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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Black Onyx Unlocked $746.10 Delivered @ Qd_au eBay


Hi guys,

First post here :)

As title suggests, S7 Edge comes down from $829 to $746.10 delivered.

Original eBay 10% off deal post

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      Buyer: r***n Their items are never from Sydney. Always from Taiwan.

      Looks like grey import.

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        Looks like grey import.

        So many people automatically think shipping from Sydney = local stock… they really need to learn to read the actual listing and they would see it's store warranty.

        Most people know QD is Taiwanese though, and QD actually have a distribution centre in Rhodes so shipping from Sydney isn't impossible but might depend on stock levels etc.

    • I'm still waiting for them to respond to my emails sent over 1wk ago for a LG G4 warranty claim (bootloop issue)…
      Dont buy from them!!!

      • Also don't buy LG G4's. Mine did the exact same! (Bought through Kogan however and the swap was realtively easy.)

        • My G4 been at JB Hi Fi for dead WIFI and Bluetooth for 4 weeks tomorrow. Hoping to get it back this week or next, but who knows!

        • Warranty claim for the G4 (dual sim) I bought via ebay for my brother through Kogan was painless too, rep offered dual sim versions of the s7 and the note 5 but ended up taking the full value of the phone in store credit (value before the 20% ebay discount) to go for an s7 edge (dual sim) instead.


        I got my G4 back from them after 2 months, not quick but acceptable.

      • I also sent my LG G4 back to them due to a boot loop issue. I sent it out to them on 30th of June and i'm still waiting for it to be repaired/sent back. The boot loop issue seems to be a common issue among the lg g4.

    • Still got no response from my bootlooped G4 from this deal after many times trying to contact them in the last 2 weeks. Phone still under warranty and yet no respond at all. Dodgy

    • Thanks, Then how about a neg vote to remove the ad fast?

  • I bought a S6 from them. It was fast delivery which was good but yea it's from Taiwan.

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    With the complaints about the false touches on the edge screen i wouldn't buy one.

    • Nah, pretty sure they were fixed with one of the updates… unless you're talking about the 'accidental' edge touching? When I first got mine it was woeful and I thought I'd 'made a huge mistake' however an update was pushed out about a week later and bingo, the oversensitive task button & screen issues were all solved in one go… it was like a whole new phone! I sometimes still accidentally touch the edge with my finger but that's more user error ;) Absolutely beautiful phones and the camera is jaw-droppingly good!

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        Yeah the edge screen false touches.

        • Hmm, well as per the reply above mine's been A-OK after that update… and none of the family members or friends witn an S7 Edge have 'false touch' issues either.

  • Enjoy a >2 month period without your phone if it has any issues.
    qd_au posts fast but are almost useless at communication.

  • Great, great, great phone.

  • This really puts the Note 7 to shame, coming from a Note 4 user.

  • I'm sorry to neg you OP but based on my personal experience I had a unpleasant experience with this QD-AU. After 2 weeks trying to contact them via e-bay,because of my 10 months old bootlooped G4 from this deal, (the phone is still under 1 year warranty), They have no response whatsoever at all even until now.

    I reckon they know that they need to change the motherboard/mainboard in advance, that's why they think that it's better not to respond to me at all because the Main Board cost nearly the same as the new phone….

    Here's some part of my message that I sent to QD_AU below:

    "My G4 that I bought suddenly died on me and now stuck at the LG Boot logo. Sometimes the phone Restart non-stop (Boot Loop) and wont start at all

    I did some research on google and figured out that G4 that produced before September have faced this issue…. from these website:
    1. Petition to Fix G4 BootLoop problem regardless the warranty expiry or void
    2. Video that show the G4 BootLoop Problem. Notice that there is 250k views which means quite majority of people who bought G4 Got this issue
    3. LG Finally admits the G4 Boot Loot Problem & It's offering a fix

    I was really dissapointed as I have crucial,important and private data in the internal storage that affect my work"

    Please Note that Y'all that bought the G4 especially the one that cost $458.15 from September Deal from them, there is a big chance that your G4 will Boot Loop in the future. **Avoid Heavy use of the phone especially when the phone processor start to heat up (y' all who play Pokemon GO all day long). **

    Not too sure about $370 Kogan Deal because THey said LG already fixed the hardware issue After the September 2015. Perhaps check your Production Date in the LG G4 Package. If the Production date is after 10/2015 you should be allrighty. I assumed that perhaps they knew about this issue and start to sell their old stock,which Production Date is before 09/2015,quickly by giving it the lowest price in the first place.

    I noticed there's couple 3 of people that have their G4 dead on them from QD_AU Deal. Be VERY VERY CAREFUL!!

    • thats because its a LG G4 lol

      • I knew lol, But who knew about it on September 2015 when the bargain posted?I reckon, It start to boot loop after around 6-8 months of usage

    • I bought this phone for my girlfriend last year from QD and it was part of the last batch that was dodgy (Sept 15' I think). The day after her phone got stuck in the boot loop (about 6 weeks ago) I contacted them and after 2 days they explained what I needed to do. Sent it to an address in Sydney, it got shipped off and after about 5 weeks later it arrived back working.

      It's part of the deal when you buy grey-import. My LG G2 took about the same time to repair last year as well from T-Dimension. They've said they have received a tonne of requests for LG G4 repairs lately so it's taking a while to fix all the phones.

      I don't know why they haven't responded to you. I've usually gotten a response within 2 business days (as has my sister, same issue with her LG G4). I suggest you try again and act dumb or oblivious as to what's wrong with your phone :P

      You could always try putting your phone in the freezer like some kids at XDA did to fix theirs?

      • Strange. Why they didn't respond to me?! Guess I will open the dispute

        ALready put them on freezer, aint working. Also I
        Won't risk it putting it in the oven at 200 degrees because its still under the warranty.Factory reset obviously not useful as the problem is with the hardware not software

        • I looked everywhere to try and find a way to recover the data (mostly pictures) but it didn't seem very easy/possible. Now she knows to backup everything to pc/cloud hahaha.

          I just checked my e-mails and it looks like they responded fairly 'quickly' (usually 2 business days) to my 5 or so messages. Could just be that they've missed it? Make sure you're contacting them through menu on the item you bought :)

          They'll ask you standard questions like

          Could you advise more details for our understanding?
          1) Has the phone ever been dropped or wet?
          2) Have you tried a hard reset?
          3) Please provide the IMEI of the phone for our record.

          Send them the info, they give you an RMA number, send it to Sydney (with tracking for your own safety) and then wait a month hahaha

        • @Kugz:

          "1) Has the phone ever been dropped or wet?"

          Oh man. I dropped mine twice and there is a little dent mark right on the corne rbottom of the phone. Phone speaker got wet , fixed it through unofficial LG manufacturer.

          Maybe they will ask me to pay in order to fix it T_T

          But I strongly believe that LG should fix it no matter what because the problem isn't caused by me.

  • A question for those LG G4/QD_AU victims - will QD_AU cover the postage costs back and forth?

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      You have to cover the postage to Rhodes, after that they will ship the repaired phone back to you for free.

      • How much will it cost? I guess the one who got problem from Kogan Deal 2016 can still claim Paypal $45 return if you pay with Paypal??

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          I think I paid about $14 via Officeworks mailman (+insurance).

        • Cost like $12 registered. Was put back inside it's box, bubble wrapped and in another box. I'm sure you can make a claim through PayPal for the shipping (I've done it before, it's easy!)

        • @Kugz:

          Mine ain't the 2016 one. I reckon they ain't allow me to claim 2015 purchase

    • I bought a g4 from them about a year ago the camera was faulty so they sent a FedEx guy to pick it up

  • Man, must be hard for Ebay sellers to keep up with all these.

  • Note that there is a same Boot Loop possibility with LG Other product Like LG G5 (Not to sure about their Nexus 5 and 5X). I tried to love them because they're the very few major brand that still produce Removable Battery + microSD card (perhaps 1080p resolution will be even much much better for battery life. Especially for us who Play Pokemon GO, with 3 more spare batteries which charged overnight with the G4 Dock we can play PokemonGo all day long without even worrying about battery life at all,Removable batteries best features!!)

    I will re-consider to buy LG G2,G Flex because of their 1080p screen / LG V10 (not sure if they had the same bootloop problem) after my G4 got fixed. SOny Xperia & Xiaomi Redmi Note Pro 3 doesnt sound bad at all but they dont have removable battery which is quite dissapointing.

  • Thanks Guys for the warning. It is always good to save fellow oz-bargainers from these scamsters.

  • come on QD_AU victims - neg the hell outta this deal so no one else gets burnt with these mob!! I wonder if we could just report it somehow…

  • Just bought cheaper with DWI's Ebay store.

  • +5 votes

    Honestly QD is already one of the better grey importers, it's just that the G4 was/is a crappy phone reliability wise, and they probably sold thousands thanks to OZB last sep. Just keep trying and they'll respond eventually. I still think LG is the one to be blamed.

    I was luckly/unlucky to have my phone being one of the first to bootloop (Jan 2016) from that Sep sale and they replied fairly quickly (3 days), they're probably just having difficulty keeping up with floods of dead G4's right now.

    • Definetely Agree. Just like NVIDIA 3.5gb problem. I was surprised when I noticed that my 970 can only handle 3.5 gb in gta V (the game took lods of VRAM if you want to have the ultra performance). Get Angry with PCcaseGear, PCcaseGear is helpless. Unless if you buy it through amazon you can get 10-20% refund of your money back

  • purchased an lg g3 from them long ago. within 1 year it developed cracks on the top and bottom of the phone. phone has never been dropped. sent it back to qd_au and they replaced the housing for me within a months time.
    from my xp they are good.

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    Qd are good from experience. They took long to send back the bootlooped G4 but when they did they included a spare G4 battery and charger worth $50 for free.

    • based on others testimonials i think ur an exception mate

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        Actually, I think your experience is the exception. Unhappy customers tend to be louder too, let's not forget that, I'm sure 90% of the customers are happy enough.

  • Down down prices are down. Come on $500 S7 edge I will jump on it

  • You guys are all so entitled. If you want to be a tight arse and get things for the bottom dollar then you can't reasonably expect to get A1 service.

    My G4 from that earlier ozbargain post bootlooped last week they have replied to emails within a day or two, they even sent me an email to confirm they received my phone and they have said it will be 1 to 2 months. Honestly I was just happy I only had to sent the phone to an Australian address not internationally.

    I'd say a lot of the wait time on these devices being fixed is postage, we have to post the device to them, for me Brisbane to Sydney is 4 days, then they Have to post the devices from Sydney to Taiwan, they may well wait till the end of the week to send a bunch of phones back at a time to save them money, so say 2-3weeks to Taiwan, then lg probably take 1-2 weeks to repair, then another 2 or so weeks back to Sydney then another 2-5 days domestic postage back to us. I'd also hazard a guess that with the postage they are paying for all these phones it's probably cut just about all the profit they made from selling them at such tight margins.

    So to reiterate, if you want A1 service go down to Telstra and you could have bought the G4 off the shelf for $799 back when we got it for $450, and then you might have only had to be without your phone for 2 weeks instead of 2 months :)

  • Is T-dimension better with warranty than qd_au? T-dimension seems to at least cover postage to them for repairs.

    • Do they?? Looks like I struck gold then (even though I technically got the silver colour).

      • I'm not 100% sure, just my understanding of their Engrish. If anyone can confirm, that would be helpful.

        No pains and aches
        Time is of the essence. Ready to send back for a repair?
        Withour waling a few steps away home, theeasiest way is just picking up a phone.
        Call your local express courier from Monday to Friday for pick-up of your camera for free of charge.
        The delivery is just within 2-3 working days. It's all up to your preference of when and where you want.

        • Yez they do cover the shipping charges to send the faulty item back to them. Toll guy will come and pick up the item from your place

  • FWIW, I have just had my LG G4 successfully repaired by qd-au. Yes, the process was slow (~2 months) but in the end I did get my phone back and they even chucked in a spare battery and charger kit.

    As others have said, qd-au must be taking a big hit financially to sort this out. They firstly had to cover the cost of getting them back to Taiwan and then they individually shipped mine back to me via DHL Express. All because LG are selling a dud phone….