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Telstra $30 Pre-Paid Sim Starter Kit for $15 @ Officeworks


Officeworks have price matched the Telstra starter packs currently on sale at Woolworths this week.


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  • is there a limit per customer?

    • Not mentioned anywhere.

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      Hijacking comment #1 to share some important information regarding the end of Freedom Plus.

      I know this was mentioned below, but I just spoke to a rep and decided to try and dig for some info and this is the info I managed to obtain. I was itching to know because there was conflicting information about whether Google Play Billing would still be a thing based on the Whirlpool discussions.

      • Freedom Plus will no longer be available for new activations from 22 23 Aug
      • There will be no more Google Play Credit with the new offer
      • Freedom Plus will however be grandfathered, so if you're already on it, then you can stay on it and you will still get the recharge credit usable as Google Play Billing for each 28 days that you recharge ongoing.. until they complete remove everyone from Freedom Plus
      • I wasn't given any info on specific inclusions, but was told that there will "heaps of calls/data" and will still be unlimited intl calls & text to 10 countries.
      • The unlimited international calls is currently only available on the $40 and $50 Freedom Plus offers, unsure whether this will now be included on the $30 one too.

      Source: Telstra rep over live chat

      Based on the above, for all of you with leftover SIM starter kits.. maybe it's time to activate them all today (Aug 21) to ensure you are able to use up the "google credit" portion of it! From lyl's comment: "I got told over livechat that the beyondtalk, simplicity or long life plans will still be able to converted to google play credit."

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        Crap - only reason I get them is for Google play credit

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        I got told over livechat that the beyondtalk, simplicity or long life plans will still be able to converted to google play credit.

        • What about datapass sims :D

        • @cwongtech: I activated a datapass sim recently and was not able to get google play credit. I had to switch to the freedom plus plan to get it.

        • Oh that's a bit of a relief. That's some good news!

        • not that I doubted you lyl but i also livechatted them and confirmed simplicity plan can still be converted to google play credit.

          lots of confusing information on whirlpool, well maybe only confusing for me. time to stock up :)

      • When you say from the 22nd do you mean that today (Sunday 21st) is last day to activate on the old offer?

      • Pretty much means if you want to use the data and calls plus the google credit bundle activate today on freedom plus else leave the packs for long life and convert to simplicity for google credits

        • Is the cutoff time midnight tonight or tommorrow? From reading the whirlpool forums I take it Monday is the last day to activate.

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          I think it's actually midnight tomorrow. Sorry, I probably worded that wrong.

        • @illumination: Reported my initial comment to get it edited, seeing as it's getting quite a bit of traction and people are probably using it as a reference point.

  • I'm down to my last one from earlier sales when they were $5.00. still a great deal even at $15

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      😄 same here, using my last pack, waiting for it to be $5 again.

    • Seems like $15 is their regular price haha. $5 seems like a dream so far in between. Too unlikely to expect such a promotion again, surely?

    • I got 5 packs left range G from $1, $5 to $15

      • Damn must have been a long long time ago if $1-5… don't they have an expiry?

  • is there any chance that someone could explain how they use these?

    • activate it as a data pass (3GB/month) or Freedom plus (1.5GB + 1.5GB) or whatever you want and dump the included $30 credit on Google play store. When you are out of data and credit, move on to the next pack.

      • freedom plus will be removed from 22 Aug and the new plan will not give any credit to be used on google play

        • You can still stay on freedom plus, I just don't think you're able to choose it once the new plans are in action.

        • Are you sure about not able to use at Google play store?

        • Bugger. That was always a handy addition….and big selling point for Telstra

        • @eisniwre: yeah, check whirlpool for details. Sim activated after that date won't be able to select freedom plus

        • @PR0r: yeah, but pretty useless to stay on for those tightarse ozbargainers because we won't spend $30 real money per month just for 3gb of data and some funny google money.

        • Can you still get credit on Data pass?

        • @ntb: from what I read you still can, only freedom plus is affected

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          @lgacb08: sorry I'm confuse. I don't need the freedom plus plan, basically I don't need to make call or data I just need the full credit for Google play store.

        • @ntb:
          I'm pretty sure you never got any credit when activated as data pass

        • What about when you Recharge? Will the new plans give you credit when you Recharge?

        • @Phoebus: 😄 just got the telstra CS to activate a new sim as data pass and transfer $19 from another Freedom plus sim for a full $49.
          From this document I'm pretty sure you can get recharge credit with prepaid data pass plan.
          "What’s included
          Depending on the amount you recharge, you’ll get recharge credit and included data to use in Australia. Once you’ve used your included data, you’ll be charged the PAYG rate of $2/MB from your recharge credit.
          You can also use your recharge credit for data while you’re overseas and to send SMS and MMS to standard Australian and International numbers or to buy content or subscription."

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          What about using CreditMe2U to transfer to an existing SIM that can use Google Play credits?

        • freedom plus will be removed from 22 Aug and the new plan will not give any credit to be used on google play

          no more profit :(

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          Just livechatted telstra and got told that you can still use beyondtalk, simplicity or long life plans for google play

        • @lgacb08: so for Google play credit included, what other options are there?
          Personally I'll be staying as I'm not keen to sign up with optus on contract.

        • @lyl: ah thanks. So no more popular freedom plan but we still can pick other plan to use the credit on Google store! I always choose long life anyway.

          Not sure why user igacb said no more Google play credit

        • @eisniwre:
          I guess it's only freedom plus affected

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          @eisniwre: sorry wasn't being very clear on my post, meant to said the new plan that replace Freedom plus will be basically the same with Freedom plus, with the exception of not giving any more real credit that cn be used on google play, which is the biggest lost. Other plans won't be affected but most of them are not as good, data pass probably remain the best all rounder (just can't make call with it).

        • @lgacb08: no problem. I wil just wait for bigger discount then. 50% off starter pack is not special. I need Google play store credits.

        • I'd like to stay on the freedom plus plan of you know anyone with a spare active sim they would like to get rid of?

      • Just activated a Telstra long life SIM pack 4hours ago and tried buying some movies on Google play but there was no Telstra billing option! I linked the number to my google as security also. Either there is a waiting period for it to register or something has changed. Am I missing a crucial step?

        • Probably only Freedom Plus comes with Google Play Credit? Can anyone confirm this?

        • @andylch: Just activated my last $30 pack sim on Freedom plus and also don't have the Telstra billing option (could be just me).

          Spoke with customer service (the 24/7 online chat) and they said that they fixed it for both my new sims (long life and freedom plus). They said it would be available within 24 hours to purchase from the google play store.

          Will notify if the payment option becomes available soon.

  • Can watch the rest of the olympics unlocked with one of these

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    So… All the Sims you haven't yet activated can never be used on play store

    • Your proof?
      See posts above, still be able to use on play store

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    Demand will probably weaken after the pp change coming

  • Has anyone tried activating a sim today? I just tried and got the error message 'Payment unsuccessful - Message from your mobile service provider: user was not found.' Anyone know what might be the problem?

    • Yep, same issue here.

    • I had this error 4 days ago when I activated one as a data sim. Had to contact support then convert to freedom plus to use the google play credit.

    • Yep i had this issue at 1am this morning when i activated around that time. Later today at 11am i tried again and payments finally worked.
      It appears to be that if the number does not yet show on your Telstra app account it doesnt detect a user.
      In any case just activate as freedom plus first so that you can lock in the $30 credit per posts above. You should be able to use it later once the system detects the number under your telstra account.

      • Yep can confirm as per post above just need to wait until the number is on your app account and it works after that as per before. Could even try logging out and back in again.

  • This is bad news. I still got one left from last $5 sale. The Freedom Plus is a good plan it's a shame they want to remove the Google play credit. Not sure why people will choose Telstra if Google Play credit is removed as it has less value than Optus and Vodafone on the same value recharge.
    So what is the next best plan to activate in order to get google play credits?

  • The workaround is to transfer your freedom plu credit to long life sim via Creditme2. The downsides are
    1) only $29 can be transferred due to $10 cap per transfer and 25c charge per transfer
    2) you need to activate an extra pack (long life) which only last for 180 days
    However, it is still better than nothing

    • But this won't be an option on the new Freedom Plus replacement offer because it doesn't come with recharge credit?

  • I have about 10 $30 sims I bought for $5 left. Whats the best way to ensure I can still use the google $30 credit? Do I need to activate them all today o nFreedom Plus, and spend then within 28 days?

    • I think so and this really sux.

    • From what I understand you will still get Google play credit with the other offers (simplicity, long life etc.) So it would only be worth activating them all if you are going to make use of all the data and calls within the next 28 days that you would get with activation.

    • Did you activate any onto Freedom plus before it became unavailable? Any chance you'd be willing to sell me a sim card on freedom plus it doesn't need to have any recharge credit left on it?

  • It was $5 before?! Waiting…

  • How much is postage from the online store? I went into officeworks today but they were sold out

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  • Does anyone have a spare sim that they activated on the telstra freedom plus prepaid then harvested the money off it already? I'm trying to get a hold of a simcard that is activated on the freedom plus prepaid network after accidentaly transfering over to prepaid plus before discovering that you then don't get any recharge credit after your topups