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All Cashback Rates Increased by 10% @ TopCashBack e.g. 7.7% off AliExpress


All cash back rates advertised on will be increased by 10% on Tuesday, August 24th. As example, a 20% cash back rate will become 22%.

Example: 7.7% Cahback on AliExpress

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Referrer will receive USD $10 credit after referee earns USD $10 cashback or more.

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  • +2 votes

    Wonder if Cashrewards can do any better..


    Have people had any issues with TopCashBack successfully auto-track AliExpress purchases?

  • +3 votes

    i started using about 5 weeks ago. it offers 10% cash back.

    I'm just waiting for my first orders (that were placed after I joined to come in so I can confirm delivery and payment is sent from alipay to the vendor.

    then gives the 10% back.


      Has alibomus successfully tracked an order for you yet?

      • +4 votes

        yes, successfully tracked .

        I've some how made 50 orders in the last 5 weeks :(


          withdrawal options seem very limited :
          "Withdraw the money accrued to the phone card, Yandex-Money, Qiwi or WebMoney"

          also the website launched in Russian i had to use google translate.


    Sweet I can claim a few more cents back from my purchases. Any ideas what to do with the money?

  • -1 vote

    A lot of the AliExpress cashbacks are not validated. Even topcashback doesn't guarantee Aliexpress tracking the cashback

    • +1 vote

      Still plenty of other cash backs you can increase by 10% though.

      • -2 votes

        I know but now I only stick with pricepal as all my cashbacks track and get paid , even when a promo code is not advertised on their website.


          Considering Pricepal doesnt give cashback on Aliexpress, even getting some tracked by other cashback companies are better than pricepal

        • +1 vote


          Exactly - it's free money, dunno why people complain…

          Some tips:

          • Make individual purchases - the shipping is (generally) free anyway.

          • Make enquiries if something doesn't track.

          I have about 20x tracked aliexpress transactions in my account right now. TCB works fine.

          Other deals:

          • earlier in the week going to at&t wireless would get you 25c guaranteed as part of the "student treats" promo. Not sure if it is still true now.

          • champ's sports 11% - same site as eastbay/footlocker.

          • visiondirect 15.4%

          • fiverr 110% could be worth a shot


      Including cash rewards?

    • +1 vote

      My recent Aliexpress purchases via Cashrewards did not go through at all!


        Same here, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
        I use the same procedure every single time, and clear my browser history and cookies etc. before I go through the process too…


          I had the same issue and i contacted their support was told that transactions could take upto 7 days. and they were right my transactions started to show after a few days wait,

          if you have already waited seven days i suggest you contact their support and they will track them for you.


          @Frankenbeanie: Yep, already waited long enough and contacted the CSR.


    I prefer Cashback as it always tracks with me. Might give Topcashback a go to save another few cents..


    I found track better with Aliexpress, they are doing 7.5% and all my Aliexpress transaction got track instantly.



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