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17.3" Gigabyte P57X-1070-603S GTX1070 Gaming Laptop $2899 Free Shipping @ Online Computer


17.3" Gigabyte P57X-1070-603S $2899 Free Shipping


Features :
Full HD 1920x1080 IPS Anti-glare
Core i7 6700HQ (2.6GHz~3.5GHz)
16GB RAM / 256GB M.2 SSD + 1TB HDD
DVD Writer
Wireless AC / Bluetooth 4.1
3x USB3.0 / 1x USB3.1 / HDMI
Windows 10
2 Years Warranty

15.6" Gigabyte P35X-1070-601S GTX 1070 Gaming laptop $2945 Free Shipping


Features :
Full HD 1920x1080 IPS Anti-Glare
Core i7 6700HQ (2.6GHz~3.5GHz)
16GB RAM / 256GB M.2 SSD + 2TB HDD
DVD Writer
Wireless AC / Bluetooth v4.1
HDMI / miniDP / USB3.0 x3 / USB3.1-C
Windows 10
2 Years Warranty

Any Gigabyte gaming laptop purchase in store will get a Deep cool laptop cooling pad.
Special until 28th of August 2016
while stock last.

Any enquires, pls contact:
[email protected] / 1800 1900 88

Pick up in-store:

T33-T38, Level 1 Capitol Square
730 George Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

FREE PARKING for 30-minutes in Capitol Square's car park
(entrance from Campbell St.)

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  • +4

    Same price @ MWave and MSY (among others)

    Is free shipping all you've got for us rep?

    • Hi Spackbace

      For online customers, we offer free shipping, and if you purchase in store, we will offer you a Deepcool laptop cooling pad. Thanks a lot.

  • +7

    Gaming Laptop $2899

    Seems expensive
    How much do you normally sell it for.

    • +2


      • +3

        Oh thanks…

        That explains why the mods didn't remove this as SPAM

  • +1

    Ooooh, a laptop with GTX 1070 mobile version….I wonder how that compares to a GTX 980M or the mobile version of the desktop GTX 980 that some manufacturers managed to squeeze in.

    Aw, no Blu-ray drive….you'd think by now they'd phase out DVD drives and replace them with Blu-ray ones.

    • +7

      There is no mobile GPU anymore from 10 series. That is a desktop 1070 chip in a laptop, probably with lower clock speed to prevent overheat but you can OC yourself

      • Oh really? So it's like the mobile version of the desktop GTX 980 that some manufacturers' managed to squeeze in then, thanks to it's reduced power consumption? Damn nice!

        • Yeap. From now on nvidia mobile chips are all desktop chips. No more mobile version.

      • +2

        The 1070 does have a slightly lower clock speed, but it has more CUDA cores, which mostly compensates. The laptop chips are all performing within about 10% of the desktop versions.

    • Aw, no Blu-ray driv

      Just saw that!

      This Asus ROG would be the better buy for only $60.20 more. Has blu-ray, illuminated keyboard, and I'd take an Asus laptop over the Gigabyte

      That said, at 4.36kg, buy a desktop lol

      • +1

        Yep, and it supports G-Sync too. Just a little too large for my liking though.

        Personally I'm holding out to see what the new Alienware models are like (will be annouced in a couple of weeks), or otherwise I might go for the MSI GT72VR.

    • +1

      It's faster than a desktop GTX980.

    • +1

      You'd think they'd get rid of the optical disc altogether.

  • +2

    DVD Writer

    Add a blu ray burner and slash 1K might consider this as a bargain.

    • +2

      If you slask 1K, this laptop is a (profanity) steal lol

  • -2

    1080p screen resolution. Yuck.

    • Actually at 15" 1080p is quite reasonable (roughly similar ppi, 145 vs 160, to 27" 4k).

      A 1070 CAN drive a game at 4k, but not reliably. Personally I would recommend a 1080p screen (possibly gsync if you were into that) as games are only going to get more demanding, and the 1070 won't keep up at 4k.

      • That's an easy fix, you get a 4k panel and do your regular work at 4k (btw this laptop is a 17 inch screen) and game at 1080p, solved.

        • Oh true. Sorry I was looking at the 15"! 4k is more reasonable for 17".

          I was implying that "yuck" is perhaps a slight exaggeration for 1080p.

          As this is a gaming laptop I was framing my reply to playing games. If you are happy with the extra cost of 4k, your suggestion is a perfect one - especially because you can play at 1440p, something the 1070 can manage quite well.

        • +1

          Most reports suggest that 1080p on a 4k panel still doesn't look as good as a native 1080p panel.

        • @CarbonTwelve: There's actually a reason for that, Nvidia knows about it and is planning to implement it, or at least I think they are from some forum post(I can't find/don't remember what the thread post is called so I can't link you to it, sorry!). AMD acknowledges it, but have no further comments about it.

          The reason is to do with the smoothing process when you try to display 1080p on 2160p display. I forgot what the term for it was, I was reading up on it a few weeks ago. This applies to all resolutions(so for example 1280x800 to a 1600p display would look blurry, but if this was implemented, it should look nice and sharp and not blurry, as the pixels fit perfectly, they just duplicate 1:4) that needs to be upscaled to LCD's native resolution(so it's not only 1080p that's affected). Nvidia said they would implement a no smoothing process and thus the scale would be 1:4 and 1080p on 2160p screen shouldn't look blurry anymore.

      • Wouldn't a 1440p screen be a good compromise?

  • One of the cheaper 1070 laptops available atm (although as above it's the same price practically everywhere).

    It does lack G-sync though. Personally when spending $3k on a laptop I'd rather spend a little more and get all the features you'd want for gaming.

  • +2

    Seems to be regular price no bargain here

    • +1

      Yes no GTX 1080 Ti SLI.

      • 1080 Ti SLi at this price, I would kill to get! hahahaha All the SLi models are like the $4k+ range…..

  • Same price everywhere, not a deal

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