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BigW 10c prints~


Hi, first post and hope I didn`t make any mistake~
10c print is pretty cheap I think~

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BIG W Photos
BIG W Photos

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  • clive anthonys always have 10cent photo prints, so it's not really that cheap. buy yes clive anthonys don't have as many stores

  • Harvey Norman have limited 10c offer too.

  • Great thanks!

  • The only mistakes I can see are using ~ instead of . and ` instead of '.

  • Does anyone know what's the turnaround time if you upload the photos on the internet?

    I know if I take my memory card in to BigW, I can get it within an hour. But I read on their website that it says it will take 7 to 10 business days. That's ridiculous!

    • Online orders, like most other retailers, are dealt with by another company (and not printed in store). So they're uploaded to agfa or fuji (or whoever does them) and then they're mailed to your nearest store.

  • Too bad its online only and not in store like last time. I have plenty of pics to process but I cant be bother sending them all up or dropping their quality. I hope they do the in store one again sometime.

    • dropping quality? most minilabs print at around 320dpi, which is approx 2 megapixels for a 6x4. Any additional megapixels are redundant for 6x4 prints. More pixels ultimately allows you to have larger prints, but will not increase the quality.

      • I dont mean them droppingthe quality, I'm talking about the extra step of dropping the quality of the photos so they can be sent faster to them.