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Kogan Mobile SIM - Prepaid Starter Pack $0 Delivered @ Kogan Mobile


Kogan Mobile SIM - Prepaid Starter Pack

Need a cheap disposable sim?

Tri-fit SIM: Fits all devices that require Standard, Micro and Nano SIM cards.

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Dicksmith Link Not available anymore.

Note: You may get called if you don't activate the sim cards, only order them if you have a genuine use, see comments.

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  • +5

    can you port number to this without recharging it?

    • +8

      I don't think so, tried last week with one of the many $0.05 kogan SIM's I bought for porting. It wanted a me to recharge onto one of their plans before activating. Would love to hear if you can

      • +9

        No use of accumulating these in this case.

        • +1

          OP can you include this in the post? This isn't really a "starter pack" it's just a sim card…

  • +5

    at $5, aldi payg sims are cheap and disposable

    • +7

      But it's $5.

      • +25

        that's $5 of credit that lasts for a year - basically a phone number for a year

        the kogan sim is $0, but you can't do anything with it until you load up at least $16.90 for 30 days

        • -10

          You're not understanding the function of the Kogan SIM. It can be used as an intermediary when porting your number between the same carrier.

        • +5

          @ronnknee: $16.90 is a bit steep for an intermediary.

        • -6

          @Uncharted: You don't need to load credit to port out.

        • +2

          @ronnknee: Have you ported to one of these, then back to another carrier without cost?

        • Just a note.

          Though I have no idea about porting you can activate the sim card to receive calls without loading by skipping the last step.

  • +2

    stuck at check out - cannot select payment option?

    • maybe try order with phone?

      i checked out successful with my phone, $0 Delivered for 2 sim

    • +2

      Was able to check out successfully without logging in.

      • thanks I logged out and I can checkout now.

  • +16

    Father's Day coming up…

    Thanks !!!!

    • I know what your kids are getting you!

      • +1
        • I was going to say turtle necks and flare pants.

    • so daddy can call backpage masseuse on his "secret" phone?

  • +1

    bought some @ $0.05 two weeks ago

    • +23

      You were swindled my friend.

      • +1

        LOL…thats my donation to DS.

    • hehe, me too..

  • -1


  • Doesn't let me select payment method

    • +2

      I had that problem with Dick Smith. Went to Kogan instead and it worked.

      • +1

        Still doesn't work. Every time I click continue to payment, the page just reloads to my cart.

        • Didn't work for me Firefox, had to switch to IE.

        • @searedtuna: Yes it didn't work for me on Chrome, Firefox and IE, even after clearing cookies and cache. Turns out my IP was banned somehow? Used my mobile data to order as suggested in the comments by @nurries and it worked perfectly! :)

  • same problem with dick site, no payment arrow, used kogan, worked fine.thanks Miss B

  • +6

    The use of disposable sim? Can I activate it to receive SMS authentication etc?

    • I also want to know this, for freebie offers like unlimited guzman y gomez free buritos :P

    • Yeah I want a bunch for free secure parking

    • Yes.

      You can activate the SIM card to receive calls/SMSs without loading by skipping the last payment step.

  • When you buy a sim with Kogan, is there an allocated phone number on the card?

    How many sims can I order? I want to be able to choose a good phone number.

    • +1

      How many sims can I order?

      Why don't you try and find out?

      • I ordered a few and will wait and see. I really want a choice of phone number.

    • +1

      I ordered a couple the other week, haven't activated yet but there is a phone number printed on each.

      • great, thank you, that's what I wanted to know

  • Can I use these for porting without any value ?

    • I've no problem in porting my number from Telstra to a Vodafone $2 sim with no value. It should be OK.

      • Thanks, just ordered 2

  • i bought 2…

  • Ordered a couple, thanks OP :)

  • +1

    Actually really interested what an empty sim card is useful for??? What am I missing out on ?
    Thanks if anyone answers :)

    • +4

      small fingernail cleaner ;-)

    • +4

      Who cares, it's free.

      But nah, it's used for porting your number to the same carrier if you're using discounted prepaid starter packs (eg. Optus to Kogan to Optus, Telstra to Kogan to Telstra).

    • Incoming calls perhaps?

    • +1

      sms verification for certain freebies :)

    • +1

      Allowing you to have cheap access to multiple phone numbers which can be used to abuse sign ups for deals/offers that were intended to be one per person and relied on unique mobile numbers as their only form of validation.

      I probably didn't explain that very clearly. I haven't been sleeping well

      Anyway if you scan the other comments here you will see what I mean. Don't do it though or these places will cease offering freebies. Sure the majority of people aware of these offers won't go to the effort involved in abusing it, but you can imagine how many freebies will be claimed by the people who do abuse it and that is when it becomes an issue.

      I'm all for getting one, or two back if you feel like you have been ripped off by the company previously but after a certain point it is obnoxious, unethical, unsustainable and it is disappointing to see it tolerated, if not celebrated, on Ozbargain.

    • New iphone requires a sim card to activate. You can use it to activate new iphone if you don't have nano and don't want to put your own sim card.

  • So to get it right, if we have this sim card then
    activate it with no value, how long people can call to the number before it expires ? Can we use it to miss call someone else ?

    • I don't know how long it lasts before activation ends but I know it won't call at all without credit.

  • +4

    Great for getting free burritos from GYG!

    • For once something good came out of Kogan lol

    • +3

      I thought you need to recharge the SIM before it becomes active? So no free burritos?

      • +2

        Damn, back to being poor AND hungry!

      • Nah, just skip the payment step on last page.

  • Thanks op. Ordered 5 from phone. Good for porting and more free burritos. Lol

    • What do you mean by using it for porting?

      • +4

        Sometimes, Telcos have deals for new customers only. By porting out to a temporary SIM, you become a new customer.

        • Thanks for the explanation

  • Doesn't work for me. Page just keeps reloading whenever I click on "Continue to payment".

    • +2

      Turns out I was ip banned for some reason. Changed to mobile data and it worked flawlessly.

      • Thanks it worked for me! :)

  • I bought 20?!

    • +1

      Work Kris Kringle sorted - ordered 25 ;)

  • Worked for me - great find!

  • No Max order? Get ready for ozbargained!

  • Somebody told me that for Kogan sim cards, you cannot activate without adding value into the account. Anyone can confirm that please?

    • Not true. At least for me. Simply skip payment.

  • By the looks of it, you need to add credit to the account before you can activate… meh.

    • Nope! It is completely free.

  • If this is the case, then it cannot be used for ' free porting' …

  • They have just limited it to 5 per customer

    • Can order multiple times with same e-mail without logging in. 10 minute mail should work.

  • just did a DICK move and ordered 1000 in 200 separate orders

    • You are going to ruin this for us all. I hope they don't cancel the promo.

      • +17

        Just thought I'd be a dick to Kogan for raising prices when then have a eBay promo or a 10% off code

        • +1

          Haha, then it's acceptable.

        • +1

          yeah I don't see how that is justified. send them an email and/or campaign on social media and/or spend your dollars elsewhere if you want to try influence the company's practices.

          that said, I suspect you are probably joking with your original comment but still..others before you and after you are quite serious in abusing these things to no real benefit to themselves and it is just wasteful.

    • +1

      Really? Nothing better to do?

    • What? How long did it take you to do 200 separate orders?

    • +1

      Haha maybe I shouldn't laugh but that's hilarious. Can you make a wind chime or something with them? Don't want to be wasteful.

    • Did you end up getting them? I did a test order of 30 and I received them all. Not sure what to do with them.

  • +1

    Damn it! Wasted 5 cents buying one recently, shipping included.

  • Thanks, never a bad idea to have a few prepaid sims sitting around.

  • +1

    Got 5 don't know why!!

  • +5

    to port in, you need to activate this sim. to activate this sim, you have to choose a prepaid option. none of the options are free. i'm assuming you would have to pay $16.90 for their cheapest option.

    did i miss something? what's the deal? i see a free sim which has no value because you cannot port in without buying one of their options confused

    • Agreed…

    • +4

      Free SIM adapters..?

    • +1

      No. Activation works without payment step for now.

  • is it possible to use this sim just to receive calls but with no credit?

    • yes, it only charges the person calling you

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