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BigW Xbox One Console $269 Online or Instore (Limited Stock)

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Missed out on the target deal yesterday, but BigW have returned fire with a similar clearance on Xbox one consoles. Picked up the last one at Tweed City so stock may be limited. Be quick!

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  • dont forget using gift cards to make it cheaper.

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    I reckon once the 500GB models are cleared out they'll do some deals on the 1TB models.

    I grabbed the 1TB from Target in July. Came with both Tomb Raider games and a $50 ebay voucher for $299. I used the voucher on something I had to purchase anyway so the console was effectively $249 (plus another $3 or $4 cashback from Cashrewards). Really can't complain with that!

    @269 is still a very good console for the money. Starts up quickly from standby and is a good media box, Netflix etc too.

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      1TB for $249.. what a ripper

    • Wow can't beat that price, steal!

  • Out of stock online. None in Top Ryde and Macquarie

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    Unfortunately for myself and a lot of people in Australia, these new consoles are hot garabge because our internet is pre-historic. No NBN, not even cable in our area. Not even decent ADSL. The slim uses less electricity, I'd be interested to see how much money you'd save on your energy bill in a year of playing games. The new and more powerful Xbox One is coming out next year too, Scorpio or whaever it's called.

    Still a great price for those looking to enter the new generation

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      I feel your pain… The modern gen consoles really are locked to those with decent internet connections. My XB1 gets a decent amount of use but downloading games on a flaky ADSL 1 connection is a nightmare. If I buy a game at a store, I typically won't get to play it until the following fortnight once it's finished installing and downloading the typical "day 1 patch" that's ~20gb in size.

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        Ps4 is the same unfortunately. Pop in a newly purchased game eager to try it out but wait it needs an update ~3 hours later when it finally updates I can't be bothered. Purchased a game off of psn took 2 weeks off and on to download lol.

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          Yeah both Sony and MS have decided that user convenience is not a priority in this generation sadly. Developers are partly to blame as well for releasing unfinished games. I shudder to think what other hoops I'm going to have to jump through just to play a game on my Xbox Two or PS5. Console gaming should be about instant fun, not pre-planned entertainment a week in advance of actually getting to play IMHO.

          Annoyances aside, I'm still loving my PS4 and Xbone this gen :D.

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          Exactly. I bought this console on a whim yesterday and still haven't been able to play any games! I'm already regretting my purchase less than 24 hours after making it. I don't buy physical copies of a game expecting to wait 3 days to play them. The worst part is that it slows down the internet for the entire house while updating - no online PC gaming/youtube or I have to wait even longer.

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          Now having checkout what will need to do just for playing games on xb1 or ps4, I have stopped thinking about buying, due to my internet limit is only 150gb per month, and I need to download other tv series during the month, I won't be able to live like this … I better go and search for xb360 or ps3 instead on GT …

        • @kaikor: I have 900gb a month and I go through half of that just maintaining the modest library of games that I have "updating" games that I'm not playing for both my Xbox One and PS4 just so that they are ready to go incase I want to play them. Console gaming is increasingly becoming an expensive enthusiast hobby inplace of instant fun/entertainment for the average user. It's sad. I'm not the biggest Nintendo fan but I hope that they shake things up with the NX. If I buy a product in the store, I don't feel that it's an unreasonable expectation to be able to use it when I get home.

        • So where are the days which we just pop the disc in with no internet connection and start enjoying console gaming immediately? Thank you very much Sony and Microsoft, you now forcing me to save $$$ and not going into console gaming …

        • @kaikor: There's not too many barriers to you upgrading your internet plan/quota…since you're apparently in Sydney there's shitloads of budget ISPs offering unlimited at very reasonable rates.

          There's still parts of Newcastle where we can't get off-net ADSL2+ for under $100/mth!!!

        • Just bought a fairly new PS3 superslim 500gb with box packing + 4 games on scumtree for only $130 today! start it up without even need to force u connect to internet, pop in the disc, and play games immediately! This is what i m after (i m not an online person, just campaign mode). With so many other cheap ps3 games on GT, it will make me busy till xmas !!!

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        Can't you disable the internet from your xbox to bypass it searching for patches and game updates?
        If it is offline how will it know it needs a mandatory game update?
        I'm stuck in the x360 era so excuse my ignorance but I don't think I will upgrade because I have 3g data only here which makes it impossible to download massive updates as it would blow out my data cap.

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          I have a mate that can't get internet access in his brand new home in SA and it has completely locked him out of the current gen consoles. The phat XB1 still requires an internet connection upon first boot and has to download a 600mb - 1gb OS update to be first used (I'm not sure if this is the case with the new S model… I hope it isn't). You can put the console in permanent offline mode after that, as you said, but most games in their non-GoTY version require gigantic patches to be playable. Games get pressed now ("go gold") in pre-release format on the expectation that the user will download the final version of the game on release. So if you are playing a game without the "DAY 1" patch, you're typically playing a buggy, poor-performing version of the game. This modern trend is really bad and was not the norm last generation.

          If you are going to jump onboard to the current gen, be aware of the incredible reliance on internet bandwidth, lack of incremental patches (so game patches are gigantic in size… This is lazy software engineering by MS and Sony). Just the demo alone for Forza Horizon 3 for Xbox 1 is 20gb in size.

          I've spent a lot of my gaming time (honestly, a majority) this gen playing backwards compatible Xbox 360 games on my Xbox One. I love this gen of games but looking at things objectively: I'd have been no worse-off leaving my Xbox 360 hooked up.

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          @BookerDeWitt: Seems like a sad state for gaming in the last few years. What's the point in having better graphics if you're going to pay such a high price for it? Last gen is still awesome, I haven't even gotten halfway through my catalogue yet, and it's all physical media :)

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          @wolfenator87: I absolutely agree; I'll be playing my PS3 and Xbox 360 games for years to come yet! Both platforms are really cheap to collect for at the moment too which is great. I bought Red Dead Redemption for $7 the other week (including postage) :D

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      And the Australian people voted in the moron who changed the NBN from getting "100Mbit to everyone" to "12Mbit is enough for anyone".

      Not that most ADSL providers manage even this below world average broadband speeds.

      We live with the consequences of this greedy moron being in power every day - because the reason he left Australia like this is Telstra, the business he works for a Communications Minister and PM.

      Australian voting population is apparently braindead.

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        I don't disagree with your assessment of our national network infrastructure…but for Talkbull getting back in I can't help but blame the two party preferred system; it's pretty hard for the average voter to make an informed choice with such a convoluted, double-dealing, underhanded system of sharing preferences between parties.

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          What a ridiculous 'solution'.

          If its crap stop using it or find something to use instead? Are you serious?
          Your satisfaction levels are waaaaaaaayyyyy off the norm mate.

          This Government barely got in by the skin of its teeth, and it's failure to capitalise on prime infrastructure projects like the NBN, or encouraging clean energy (instead of trying to close it down) is already being laughed at. In future generations they will wonder why the hell this mob was given another term. They'll go from laugh to cry.

          You could have fast cheap broadband, but are 'satisifed' with not having it because you rely on technology that is from the last century. Wake up to yourself mate. You're like the frog in the proverbial pot of hot water. You don't realise how crap the situation is for you because you honestly dont care. I'm so glad most people dont think like you do, otherwise we'd be another China or North Korea. Whittle away every service and right you have and be content with Big Brother looking out for the best of us all.

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          It just depends what you are satisfied with.

          Only FTTP satisfies me now that I have it. So disappointing the rest of the country could have had it too.

        • @ozbargainer88: I've had both FTTP and HFC, both very backhaul/contention ratio/provider impacted. Assuming speeds of 100Mbps or lower (and not oversold), not very much difference for the end user.

      • We got Murdoched. His rags tell the blokes and sheilas down the watering hole who to vote for and why and they do it.

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        if you want better internet move to another location to which has FTTP

        Is that you Malcolm? Didn't know you used Ozbargain.

        What a stupid thing to say…

        But as usual its the typical whinging that they didnt get spoonfed and got theirs before everyone else

        You do realise FTTP is no longer being rolled out, right?

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          FTTP is still being rolled out to new estates

        • @PiStep: I read that as FTP and got flashbacks of my days as an internet pirate in the 90s :D.

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        Moving house to get better internet is not feasible for a lot of people.

    • Sorry to hear that but can Xbox one be networked together using gigabit network hub for network gaming.?

      • LAN gaming? I don't know of a single game that supports it - not even Halo 5 or Halo Collection. It's all via Xbox Live.

    • There is unfortunately a lot of truth in this. I thought I'd fire up Halo 5 as it's an xbox exclusive I've been meaning to play and it's basically downloading 90GB worth of data as so much of the game has been updated that it doesn't even matter that I have the disc.

      Thankfully I'm on a 14mbps ADSL2 connection and XBox data is not counted through Internode. But that still means I won't be gaming until sometime tomorrow :(

      Regarding saving energy I doubt you'd save $10 a year with a slim over an xbox one even if you played it everyday. Scorpio is going to chew power, I imagine it will be at least double and up to four times the slim's power consumption purely on the math required to render that VR resolution.

      • It took me a month on my ADSL 1 connection before I was able to even start it after release. It now has a 5gb patch that it has detected (I left my XB1 online) so now I can't play it until that has downloaded. Ah well, I might get to play the copy of Halo 5 that I bought in August at some stage in October.

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    Managed to order one online for home delivery, so will see if it gets fulfilled! Happy to pay the $10 delivery rather than trying to find one in store.

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      Congrats! I hope you enjoy your new console. I was surprised at how much I enjoy mine. The backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 titles is awesome.

      • +1

        Yeah I've been playing Red Dead Redemption for the past few weeks since it was make BC.

        • Awesome stuff, RDR is such an amazing game. Locked v-sync and smoother frame rates ftw. I just wish that MS would increase the rate that they are making titles backwards compatible.

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          Oh man I forgot about that game, my favourite Rockstar title! Have to go track a copy down.

        • @beyondtool: Do it! It's amazing and runs brilliantly on the Xbone.

        • +1

          I did, thanks to ebay :)

        • @beyondtool: Legendary work! The XB1 is currently the best way to play it. I'm tempted to play back through it now once I'm done with Fallout 3 :)

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    Back in stock, hurry fellow OzBargainers!

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    Picked up a ton of preowned games from EBs on the way home they were doing a 3 for $30/ $45/$70 (depending on title) sale as well. They happily mixed and matched different priced titles at the discount rate. Got 4 games for $70, happy with that.

    I can also confirm this is the redesigned controller too, same as the limited edition Halo ones just in case anyone was wondering.

    • How can you tell if it's the redesigned controller? I picked up an Xbox One from Target yesterday and I'm curious to know if mine is also the redesigned model.

      • The first revision has an audio jack port for a headset / microphone added on the base (in addition to the normal port) and the bumpers were made to be clickable for the entire length of the button.

        The newer revision for the Xbox One S has some other changes too and that now has a textured grip on the back.

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    Im always surprised with the amount of games you get for free with a Gold Membership on Xbox.

    You will need to download a huge update at the start just to get online so be prepared for that, I got mine for Christmas and was done with the updates by New years due to Australias amazing internet……..

    Thanks Turdbull.

    • +1

      for free

      Huh, I didn't know they stopped charging for Gold Membership

      • +1

        They still do. What he was referring to his the free games each month if you have an Active LIVE subscription.

        • Yeah but those games are not free, money has been paid in exchange for them.

        • I think i payed about $90 for a 24month subscription.

          When buying outright like that it works out to be around $4 a month.

          So yes you are right, many games require a gold membership to play online anyway. (EG: Overwatch)

          Still amazing value. (even if you compare it to the Humble Bundles)

        • +2


          I hate when people say this, you're not buying the games, you're getting them free with a subscription service for Xbox Live which we had to pay for in the first place. Microsoft added these free games to the service after they started charging people to play online. I could understand what you're saying if they did this from the get go but they added free games.

        • @Jetship:
          In 2005 you pay for the xbox live service to play your xbox 360 games online.
          In 2016 you pay for the xbox live service to play your xbox One games online.

          What's the difference?

          2016 = FREE GAMES

        • @Jetship:
          Pretty irrelevant
          Xbox Live is reasonably priced
          $80 for 2 years is good enough for me and anyone serious about gaming uses Live
          PSN is a total crap bag for the overpriced rort price sony charges

  • Nearly got Harvey Norman to price match the console.. The chat operator said it didn't include a Controller, at all!

    It's like me buying a Brand New car and not including wheels with it, this dude shall I say is out of his mind!

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      don't all xbox packs comes with at least one controller anyways?

    • I don't think you can buy one without a controller? The 500Gb pack definitely has one…

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      you cant buy one without a controller.

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    Just picked this up at big w. The guy serving me wasnt sure if it included a game so he gave me Halo 5 as he was too busy to investigate.

    I'm pretty sure it wasn't supposed to include a game…..

    • +1

      There definitely was no game, you scored son!

  • Put one on layby for my birthday at the local Target, same price.

    Any tips on cheapest place to get a second controller?

  • Big W just had to refund my money due to no stock! Why keep taking orders then??? Poor form.

    • That sucks.

  • Yeah just happened to me as well went to check emails to see if it's been dispatched and found a cancellation notice. I went out and bought a few games as well :(. Not happy

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