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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32GB $59/Month + 3GB + UNLIMITED CALLS/SMS (24 Months) @ Woolworths Mobile


Walk around QV yesterday, this sales rep name Julin (QV Woolies Melbourne) told me that they will have a great deal tomorrow (today) and its true.

for those who miss previous deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/254089, I think this deal is pretty good

3GB instead of 8GB but $59 instead of $70 for the very good phone. Hope this help someone who need a new plan

Offer valid for approved Woolworths Phone Plan applications on 10 & 11 August 2016 only. Limit 2 per household. No further discounts or Woolworths Dollars apply.

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  • Very nice deal.

    • Even better than the previous one actually….

      I got S7E on high plan but I don't see myself using the full 8GB because Wifi at both home and work.

      If we need extra GB a particular month, we could go with the add-ons anyways.

      So over all, this would have been like getting s7e for $59 instead of $70 per month with no difference to me at all :( :( :(

  • cracking deal for anyone who doesn't need a lot of data. Also don't forget extra 25 woolworths dollars bonus

    • I know 3GB isn't a lot of data to many people but surely I'm not the only one who only uses ~1GB/month? Anyone else like that?

      3GB is plenty to me! Haha.

      Btw. Great deal.

      • am more the same.. at max I stretch to 2 GB

      • My current plan is 2.8GB and I'm doing fine

      • Yep, rarely make it to 1GB.

      • Me too, I only go through about 1 to 1.5gb a month on mobile data, I have unlimited NBN both a work and home so it's hardly used. My kids on the other hand can go through 12gb in a month easily, it's crazy! I do note that they bring their phones and computers home when they need to do updates or download big files….

      • I've been surviving off 500mb/month for the last year or so. I've only managed to go over once!

        I just wanted to get the cheapest plan that telstra offers ($35/month). Its not much but i always seem to be within range of wifi, not to mention I work fifo for a month at a time so i dont even really get a chance to use it…

        Still would be to nice to upgrade though lol

      • Im surviving with 300MB data per month! :D

  • Im currently on a Virgin Plan but its showing that an upgrade is available on my plan so im assuming im out of contract. If i wish to go on this plan how do i carry across my australian virgin mobile number? Is their an option on the online form to do so? Thanks in advance.

    • You can port your number to any mobile provider. Virgin doesn't 'own' your number - you just pay them to provide a service to it, basically.

      When you sign up to any deal you choose from any mobile provider - an option will be provided to use an existing mobile number where you will be able to provide your current number and continue to use it after a short (1 hour to 3 day) porting process.

      • Thanks for your reply! Will be filling out the form shortly :)

        • I'm in a similar boat. Have you tried chatting with them to see if you can get a better deal? Although it would have to be a great deal since I think Telstra coverage would be better in my area. I was literally on the Virgin website last night checking out the plans.

        • @Juice08:
          I just had a chat with them but was told that they don't do price match. Keen to know if someone else tried with a better result.

        • @wooyugil: thanks for the reply. I'll just jump ship. There used to be specials between customers of the same company but nowadays calls and texts are unlimited.

        • @Juice08:
          The only thing that I will miss out (a part from $58 + current month access fee) is additional 1GB bonus as I have another number with Virgin. https://www.virginmobile.com.au/second-service/?i_cid=SHM_2_...
          but yeah,, $59 is too good so I will probably go with this deal as well.

    • Better check that your contract is actually finished - a number of providers will offer you an upgrade/new contract if you re-sign with them when you are down to the last ~3 months of your contract.

      If you are not actually finished your contract you may get hit with fees if you port out.

  • Please correct me if I am wrong but you can also get 50 Woolworths dollars https://mobile.woolworths.com.au/offers/wow-rewards-mobile-d...

    • its possible, it will make this deal even better $57/month

    • This offer excludes any woolworths dollars. Also promotion probably is for tomorrow as well.

      ^ Offer valid for approved Woolworths Phone Plan applications on 10 & 11 August 2016 only. Limit 2 per household. No further discounts or Woolworths Dollars apply.

  • I am heading to QV now to see whether I can get a quick credit check. Need to transfer my old numbers too.

  • What network does Woolworths use? (edit.. have seen its Telstra, is it exactly the same as Telstra speeds/coverage though?)

    • I looked into it last time. They don't use the whole Telstra network. You will struggle in remote areas where you may get telstra reception

      • I didn't have good experience with woolies network. But then I paid $1 for $30 sim. So can't complain..

  • Could anyone who uses the network tell me what the coverage is like? I struggle to get Telstra reception where I'm from, so I'm tentative to make a leap to a different network (even though Woolworths say they piggyback off the Telstra network).

    • They use Telstra's network so the reception would be the same as Telstra's 3G/4G…maybe less depending how Telstra sell to them etc. If Telstra is struggling to your location, maybe try Vodafone/Optus coverage maps to see if you're more adequately covered.

    • I no longer work for Woolies, but did last year around the time the mobile offering was being planned. Coverage would be good, but to be sure, would suggest checking coverage in your frequented areas to ensure you'll be covered sufficiently as I know that it wouldn't be exactly the same coverage/bands as you would have access to being a direct Telstra customer

    • Its Telstra wholesale, its not complete Telstra coverage. Its decent as far as carriers go, but not as good as Telstra proper. Boost sell Telstra proper. Compare the coverage maps, in town no difference, but outside there is clearly a difference. Easily spotted on the coverage mops of respective telcos.

      Boost only lose out on 4GX, they only have 4g but its every tower in the Telstra stable. No s7 on plans though.

  • Thanks Op. Great deal

  • Is the phone unlocked? Or locked to telstra?

  • Does anyone know if Woolies is likely to get the Note 7 anytime soon?

  • Deal applies to all colours too, not just the (IMO) ugly gold colour

  • So is woolies mobile coverage/reception/quality exactly like boost mobile?

    • No, its Telstra wholesale (onsellers like Woolies/Aldi), not Telstra proper (Telstra and Boost).

  • The 8GB plan is currently $75. Not too bad.

  • Good price for S7 Edge

  • Great deal. If you're like me and never see out a two year contract, just be mindful of their early termination fees - handset plus $25 x each month remaining on contract. Virgin hasn't had early termination fees for years now, and even Optus has recently dropped their early termination fees.

    • does virgin just not call it something else ? " virgins monthly contribution" or something ? and it was 37$ a month x each month remaining on contract to break the contract with them if i recall ( on a 60$ a month plan )

      • No, that just means that if you leave early, you pay the the full cost of the handset (which is usually cheaper than RRP) and not just the subsidised handset repayments.

  • Great deal but be aware that you only get $5 for international calls

  • Word of warning. Yes this is a pretty good price but woolworths mobile customer service is awful. The last S7 edge deal they had, i signed up for and it took more than a month and me continually following it up before they decided to cancel my order.

    • What issue was it?

      • variety of things. i was continually told, 'you will get a call/ email in 3 days' etc. I would never hear back. I would always follow up after the time period and they would just say they would contact me again in x days. The final issue with the deal which led to them rejecting it was them claiming i failed credit check. Turns out they filled out my details wrong an screwed everything up. At this point i did not want to waste any more time or give them any of my money. Never again.

  • Damn, can't believe I missed the last deal!

    24 months x $70 - $100 woolies dollars - $100 gear vr = $1482 on the 8GB plan.

    This one is 24 months x $59 = $1416 with only 3GB.

    • Hey,

      8GB deal is still available today only with 5 dollar price hike

      24 months x $75 - $100 woolies dollars

    • If you are a student, you can get S7 edge on 7GB plan via Optus for $66.50/month.
      If you have optus internet too, this ends up as $46.50/month.

      • I completely forgot about Optus' 10% student discount. Thanks for the reminder. I might be going in that direction then, assuming that Optus coverage is comparable to Woolworths.


          Woolworths coverage is miles better than Optus where I am. I'm from regional NSW and Optus is dead thirty minutes in each direction. I get 3G on Woolies.

      • Dayum. I pre-ordered the s7 edge when it was first announced. $67 a month with student discount + Optus internet discount for 3gb data

  • I got the previous $70pm 8gb deal and have been really happy with WW mobile and the S7 Edge phone. Coverage is quite good in my experience and I haven't had any random drop outs etc. been using it about 6 weeks now.

    I'm in Sydney, mainly at Macquarie Uni area.


    What does it mean by using "part of" Telstra 4G network? Is that mean the speed is capped or the total bandwith, or something?

    • Usually in regional areas, Telstra has more coverage than their resellers. Not sure about speed/bandwidth capping.


        I need to know if this is better than Optus and Virgin in Sydney.
        I rarely go to regional areas, but roam around the greater sydney.

        • You should probably experiment with the different providers in the areas that you frequent by purchasing a couple of starter kits and trying them out. There are a few 10 day starter kits around for $10 or even less when the discount offers comes around. In theory, in city areas, there should be no difference between different providers but experience from others shows that there is a difference.

  • On the last deal people were saying they expect price reductions on S7/S7E following the new Note, is this part of that or are there still cheaper deals coming soon?

    Ah so tempted to pull the trigger now..

    • It is a gamble - Isnt it.

      I missed out last time

      Pulled the trigger this time. Cant be bothered. I like the Edge anyways

  • Thanks OP. Ordered 1 about an hour ago. Just received tracking number!

  • 5 business days

  • The OzBargainer in me doesn't get this. The phone is $700 here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/260578 if you claim 1.25% cash back re Cashrewards.com.au

    26x discounted 28-30 day starter pack SIMS from Telstra, Optus, Voda and Amaysim at an average price of say $18 each (a mix of $30-$50 starter packs) = $468

    Total price is $1,168 vs $1,416 (24x$59) before 5.5%-7.5% off from discounted Wishcards if they can be used for this.

    I'd happily save $260 (if Wishcards can't be used) by porting phone numbers every 28 or so (most providers don't port on the weekend or Sundays, but others value their time more than this saving and want the convenience of not having to port and not having phone calls/data for a few hours every four weeks.

    • +5 votes

      Issue for a lot of people is that the T-Dimension deal is a grey import, whereas these are Australian stock.

      • Yep and as he mentioned, spending hours every month for 2 years to change numbers is a nuisance.

        • It is 5 minutes every month, but a couple of hours without service. I port (not change) my number after midnight in WA and then go to bed, and usually have service with the new provider between 10 AM and noon.

        • @Maltopia: For me it was whole different story though. Ported my number from telstra to optus and took me 3 days. since then never again

    • All good if you can spend $700 upfront but a lot of people cant.

      • I can't help but think the most expensive phone on the market is probably not the best option for those people, even on a monthly contract. Drop the phone on day one and you just lost over a thousand dollars. If people can't afford that, perhaps choosing a cheaper phone would be wiser.

        • Agreed. If they can't afford a $700 upfront fee then they probably, rationally speaking, shouldn't go for this contract either. There are many cheaper alternatives that offer much better value for those who are that strapped for cash.

      • If they can't afford it then they shouldn't get it in the first place.

    • This phone is Australian stock with a proper manufacturer warranty backed by Australian Consumer Law, compared to a grey import with after sales service that is dubious at best. To genuinely compare this deal, the best local price for Australian stock is $1,033 (Good Guys Ebay). You'd pay an extra $383 with Woolworths ($59 x 24), meaning you get a plan with unlimited calls & 3GB for $15.95 per month, plus the convenience of interest free monthly payments. It's pretty good for people who can live with 3GB on Telstra Wholesale.

    • Well.. $700 for grey import(not australian stock) + all the headache if there are any issues + all the headache involved in porting -> things to consider

    • Quite Simply would like to say, Grey Import vs Australian Stock. 1 Year "Warranty" Vs 2 Years of Australian Warranty and Consumer Law. Honestly There is not much which holds the Grey Import Seller to Honor the Warranty.

  • If only it was $50 would've jumped on this deal. Need a new phone.

    Been on Woolworths prepaid for awhile now and pretty happy with service a few more deadspots on long-range but normal daily service is perfect if not the same as Telstra for me at least.

  • Called Telstra and asked if they can match, they couldnt but ended up with the S7 edge with 10gb for 85 a month

    • Good up selling there :)

      • Yeah would of been more happy with 8gb for 75 like the woolies deal, but no cancellation fees this way and 2 gb more

        • what do you mean by no cancellation fees this way?

        • I changed plans 8 months ago and ended up on 24 month contract (Changed for more data, less money) so to get out of current contract and go to woolies I had to pay contract cancellation fee. This way contract just starts again at 24 months.

        • @PiStep: ahh right, you're doing a plan change. good work.

          I've tried calling telstra as an existing non-mobile customer, they said they can only give me the standard plans. But i guess you went to retention which always seem to be able to do better.

        • Yeah the retention team, they still escalated to supervisor, because it is 20 bucks off normal price. There are other reasons I wanted to stay with Telstra as well (footy for one - I work weekends), so happy enough with a good deal, but maybe not the best deal….

  • I am sure Voda can match this deal.

    • Vodafone - I'm really sorry but we're definitely not able to price match the Woolworths offer. I wish I had more flexibility on that for you. I can offer you a $5 per month discount above what you see on the website but that is the best I can do I'm sorry.

      • Yeah Vodafone also don't waive the payout fee when you're 3 months from end of contract anymore. Have to be one month out

        • thanks for that - I didn't think of asking - just assume I would be up for early payout - $30 SIM only plan - 2 months to go - so wasn't a big issue as I am in need of a new phone now

          I had been going to go for the S5 - but this deal has swung me - current model instead of a 2014 model

          Done & dusted :)

        • I am on a sim only with voda and have been for years, told me they couldn't match and gave me an offer that was not even close, like 6gb for $85 per month. Happy enough with my vet note 2 and may just keep it as is. Would have upped with voda if they'd matched but oh well

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