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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32GB $59/Month + 3GB + UNLIMITED CALLS/SMS (24 Months) @ Woolworths Mobile


Walk around QV yesterday, this sales rep name Julin (QV Woolies Melbourne) told me that they will have a great deal tomorrow (today) and its true.

for those who miss previous deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/254089, I think this deal is pretty good

3GB instead of 8GB but $59 instead of $70 for the very good phone. Hope this help someone who need a new plan

Offer valid for approved Woolworths Phone Plan applications on 10 & 11 August 2016 only. Limit 2 per household. No further discounts or Woolworths Dollars apply.

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        • @CNH: Called Vodafone and haggling them so much, they put me into resolution team which then give me $7 discount above what on the website.. I was on SIM only plan and still 10 months off my contract.

      • When I sign the 24 months red SIM only plan over the phone, the sales staff promised me price match any plan throughout the 24 months.
        I was also promised bonus 1gb data for first 2 months after data-workout. This never happens. I called the customer service and they refuse to honour the 1gb extra data for 2 months.

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    Just tried Virgin Mobile. They couldn't match.
    Tried to push me into a plan for $75 with 7GB of data with the first month free.
    I'm constantly in wi-fi zones. So bye bye Virgin, but could be useful for someone else

  • Great deal! however it is not supporting roaming which means i'll have to let this pass :(

  • Can I join the plan and give the phone to my wife and use her sim?

    • +1

      You can give the phone to anyone you like.

      You can use her SIM if your phone is unlocked and supports Telstra bands.

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    I just purchased the silver one, it was a challenge to find it at the promoted rate but I just changed the url to include Silver; OZB Sleuth wins again https://www.woolworthsmobile.com.au/Open-Catalogue/Devices/S...

  • Any one think pick up at BigW/Woolworths is faster than delivery to the house??

  • Does anyone know what model comes with this? The exynos or the snapdragon?

    • the former as only US variants get the inferior SD820 (although it's GPU is faster)

  • How is the coverage with woolworths? Which network do they use?

  • Very tempting deal, but getting out of the IOS ecosystem seems like a daunting job

  • EDGE is just too big for me. Would be all over this deal if it was a regular S7.

    • +1

      Yeah wish I had realised this before I jumped onto the deal as it's awkward sometimes with my S5 fitting into pockets so this one could be even more of an effort. It's such a good deal though, lol.

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        I switched to s7e from a 4 inch device and was feeling like having a tablet. but in few weeks you get adjusted and cant get how you lived with the small screen.

  • Any one purchased this in store anywhere?

  • Ordered yesterday and arrived today, looking forward to using it.

    • where do you live if you dont mind me asking?

    • I still havent received my dispatched email yet :(

      • Their delivery is amazing. Ordered on Wednesday night arrived on Friday morning to Perth. (although star track tracking is still showing at Sydney)

  • Terms say it can't be used overseas - so roaming isn't available?

    • +1

      Nobody will stop you to buy a sim there.

      • Sure and I do, but I also rely on my number being available when I'm OS for emergencies and during periods prior to purchasing a local sim. So locking into a contract that doesn't allow this is unfortunately a problem for me.

    • +2


      No roaming.

      Bit of an issue for banking sms.

      • You can use WiFi

        • @andyken
          -No the sim is not active when you leave Australia (Sure you can use wifi for data)


        • @snappy1234: yes, you can turn on your phone without SIM CARD, just use your WIFI

  • +1

    Came close to pulling the trigger on this deal, but I have a credit card with WoolWorths Money and dealing with them
    is enough to make me NOT want to deal with Woolworths Mobile.

    • I asked via fb if the mobile is locked, they said yes vs live chat on the Woolworths Mobile website which said No it isn't.

    100% Product knowledge for you.

  • Signed up today. Took under 10 minutes. Left the store with the phone and the porting was done within an hour. I was impressed. Only realised NOW that no roaming possible. Disappointed.

  • So i received the phone yesterday from woollies parra, got home and realised the box seal was broken. Wrote an email to complain to woollies and they replied:

    " Please note that the seal is broken due to checks that we have had to make to ensure that you are to receive everything correctly. Also checks were made to ensure that the battery was in the box as well."

    Should i just ignore the broken seal and use the phone?

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      checks were made to ensure that the battery was in the box

      Thought the phone has an in built battery? As in you can't take it out. This just sounds like a typical response.

      • +1

        Yeah battery is built in so it was a "get lost" kinda response from woollies. Saw in other posts they're known for bad customer service. guess this adds to it. Anyone else got this issue?

        • Same deal for me. Opened up my bag and the seal has been broken. Assholes.

        • +1

          I just rang them and they asked me to send pictures into them and said I could request a replacement if I like.

        • @simhanada: did you end up doing the replacement? I'm in the same camp. Phoned up and they didn't exactly instill confidence that they'd process it…

    • Then what's the point of the seal?
      I would not accept it.

    • My seal was broken too and I was wondering why! It may be because they needed the IMEI?

  • Still available! Today only lol

  • +1

    I ordered mine about 4pm yesterday and it arrived at 8am this morning. Not bad!

  • Mine arrived as soon as I cancelled the order because Star Track said no delivery after having 3 days. Woolworths were great about reversing the cancellation and my box was sealed. Sweet phone quick and light.

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    still avail, the deal does not finish until today 13th

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