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Soniq Father's Day Deals, TV's inc. 40" FHD LED (Refurbished) $259, 42" FHD LED (Refurbished) $279 + Postage, Poss Extra $5 off


Long time lurker, first time poster. Was having a gander at some tellies and came across an up to '80%' off Father's day sale on the Soniq website. Dunno what's 80% off but its probably not the best stuff.

24th Aug to 5th Sept. Includes Refurbished LED and Smart TV's, Hifis and docks + more. Some other TV's and stuff on the cheap so have a look and post accordingly.

Shipping to Melbourne came up as $40, I haven't checked the other states.

Not sure if this is a bargain but it seems ok - seems cheaper than what we pay back in sunny:( England. Let me know if there's any other good deals or anything i've missed out here.

Possible extra $5 if you subscribe and receive coupon email - EDIT: Looks like the code is WELCOME2016 and you have to be logged in

Oh yeah, they give an 18 month Warranty on the refurbs which is deec

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