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[Unlocked, 32GB] Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Black Onyx $722.60, Gold - $710 Delivered @ T-Dimension eBay


Black Onyx is back in stock again

Samsung Galaxy S7 Black 32GB Dual Sim for $722.60 delivered
Samsung Galaxy S7 Gold 32GB Dual Sim for $710 delivered

Plus 1.25% Cashback from Cashrewards will be bring it down black one to $712.56 and Gold one to ~$700

I bought the same phone from them two weeks ago for my sister, but paid full price of $802.89

Box came sealed and it was delivered in 4 days to Melbourne Metro.

Original eBay 10% off deal post

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  • Anyone got a 10 foot pole?

    Don't worry, still wouldn't touch T-Dimension with it if I had one…!

  • Looks like they actually raised the price a bit. It was $791.89 before and now it's $802.89.

  • Also, the "normal" S7 is $625 delivered, also from T-Dimension.


  • If I buy one and it comes from Taiwan, would I be able to claim proper manufacturer warranty if I traveled to Taiwan? (If language is not an issue)

    • Perhaps, but I doubt you'll save money with this approach to claiming warranty :)
      Unless you're going there anyway, but how will you time the breakdown of your phone?

      • I have relatives and friends there so yes it could be a valid method for me if I can actually get the warranty honoured. Would I need a seller receipt who's based in Taiwan or could I just bring the phone and it would suffice with its imei etc
        On the other hand if I'm going to travel might as well get a local stock and claim gst which will bring it down to around 900

        • Here's a thought - why not get one of your friends of relatives to buy one for you, and bring it, tax-free? At least you'll know the warranty will be honoured there, and which shop it came from. Presumably they could get it cheaper than an eBay listing?

        • @Make it so: Nah, that's too much hassle. I'm not going to have them hunt around for me to get a cheap price. Shipping is not cheap either. I'm just wondering if I have another option if it breaks down.

    • Will be living in Korea, a short and cheap trip to Taiwan away. Wonder if my phone will be from Taiwan and whether I'll be able to do this also hahaha.

  • What is the main difference between the Dual Sim version and single sim version?

  • With all of the people talking about grey import warranty, Samsung Australia is quite good about helping you out.

    Twice I've had problems over 3 years (two phones), a Note 3 and a Note 5.

    Note 3, a line of pixels died along the top of the phone, brought it in to the Melbourne Central store and they fixed me up.

    Note 5, just on Friday past, power button got a little bit stuck (may or may not have dropped it a bit). They told me that they don't service international models anymore and asked for a receipt. I showed them my purchase from qd_aus and they just gave me a brand new Note 5 on the spot.

    So yes, with grey imports you aren't as protected as compared to normal stock but at the same time Samsung Australia does a good job in taking care of you generally. The savings can be huge (for me, I bought a Note 5 last October for $700 after all the deals, as compared to $1000 which was the asking price of local retailers at the time), and had Samsung been unable to fix my phone I would have just flipped it on Gumtree and bought a different phone.

    • What the heck? That Note 5 replacement sounds like the fluke of a life time. I think it's well worth the effort to put on your nicest smile and puppy eyes and walk into a Samsung store then.

      • Didn't seem too flukey to me, manager of the store got me to email the support email my receipt, they asked to make sure the receipt had the IMEI number written on it (got qd_au to update the PayPal invoice when I bought it to include the information), got my Driver's License to get personal information.

        Seemed like there was a whole process involved not some guy winging it on the spot.


    which one is better this one or note7?

    • If you dont know the difference between the two you shouldn't be in the market to buy either.

    • Note 7 has a 5.7 screen, a pen, water resistant as well and also has sd card slots.

      Also features eye scanner for unlocking phone.

      BUT the specs and speed are pretty much the same as s7edge.

      So get a Note 7 if you want a bigger screen, a pen and a eye scanner to show off.

      I would say S7 edge battery might be still better.

      Also Note 7 might retail for 1k + when released.


        If u can get note 7 for $800 local stock, would you get that or this 7 edge for price above?


          serious question, it's not a wide bargain… because it involves a contract, and a couple of conditions specific to me.

        • @fm:

          I'd get the s7 edge. N7 is nice but too big and worse battery due to bigger display.

          N7 is hell sexy though if ur into 5.7inch phones.

          5.5" is my max. 5.3" phones would be perfect for me.

  • Heads up if you have a rural address:

    Please note that since your address is remote area of courier, extra shipping fee is needed for your shipment.
    You can refer to the below DHL link to enter your postcode: XXXX and choose Australia.

    Please pay AUD 40 to our paypal account: sales2"at"t-dimension.com for the extra DHL shipping fee.

    If you do not want to pay extra shipping fee, you can choose to cancel the order and we will refund you.
    We will process your order after getting your confirmation.

  • Hey guys, i'm not too sure which models work with the bandwidths of Australian carriers & networks. Do i just look at what the phone covers and compare to what carrier i'm with and that's it?

  • Just wondering if grey import S7 phone can use Samsung pay in Australia, my s6 from Taiwan couldn't add card on Samsung pay (used latest downloaded apk since it isn't available on play store)

    • Samsumg pay currently works with Cards issued by American Express and Citi Bank.

      • I know I have Amex velocity card issued by Amex Aus, the card is not adding, keep getting connection error when adding card, works fine on my s6 edge AU model though

        • You need to flash a XSA based firmware for samsung pay to work.

        • @bigoldtoo:
          Do you mean I should install AU XSA firmware?
          But from what I remember Taiwan s6 and Au s6 is different model number, so won't that cause problem like boot loop?

        • @lufee:

          Yep. You need to make sure your devices are compatible.

          I am not sure about s6, but the G930F/FD and G935F/FD variants of s7/s7e are compatible with our firmware.

  • So there's no local warranty, but does anyone know the length of the T Dimension warranty included? The eBay page is pretty ambiguous:

    We are providing anyone of you with our company warranty for as long as 5 years from the date of purchase.

    And their website is even more ambiguous:

    The item is warranted by T-Dimension for a period of 1 or 5 years from the date of purchase. This warranty is limited to repair and / or adjustment.

    • For phones and other devices, we offer 1 year seller's warranty.
      For lenses, we offer 5 year seller's warranty.
      Please feel free to contact us should you have any other inquiries :)

  • Has anyone's order been shipped yet? Yet to receive any updates…

    • i order it yesterday night but still have not receive any shipping info.

    • Looking at the Whirlpool forums, it looks like they are shipping fairly quickly, but theres a delay with them sending shipping notifications/updating status, maybe due to the spike in orders (my normal S7 was ordered Monday and sent the next day).

    • Bought a different phone from them during this sale, no shipping updates, not marked as shipped. Hopefully they didn't oversell and have to refund.

    • Ordered mine on 08/08 and got the shipping update 10/08. Still not in Australia yet though.

    • Ordered mine on 9-Aug around 3:30pm, and it arrived today at 12pm.
      Not sure if it's the same for everyone, but they used DPEX for delivery. A good trick to see the "real" status is to use the DPEX tracking number on the Toll website (as DPEX uses Toll for last-mile delivery).

  • Mine is currently in HK, and marked with a "Line Haul Overnight". Looks like it should be in AU tomorrow, and hopefully into my hands early next week!

  • Just wanted to say thanks OP. Got my phone in 4 business days.

    Ordered on 09/08 and got it today around midday.

    • When was your shipping details updated (on ebay)?

      • I ordered on the 8th (Monday) at 10:00am. Sent the following day using Toll. Phone is still sitting at Melbourne (I live in metro Brisbane).

  • Looks like I get to test out T-Dimension's customer support. My phone arrived today (ordered 9th) and I couldn't get past the 3rd setup screen before it locked up and rebooted. Tried to reset it, but that locks up too. Interestingly, the original Samsung security seal on the box had been sliced open and a fake seal stuck over the top. I know it was fake as the original sticker has the word "tampered" on it and the fake one says "tempered". I'll let you know how things progress. :(

    • First reply from T-Dimension was to ask me to take a video, upload it to youtube and give them the link so they can pass that on to their supplier. I suspect this is going to be a long process.

      • Isn't it quicker to do it via Ebay/Paypal since it is basically DOA? Hopefully you get your replacement/refund soon :(

        • I actually went about it 3 ways. Contact with seller via ebay, email direct and instigated a return via ebay. You are right. The ebay return process was quicker and I received a shipping label yesterday. FedEx are picking it up today.

        • Well that went better than expected. I received my refund today, just 4 days after sending it back. I feel like I just dodged a bullet. :)

        • @wombat1955: Wow that's good to hear! I hope my s7e doesn't go faulty