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Melbourne <> Canberra - $59 Each Way (Limit of 1800 Bookings) (Was First 200 Bookings Free Flight) @ Tigerair


To commemorate Tigerair's reinstatement of the Melbourne - Canberra route, the first 2000 one-way tickets between Canberra and Melbourne will go on sale for $59 from 11am on Thursday and the first 200 bookings will receive their fare for free.

Canberra Times article detailing first 200 free
Flight times:

"The carrier will start flying daily between Canberra and Melbourne from December 8. Tigerair's Melbourne to Canberra flight will depart at 10.30am on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and arrive in Canberra at 11.35am. On Thursday, Friday and Sunday it will depart at 5.35pm and arrive at 6.40pm in Canberra. The new service from Canberra to Melbourne is scheduled to depart at 12.05pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday, arriving in Melbourne at 1.15pm. Flights on Thursday, Friday and Saturday will leave Canberra at 7.20pm and arrive at 8.20pm."

Tigerair Media Release

Tiger Website:

First 200 bookings on new Canberra route get a refund on the fare!*
*Refund does not apply to the booking and service fee or optional extras such as baggage, reserved seat selection, meals, travel insurance etc. Valid for bookings via website only. Further t&c's apply.

*The first 200 bookings made via tigerair.com.au on the new Tigerair Australia Canberra route from 11am aest Thursday 25th of August 2016 will receive a refund of the base fare component of the total booking value including tax. Refund does not apply to the booking and service fee or optional extras such as baggage, reserved seat selection, meals, travel insurance etc. Valid for bookings via tigerair.com.au only. Refunds will be transferred to the same method of payment. Winners will be contacted via email notifying of the refund transfer by Wednesday 31st of August 2016. Refund process will take up to 4 weeks for funds to be received.
All fares are subject to availability and may vary until booking is confirmed. Prices are based on a one way economy Light Fare. Light Fares are per person in AUD and include GST.

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  • +2

    A bit dodgy, its hard to know whether u are the first 200 or not

  • How is it dodgy?? You're getting an airfare for $59! That's barely enough to cover the fuel.. Take the "free" part as a potential bonus, but the deal is the cheap fares from Canbeera to Melb or vice versa..

    • fuel is cheaper now, didn't you see Qantas' earnings?

    • If there is a visible queue or ticket number displayed, people could have avoided emotional decision and frustration about "free ticket".

      They didn't say "$59 airfare for MEL to CAN." is doggy.

      $59 for MEL > CAN is an okay deal. I'll thank OP for the effort.

  • -3

    Flights to Canberra… Can't even give 'em away!

    • +5

      I'm happy for CBR to remain a secret!

      I must say life in a city without traffic is pretty sweet.

      • Freezing sweet,,,,

        • +2

          Canberra cold? LOL. Try living in Canada.

        • +1


          Oh yeah, I was in Toronto in -20C days, freezing cold does not describe it. I think in Feb 15 there was -30C or -40C winds (something like that), so scary.

          Cold, very cold, very very cold, they're all cold :)

      • I already live in a city with no peak hour traffic!

  • +1

    might start a price war with other airlines that fly into canberra..$125 with qantas $115 with virgin

    • Nah. They're all 'premium service' airlines (and Virgin own Tiger anyway), they really don't budge their prices to any 'budget' level.

  • Does anyone have any tips for getting these seats? Doesn't look like you can login to Tiger's website to try and get in quickly

    • I'd say refresh the page at 11am, but that's just me.

  • Anyone able to book yet?

    • not yet :\

  • Was able to to choose a flight but when I got to the payment stage it was the same prices as Qantas or Virgin so decided not to go ahead with it. Wasnt willing to make a booking in hope that I would get the refund.

    • what do you mean same prices? Did you untick all the value-adds like luggage?

      • We have a baby so we dont have that luxury :)

  • did anyone manage to get a free flight? how do yo know?

    • via email on the 31st of august i think

      • Yes you'll get an email on the 31st August if you're a winner.

  • Yep its bit dodgy, Dunno if I will qualify for the full refund as I do not know where I am in the queue of the first 200 customers to book this new route to Canberra. Yep will hold onto it. I am potentially booking 5 customers with a cost of about $711, so thats a bit of gamble if I dont get the $59 refund. Someone try and let the rest workout where they are in the queue

  • What can you do in Canberra ? Plus with all the booking fee from Tiger, not cheap at all

    • The War Memorial alone is worth the trip.

      Then there are the other museums/galleries. Not a bad little place to visit for a couple of days.

    • +1

      Fly in fri night and out sun night would do it.

  • Anyone received an email yet?

    • +1

      Email received!! I booked shortly after start via the app and my friend booked at 11:15 (or 15 past whatever the start time was) via website and we both got the refund email =)

      1 Sep 2016, 11:59
      From: [email protected]

      Hi there,
      On behalf of Tigerair Australia, we would like to thank you for choosing to fly Tigerair on our new Melbourne < > Canberra route commencing 8th of December 2016.
      We were so excited to launch the sale at 11am aest on Thursday the 25th of August 2016, so much so that we offered the first 200 bookers a refund of the base fare component of their booking.
      CONGRATULATIONS! Your booking was within the first 200 on the new route!
      Our team are currently fulfilling automatic refunds to the same form of payment you made your booking with.
      Please refer to your account statement as we expect funds to clear within the next 4 weeks.
      Note that per the terms and conditions that the refund is on the base fare component of the total booking value including tax.
      The refund does not apply to the booking and service fee or optional extras such as baggage, reserved seat selection, meals, travel insurance etc
      Thanks again for choosing to fly Tigerair and we look forward to welcoming you on board!

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