex to save their details short of the usual Amexconnect manual link)

  • Great offer if you combine with Vintec club Offer if you own a Vintec Wine cabinet. Even better if you are an Amex Centurion customer.



    • It's one or the either coupon, I've asked already.

    • +2

      There is also a $50 langtons voucher available for platinum charge card members on a spend of $250 or more

      • -1

        Would you be able to post link for $50 voucher for platinum charge pls, thanks.

        • +3
        • @mini2:

          Maybe will apply for the Platinum Edge card as it doesn't specifically mention the Platinum Charge card?

        • @Spizz:

          The chargecard has always been known as the Platinum Card whereas the Edge has the word 'Edge' in between…pretty obvious they're different?

        • -1


          Not unless specified in the T&C's IMO.

        • +1


          It is actually:
          "This offer is strictly for American Express Platinum Card Members and American Express Platinum Business Card Members."

        • -4


          Yes but missing but to differentiate the 2 should it not say Platinum Charge card otherwise it could be all the Platinum branded cards that Amex has?

        • +1


          Thanks, got a all from Langton broker today and said $50 voucher is only for if I place order with him over the phone. Not sure if this still qualifies for Amex's $150 statement credit offer.

        • +1


          Stackable. Won't hurt talking to the broker, at least mine got me a bit of a surprise this morning. Just be conscious your order has to be $350 then allow his $50 to apply before the Amex's $150 kicks in.

        • @mini2: Can you confirm that it is stackable, the amex terms and conditions say online only.

        • @Formal Hall:

          Try for yourself and see if it works?

        • +1

          Confirmed. It works.

        • @EPICSALETIME:
          It has to be Platinum Card?

        • @Edsanwong: Yes, you need a Platinum Charge.

        • @EPICSALETIME: I stacked and got an email confirming but hoping the credit comes through. Did yours?

        • +1

          Yes, so long as it's over $300, mine came through as expected

        • Hoping the same or I just spent a lot of money on wine!

    • +1

      Centurion card holders on bargain site ? Gee….

  • Doesn't appear on my Velocity Platinum :(

  • Note to people unsure what to purchase - there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to use the voucher on auction buys, as long as you purchase a couple of days before the offer expires, to be safe (in my experience, auction buys are usually billed to your card the same night of the auction).

    • Do you think there is a way though to do it for bottles that don't reach the $300 mark in one auction, could you win multiple auctions ending the same time that add up to $300 and count it as one transaction?

      • +1

        Yes, they will bill you per auction, so you can certainly purchase a range of items (up to a value of $300, so long as they are part of the same auction).

      • T&C say you can spend $300 over several transactions.

  • available in my Discovery card, but don't know what to buy.

  • -2

    Any deals on Bolli Sweetie Darling!?

  • Damn

    Had $340 of champange in cart and offer does not appear on velocity or anz issued card

  • not on the Velocity Platinum. Great deal if I could get it.

  • +1

    As I personally don't really know much about the wines, any recommendation or feedback on how to best take advantage of this deal would be greatly appreciated.

    Mixed Cases eg. LANGTON'S Vintage Release Six-Pack $399 :)

  • Worked for me, confirmed by email from Amex straight away.

  • Having errors from their website… might be down right now?

    • +2

      OK nevermind, third try lucky

      I think this is a bargain, Penfolds RWT for half price after rebate. $75 a bottle. Free delivery. Very high ratings by all the major Aus wine snobs. Cheaper than Dan's $151.99.


      • What rebates?

        • Statement credit is what i mean

      • Back in the late 1990s, only a few years after this "Red Wine Trial" started, the Penfold Barossa winery was willing to offer this for free tasting, without even actually prompting …

        Ah, yummy … the good old days! No OZBargain then, or I would certainly have shared it here. (Apologies for digression, just reminiscing when seeing the RWT comment.)

        Even then, it was selling above $100 at the winery, if my memory serves me well. So at $75 now, it is a bargain!

        (Can I take it that they no longer offer premium wines for free tasting on a regular basis? Been back once, that time, no).

        • Yeah, you have to pay to taste St Henri so don't even try asking for RWT :)

  • Thanks OP - great offer! Went for 18 bottles of the Gemtree Bloodstone Shiraz. Needed some more every day wine.

  • Done,thanks OP.
    Case of Vasse Felix Filius 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon $186 ($15.50/ Btl).
    Nice deal

  • Got it on my Gold Credit card

  • +8

    For those don't know what to purchase.
    V & A Lane Shiraz 2012

    Selling for 49.99 in DM

  • +1

    The one offer I wanted to take, but it doesn't appear in my Velocity Platinum :(
    Manual link, anyone?

    • Would love to know as well if there is a manual link to this.

  • offer available on my plat edge but not velocity business charge card :(

  • +1

    Dunno if this is interest to anyone ?


    • fyi the $270 pack was posted here and has sold out

  • Delivery cost for $300 worth products? Thanks.

    • Free

    • Free for metro, $15 for regional for first 12 and then $7.50 every 6 pack after that.

  • What's some good champagne ?

  • So just to clarify, I have a black westpac AMEX does that mean i cant get this offer?

    • +1

      Go to your account online and, if you see a 'My Offers' click on it and have a look.

      • not quite how it works in westpac banking
        for bank issued cards (which is what your westpac black mastercard/amex is) you would need to activate offer at amex connect
        I couldnt see this offer listed there sorry - appears to be for AMEX issued only.

  • What trusted review sites do you guys use for wines/beers?

    Not a wine person, but would be handy for gifts etc.


  • WWWOOOOOO!!!!!

  • New to Wine. Any recommendations? I should probably get a mixed pack with both white and red wine?

  • +1

    I've got four offers on different cards.
    If anyone wants me to order for them and split the savings PM me.

    Please… Before I go and use them all myself!

    • pm sent :)

  • Great offer thank you! Thanks to Creditcardking for the Piper heads up & thanks to pilotyuan for the Wynns V & A Lane Shiraz recommendation. $331 (incl delivery) Very happy Platinum Edge member!

  • So you could combine this with the Vintec wine fridge offer https://serve-and-cellar.wineestatespromos.com/

    Spend $350 on wine and get $150 back on this deal and then get the wine fridge for $450 (worth $1100 and not otherwise sold in Australia from my research).

    Total of $650 for $1450 value. Not bad.

    Unless anyone can see why we couldn't combine the two?

    • Read heaps of bad things about the Vintec. Pretty much the general consensus of the reviews and forums seems to be steer clear of them. Their compressors generally break down at around 2yr mark just after warranty. Seems like they use Aluminium Coils instead of Copper Coils which means they cannot be repaired easily in case of leaks.

      Compressor failure seems very common just after the 2yr mark too.

  • Guess I am too late, most Penfolds has sold out already, including Bin 28 and 389 :(

    • +1

      Pick up the phone and call a broker. I've just asked, they can be ordered.

      • Thanks for the heads up, shows how little I know about wine! Do you know whether they are billed the same way? The offer only applies to online orders but calling should work too if there are no difference to billing.

        • +2

          All my phone/email/web orders got the Amex email.

        • @mini2:

          Wonderful, thanks mini2. Time to grab a phone!

        • @mini2: No more Bin 389, they will get more stock but they aren't taking orders yet. So cannot pay for it in advance.

        • @lplau:

          They probably won't restock it given the usual Penfolds release is in October is what I'm hearing. They weren't particularly cheap either, IIRC it's $75 a bottle and they are fairly regularly at around the $50ish region if you wait for Dan and stack with CR/Wish giftcards so you arne't saving a great deal over that. Try look for wines that never go on special.

  • Just got myself the 2009 grange. won the auction @$471 ($550 with their commission and delivery) but $400 after $150 AMEX csh back, Dans sells the same bottle for $750.

  • Wanted to go for the Pipers ($240) but struggled to find anything else to add to that. Ended up going for the conveniently priced ($300) Iconic Champagne Collection 6 pack. Never had Gosset NV, apparently they are the most expensive of the 3. Amex credit confirmation came through straight away. Thanks OP!

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