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Nexus 6P 32GB $579, Nexus 6P 64GB $648 Shipped @ Mobileciti eBay


Another awesome price drop by Mobileciti. 100% Australian stock with local warranty. Dispatched same or next business day. You can collect immediately from the Parramatta store if you wish. GST invoice included & TRS eligible. Enjoy :)

Huawei Google Nexus 6P H1512 32GB Silver Unlocked $579
Huawei Google Nexus 6P H1512 64GB Silver Unlocked $648

Thanks to Bellpop for the original 10% off post

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    Any deals on 5x.

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    Seeing as this retails at $899, this is a good price even if there are new phones coming out soon.

  • Rubbish phone. Got it with Optus on 24 month plan. The volume rocker has bent towards the top end after one month usage only.

    • Why does he get downvote? He is only sharing his experience with others. Plus, 6P does not even have a SD card slot. 6P is still 2015 phone and frankly is overpriced at this price point.

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        Because Ozbargain is full of bullies and the admins refuse to fix the voting system for comments. You have to jump through hoops downvoting a deal and can be banned for going against the rules but you can downvote comments to your heart's content with no consequences. I've had arguments that resulted in every comment I make for a couple of weeks or longer being downvoted.

        • And I don't agree why downvotes policy either. Someone can come and give their opinion of equivalent products, and can downvote a deal even if it is not EXACTLY the same product.

          Otherwise, seeing only upvotes, someone not very knowledgeable in that product can make a worse/wrong decision.

          The reason is this site earns commission…and the more the deals that are upvoted, even if it means that the users are making wrong decision, the better for this site.

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          I would just like all votes to be public and admins to deal with bullies and trolls downvoting every comment a user makes because they didn't like one comment weeks beforehand.

        • Lot of false accusations flying around here.

          • Bullying falls under personal attacks and is not permitted. And a reminder if you do feel unwell to check out the mental health page.

          • Most sites allow users to vote up and vote down comments such as Reddit. Both sites comment voting are hidden. We have had the negative votes publicly viewable at one point and it resulted in more fights and moderation. We work off results based on testing and this is why they are not visible.

          • To negative vote a deal you just need to comment and hit the vote button. Voting Guidelines.

          If you think this is a good deal (cheapest/good product etc.), vote up for it.
          If you don't think is a good (doesn't interest you etc.), don't vote up for it.
          If there is an major issue with the phone or the price isn't the best, negative vote for it.


          Not sure I want to even respond to the malicious and false comments by gunny but mods don't make referrals or any other such garbage about what makes the front page. Ideally, the less arguments/fights would be the best situation for the OzBargain team.

          Feel free to start a discussion on Site Discussion

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          Well I am telling you right now I get a lot of downvotes that make no sense whatsoever unless I've got people following me around and downvoting. This is plain to see from my history and doesn't require a mental health check on my part . It happens every other day. If you have the ability to see who downvoted you'll be able to verify even more quickly if you so choose. I have made no "false" accusation and certainly none aimed at any specific individual.

          If you check my history you'll see when I was new I was unaware of the need to comment and got banned for several months due to your 3 strikes policy. I had no recourse for this and was given no initial warning. And moderators declined to intervene.

          And I have raised this in site discussions previously.

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          I've had arguments

          Then don't have arguments…?

          It's just a deal site FFS. Have discussions.

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          So if I get bullied it's my fault for having a disagreement with someone?

          Mate I've had people dredge up previous unrelated threads lately.

          Try again.

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          Try again.

          No, because I'm not arguing with you.

          So if I get bullied it's my fault for having a disagreement with someone?

          Report bullying to mods. If by bullying you mean comments made against you. If it's just simply votes on your comments, just move on! Walk away from the computer and the post.

          It's the internet, you can walk away when ever you want. And if anyone is making comments against you, report the comment and mods will step in.

          As to votes on comments, don't care about them, it means absolutely nothing. I don't care how people vote on my comments, and I don't use up my daily allotment of neg votes either.

        • @syousef:

          Just for clarification, due to your 3 strikes policy. I think you are referring to negative votes? If negative votes are revoked 3 times within 90 days, you lose your ability to further negative vote temporarily. At no point is an account banned.

          I'm unsure of your circumstances but our system now notifies all users when this happens.

          Please start a Talk with a Moderator thread and we can go over some of the comments.

          I can't stress this enough but please, please contact the mods/admins about ANYTHING.

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          No, because I'm not arguing with you.

          …and yet you are actually arguing.

          As to votes on comments, don't care about them, it means absolutely nothing. I don't care how people vote on my comments, and I don't use up my daily allotment of neg votes either.

          When you post something that is just additional info, isn't contributing to an argument of any kind and doesn't impact on the original deal, being downvoted is the equivalent of being abused when you try to help someone on the street. It matters because the people you're trying to help are less likely to see the information, making your effort pointless and a waste of time.

          I've seen plenty of message boards and newsgroups go from being very popular to falling to a small portion of their former userbase in the space of months when bullying is allowed to take hold.

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          Just for clarification, due to your 3 strikes policy. I think you are referring to negative votes? If negative votes are revoked 3 times within 90 days, you lose your ability to further negative vote temporarily. At no point is an account banned.

          Yes thanks for the clarification. I didn't phrase that at all well. Yes downvotes were banned. I got all 3 strikes in a very short span of time with no warning between. By the time I'd seen the first strike, the other 2 strikes had been awarded.

          At the time when I started a discussion the moderator chose to hold a firm line and said I'd just have to wait it out. It put me off voting on deals. To this day I rarely do. I still participate in comment voting though.

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          Take a chill pill bro and relax. Here, buy something to get your mind of things: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/260522

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          Already bought binocs today but I'm considering collecting yet another cheap guitar thanks to that deal ;-)

        • Opinions are like @ssholez. Everyone's got one.

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        For this comment, I would have allowed you to neg this deal if this was my site. But that means less referral $ for the mods. So….it's not allowed.

      • there's many phones on the market that don't have an SD card slot.

        SD cards in phones are nowhere near as useful as you'd like to believe. as long as the phone has sufficient storage space to begin with that's all you really need.

        most phones with SD card slots are only expandable up to a certain limit, and you'll forever be having problems with your phone deciding where to store stuff. Install apps on the SD card causes all sorts of grief, especially if you decide to use that same SD card in a different phone.

    • Are you being serious?

      That's how it's designed.

    • +4

      Modano is right. The 6P is probably one of the worst performing phones when it comes to build quality.

      It looks and feels bloody nice, but when subjected to any bend or drop test it fails miserably. Check it out online at any site.

      I'm typing this from a 6P (which I love) but it's undeniable about its weakness.

      I've got it in a Spigen Hybrid Neo case which seems to have kept it safe for the past few months but if you like to hold your phone naked, I'd give it a skip.

      • +1

        I'm happy with my 6P and I take every precaution not to drop my phone. And I do like the case it came in so it helps a bit.

        Last phone I dropped was a bit more than 2 years ago Samsung Galay Note 3. It landed on tiled floor and it got a small dent on the metal frame. Painful experience taught me to be more careful.

        Im not saying that I don't value the built quality when it comes to drop tests but it has never been an issue for me when I look for a phone to buy. As a user I am very happy with the 6P build quality. It did hurt of course to see the 6P bent test and how easily the phone bent in half but I don't think a bent test (at least for me) represents the phones durability in normal day use.

        Even if the 6P would break easier when dropped compared to other phones it would not sway me away from me favourite Nexus phone ;)

      • How hard are you going to try to bend and drop your phone?

        I have it since launch with a soft shell. Dropped it hard once but only the tempered glass got shattered. No bent or dent so far.

    • Had it for 9 months now. I love it. Dropped it a three times before getting it a condom and it did dent the shell a bit, hence why I got the condom. It's now quite well protected. No screen protector and in pocket all the time, no scratches yet.

      • -4

        So you agree, but neg anyway?

        • +2

          I wouldn't call that agreeing! In my experience all phone dent a bit when dropped. Except perhaps the old Nokias.

      • Ye, I have a similar experience. I kept it in a fairly thin case without any screen protectors and it hasn't been damaged at all.

    • How?

    • Disagreed. Great phone with a clean nexus experience.

      Kept in Spigen Rugged Armor Case (which is a fairly thin case despite the name) from the day 1 though.

  • +1

    As tempting as it is, I'd wait for the 2016 range. From the rumor mill, it's less than 3 months down the line.

    • +4

      At double the price

      • I'd be extremely surprised if it is more than $1,000 (64GB), let alone $1,300.
        Hopefully it's 2 months away.

        • Nexus6p was $1000, I wont be surprised if the nexus 2016 is >$1000.

      • But 6p and 5x should become even cheaper 😀

      • +1

        What more could the new Nexus line bring that the 6P and 5X doesn't have?

        Only few things might make me pay ~$300 more:

        MicroSD card slot
        Dual SIm
        Battery that lasts for good 2 days

        • What more could the new Nexus line bring that the 6P and 5X doesn't have?

          An improved build quality?

        • @antler:

          Basically I am happy with the built quality and I wouldn't pay that much more just for that :)

    • Buy a oneplus 3 for this price if you want to buy now.

  • That is the everyday price in HK, blame GST.
    But on the positive side, we have 2 years warranty.

    • -2

      No you don't. You only get 2 yr warranty if you purchase directly from Google.

      • +2

        Not true mate. The second year is statutory warranty for aus stock. Check your fact beforehand eh ;)

        • +1

          I was referring to manufacturer/retailer's warranty, though that wasn't clear in my comment. Certainly statutory warranties can and do apply outside of the manufacturer's stated warranty period, but from my understanding they are not defined by a set time period and depend on analysis of all the relevant circumstances in a particular situation. I have not read anything that specifically states warranty period is 2 years/an extra year. Can you point me towards a source that states statutory warranty for an Au stock mobile phone is 2 years/an additional year beyond the manufacturer's warranty?

        • @FowlParliament: yeah, isn't it just from providers? Genuinely curious

        • @FowlParliament: It all goes back to this

          a customer on a 24 month service contract will receive free unlimited repairs if their handset is faulty for the entire two year period

          This seems to have caused an 'avalanche effect' as manufacturers/retailers realised they can't really get away with just one year on a high- (or even medium-)end phone.

        • @McFly: Yes, but that link refers specifically to customers on contracts with telecommunications companies. In absence of any literature stating otherwise, I would venture that a consumer who purchased a phone directly would not necessarily enjoy the defined protections laid out in that case, but would have to undergo the hassle of asserting to the manufacturer that the statutory warranty period extends beyond the scope of the 'standard' warranty.

  • Damn seems like a good price

  • Dam it !!!
    Brought two off Kogan about a week ago and it just got delivered

    • About a week ago……


  • Wow, this is a good price for local stock!

  • +3

    I'm so so unhappy with my Nexus 5x… all the damn freezing and lag… should I get this? I prefer the dimensions of the 5x but really I prefer a phone that doesn't lag

    • +7

      Get a s7

      • If you don't mind the Samsung bloat of course. Which you could likely circumvent by a custom Rom assuming you are comfortable tinkering. Vanilla android is a pleasant experience it has to be said.

        Each to their own though of course.

    • +2

      No freezing or lag on my 5x. Running Nougat. Smooth as

      • How was it on Marshmallow though?

        • +1

          I only had Marshmallow for a day or 2 then jumped to Nougat. Can't recall any probs with Marshmallow.

        • @Barry Beetroot: hmm maybe I'll wait and see if Nougat improves things

      • same here. running well and loving my 5x so far.

      • No issues here either.

    • Is the lag all the time or when plugged into its stock charger? There's been a few reports (my finances own phone as one) which have grounding issues when charging causing the touch screen to be un responsive. Some fixed it by buying a nexus 6p charger, others (like me) just sent it back to google (as bought through play store).

      • +1

        It's not the stock charger for me, as I charge it a few different ways.

    • What's causing all the freezing and lag? One month using it, not a single issue. Fast.

      • It seems to happen over time until I restart it. Stuff I use: Google Maps, Google Music, Snapchat. Snapchat in particular makes it freeze up.

        Today it was working very nicely for some reason. Even battery drain was minimal.

        • I'm not happy with my 5x either, not impressed with the performance at all.

          On mine apps are constantly doing a full reload - instead of resuming where they left off. I am forced to run one thing at a time otherwise reload, reload, it's like it's not managing the memory properly (RAM) or there isn't enough.

          I'm thinking about the 6P too since I heard from a few reliable sources (actual people I know) that there's no lag and they are fast.

          The only real complaint I've heard is the size of 6P.

        • @nismo: I just bought an LG G5 from T-Dimension Ebay for $484.11. Very similar size to Nexus 5x

  • Was looking at these earlier and passed them up as being too expensive even with discount. Price came down recently? Who cares! Rather buy from these guys with a shop front than the others who say Aus stock and ship it in from Hong Kong.

  • Great phone but I just prefer the 5"-5.2" size. Hope to see a deal on HTC10 soon! I'm sold if I can get a HTC10 for the same price $579.
    I guess I'm just dreaming…

    • HTC is a sinking ship. Prices will come down soon.

  • just got my lg g4 like 4 months ago from the last ebay sales …still happy with it so guess I'll pass this time

    • Till you get a boot loop or wifi and bluetooth die. Brilliant phone when it's working. Backup your photos daily or weekly and consider encrypting your storage.

      • Went through two lg g4 already. I agree. Easy to get a dud but if it works it is awesome

        • I'm having my second repaired under warranty. Dropped it off at JB Hi Fi 1 month ago today. Been using my old Galaxy S4 grumble

        • there was only an occasion that it restarted itself… Other than that it s been treating me well so far. So fingers crossed

        • @syousef: One month is more than enough time. If it was me I'd (generously) be giving them till the end of the week otherwise I'd want a refund (or replacement.)

  • +1

    If you like carrying your phone in your back pocket, better have a look at this:



      • +3

        Both those articles seem to cover only the first test ie done after the "burn test".

        Not sure how they account for the follow up test - my second link above.

        I really don't care - as far as I am concerned, anyone who carries their phone (of any make/model) in their back pocket is looking for trouble.

      • +1

        jerryrigeverything runs a very good operation, those articles do nothing to override his findings. He goes into detail why the problem exists.

        The nexus 6p bends like butter, it is just the truth. Great phone if you are a loose pants wearer.

    • I bought a Nexus 6P at launch. Despite how carefully I treated it, and avoiding putting it in any pocket at all, it developed a bend within a month (a minor banana bend).

  • Wait a second, mobileciti lowered it's prices when this coupon started? Those guys/gals deserve a drink. If I wasn't dead set on the upcoming Nexus phones if be right on this

  • +1

    If music playback is fairly important to you, this isn't the phone for you. Headphone output is very poor.

    • +2

      The phone does have one of the best speakers out there.

      • Yes, it does, put the headphone output is terrible.

        • Surely then it's the headphones with the issue, not the phone?

        • +1

          @Barry Beetroot: All 5 pairs? Nope, just really crappy output from the poorly tuned built in DAC of the Snapdragon 810.

        • +1

          @aja12: Yep. One big big downside of this phone is absolutely this.

  • Hey Tightarse,

    Man i just looked at there prices for the HTC 10. Ridiculous.

    Reckon you can fight them down on price for this? :D

    $739 from these fellas. but would trust and want to do business more with mobicity


    • Becextech is pretty dodgy guys from my memory. Check whirlpool for more details.

  • 32GB sold out

  • Just saw this in the news to day…should I be concerned? http://www.9news.com.au/technology/2016/08/09/11/59/millions…

    • +1

      Well the one good thing is that Google would likely be on it very quickly and if you have a Nexus device you can expect a patch to be issued quicker than other manufacturers would potentially do. That is one of the beauty of Google's own line.

    • It says that phones with Qualcomm chips may be affected, then lists the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge as amongst those vulnerable. The Australian models don't even have Qualcomm chips though.

    • For Nexus phones probably not a big concern because Google pushes out updates frequently. For other phones, who knows?

  • Has anyone received theirs yet? Mine got posted on Tuesday but there hasn't been a tracking update to say it left Sydney. It's fastaway couriers and the last time I saw this happen was with a seller that didn't post the item but gave me tracking details for a prepaid satchel and then posted the item two weeks later. I hope this is not the case here.

    • I got express shipping and received my n6p after 1 day.

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