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Tronsmart QC 2.0 5 Port Charger $16.99 US, Tronsmart QC 2.0 3 Port Car Charger $7.59 US, MicroUSB 5 Pack $5.49 US @ Geekbuying


Tonight I have negotiated prices on two Quick Charge 2.0 chargers and a 5 pack of Micro USBs in various lengths. This is the cheapest the 5 Port Charger has ever been.

Update: Cables now available in White for $5.49 US with the coupon Cables-White

AU$ conversion is approximated as of today's rate. Free shipping is included with express options including TNT available.

While most chargers claim to be 40W - this Tronsmart charger is 54W and can provide greater amps across all USB ports simultaneously to provide faster charging. One port features Quick Charge 2.0 while the others have VoltIQ. The car charger is 42W and has QC 2.0 in one port and VoltIQ in the other two USB ports. Both chargers have been properly certified by Qualcomm and UL with certificates on their product page.

What is Quick Charge 2.0 and VoltIQ?

Tests have shown that a 3500mAh battery can be charged from 0% to 60% in only 30 minutes for any compatible device using Qualcomm's Quick Charge 2.0 technology.

The charger also utilises a technology called VoltIQ that is able to detect the charging protocol used in the device to provide the fastest possible charge (up to 2.4a) without the risk overheating, overcharging and short circuiting etc. This is useful for any device that does not support Quick Charge 2.0. More info on VoltIQ can be found here

List of tested QC 2.0 compatible phones can be found here

  • Other devices not listed (iPhone, iPad, Nexus etc.) will benefit from the VoltIQ technology.

Don't forget to get an extra 3.20% back at Cashrewards and checkout Tronsmart's competition for a chance to win an iPhone 7 and other accessories.

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  • +1

    Any chance on a deal for the Tronsmart Presto? http://www.geekbuying.com/item/Tronsmart-Quick-Charge-3-0-Ty...

    • Currently it's not possible to ship power banks in small quantities to Australia. GB are trying to find a way though ;)

      • Any reason why? Because of battery? I have just bought a laptop battery from Hong Kong, they said they have to use NL post.

        • +1

          Yeah because of it being a power bank. NLPost have been rejected them recently.

        • @Clear:

          Really? My battery is on the way from NL post.

        • @superforever: Could be a restriction for China and not HK. I'll look into it.

      • +1

        OK I know what you mean. So how many do I have to order…

        • Large wholesale orders like 100pcs. Aussie customs are rejecting small orders.

  • +1

    Tronsmart Wolfblitz Anker and Aukey are pretty much the same on the inside for their chargers. FYI.

    • nah, bought the Blitzwoft QC3.0 5 port car charger on Banggood the other day and no port does QC3.0, complained to them and got another one, still the same.

      • I bought a Bllitzwolf 5 Port Quick Charger and a Blitz 4 Port Car Quick Charger a while ago and only the car charger actually made my phone say that it was quick charging. The 5 Port charger definitely charges alot quicker than my other regular chargers, but it doesn't make my phone say quick charging.

        • My blitzwolf not all ports are quick charge on mine so check which one it's plugged into ….also qc 2 not 3.

        • +1

          mine doesn't say fast charge and showing charging time is whooping 3hrs something, even longer than normal 2.1A charger. I'm waiting to the usb meter to arrive to test true voltage and current before making official complain

  • Any love (discount codes) for the Tronsmart Quick Charge 2.0 Type C USB 3.1 Car Charger VoltIQ Tech?

    I see an Amazon seller is now calling this Benson approved. I can't find reference to the test, but he has approved other Tronsmart stuff, so wlling to take a gamble.

  • I only the other day went back through and bought from your last deal as the code was still working from that deal…….
    18.79 USD.

    • Ordered from previous deal 30/09, arrived 19/09
      Pretty happy with that…..even considering it can take over a week from regional WA to another state city.

  • thanks, ordered 1 with regular shipping

  • +1

    Anyone had any experience with the usb cables? Or can suggest what ones to buy if not these?

    • Using the tronsmart ones at the moment. They're alright but I haven't had them for long. A friend said the pins break easily if you're too aggressive with them (hasn't happened to me yet). Oh and also I tried to transfer pictures from my phone to my PC and the PC didn't like the tronsmart chord :/. My favourite so far is the Blitzwolf braided reversible one.

      • +1

        The Blitzwolf one is fuqking incredible. Braided, double side reversible, foldable and great charge and transfer speeds.

        • Got a link? I'll take 10!

        • +5



          A bit expensive, I got them for about 4.50 each. Incredible cables though, cat proof too. Best part is literally folding them up in my pocket and taking it out, unfolding them with no tangles at all.

          Let's put it this way, these cables are so good I'd consider paying 15 - 20 bucks for them, if I really needed a cable.

      • +2

        Yep, I've had the pins break on all but one of my Tronsmart USB cables. Switched to the Blitzwolf cables smileymiwo posted and they're miles better.

    • All 5 of mine are dead

    • +1

      The Tronsmart micro USB retainer pins fail after frequent use. See previous deals.

      I have also heard Blitzwolf have similar issue to a lesser degree. Anker seem to be the best, but the USB A end sits a tad loose in this 5 port charger (ok in titan 5xQC).

      So these cables good for occasional use.

  • what is the different between this cable and those cheap ebay one?

    • probably the construction and wire quality, which can really make a difference to your data transfer/charging.

      i got a whole heap of crap Kogan ones and they won't charge my powerbank. Original xiaomi/samsung/logitech cable all have no problems.

      • cheers.

  • +1

    Off topic, but can anyone recommend a solid USB hub? I'd love something like this 5 port charger, but with actual hub capability (even if powered it would be ok). I have oodles of USB 3.0 ports, on the back of my desktop, on the back of my monitor, etc, but they are terrible to reach. I just want a nice bank of them on my desk.

    Most hubs these days seem to cater to the laptop market, with tiny cables, flimsy or are super cheap with janky buttons (who needs to switch of connections, just pull them out) and gross led lights.

    • Why not just buy a USB 3.0 front panel for your computer.

      Hubs are a massive PITA. You have to have the data cable and the power lead, and it's thick and unwieldy… and ugly.

      So much easier just having USB ports in your computer.

    • Here's a nice single desktop USB 3.0 extension puck style…


  • -2

    Giving the cables a shot, there have been quality issues in the past but hopefully they fixed them and this in new stock.

    The price is really good, it's too bad Blitzwolf or even Xiaomi don't sell multi packs of cables.

    Edit: Good on Geekbuying for the decent exchange rate, it came to $7.52 for me, no doubt miles ahead of Paypal rates.

  • Cable info:

    Tronsmart USB 2.0 Male to Micro USB Cable
    The Tronsmart Micro USB 2.0 cable support High Speed Charge and fast 480Mbps data transfer,
    sync Micro USB Cable for Android, compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 Chargers.
    Enjoy charge time up to 75% faster than the most standard.

    The combination of corrosion-resistant connectors, and use 28AWG/2C 20AWG/2C bare copper conductors,
    shielding provides superior cable performance,error-free data transmission,and fast charging speed.

  • +2

    hi rep can we have the code for the white cables too as I want to distinguish between the old set of cables and new ones

    • +4

      For those that upvoted ^

      I told lachlan1 in a PM that I'll organise a code from GB tomorrow.

      • thanks for that

      • Looking forward to this, thanks Clear!

    • +2

      As requested. Apply the coupon Cables-White to get the white cables for $5.49 US

  • Hi, any 4 port car chargers?

  • Hi, any chance for a coupon on the Tron Titan 90W Charger?


    • +1

      I'll see what I can come up with.

  • Hi @Clear, any possible deal for this one? I certainly missed the other recent one. It's for my Nexus 5X.


    • I'll ask GB and see what we can come up with.

      • Thanks. Was browsing on Aliexpress but quite concerned with non-paypal payment system.

        • +1

          No luck sorry. Geekbuying have very low stock on the Titan at the moment.

        • @Clear: No drama, many thanks anyway.

  • do you have deal for car charger and microUSB pack?

  • +1

    I grabbed one of these last time they were posted here.
    Really happy with the charge times out of this little guy.
    Perfect for travel as you only need one charger for various tablets phones and what ever else.

  • +1

    Any deals for QC3?

    • This. I think after the Moto G4 deals that have happened and the fact that it supports QC3.0 but only comes with a crappy charger means there would be plenty of demand.

  • Cheers op, been waiting for this. Getting a new larger battery for the G4 so I'll definitely need QC2.0.

    • What battery are you getting ?

  • +1

    Thanks, I bought 2 car chargers - will be gutting them to create front panel charger for computers

    • +1

      not a bad idea

      • The car chargers can draw up to 5A from your 12V rail. 18W (QC2.0) + 12W (5V/2.4A VoltIQ) + 12W (5V/2.4A VoltIQ). So 42W output, from a 60W input. 70% efficiency…

        • I am sure that a computer power supply that can pump 40A (typical 500W PSU) or even more on a 12V rails will be able to cope with such an insignificant load as this charger.

          Also remember that the chances of all 3 USB charging ports being in use at any time is pretty low.

        • @llama:

          Yes, but I would use 18 or 20 AWG wire from your Molex connector, to be safe.

          22 AWG would be needed at a minimum

        • @futaris:

          PSU cables are almost always 18 AWG, might as well just use the same.

          The cables are always custom made in my cases. I don't use Molex (yuk) - only need 2 wires coming down, not 4. Probably use a PCB mounted 2-pole MiniFit Jr (like what the PCI-e, EPS and 24-Pin use).

          It's incredibly difficult to get a decent charging solution on a computer panel. I have a Thermaltake 3.5" Card Reader that has a decent 2A charge port in it, but generally anything QC is just too hard for the dead slow computer engineering.

    • Was thinking of getting the car charger but still not as good as last deal.

  • Newbie question. Would this be a decent quality device based on the internals. Heard of some reviews of no name 5ports with flimsy circuitry inside, which is not something I'd want to trust connected to all my devices and tablets. Went to office works to try find some but they look similar to the generic hubs you find on Amazon.,

    • +2

      Tronsmart aren't a no name brand and have been the sponsor of many HTC and Qualcomm events.

      This product has passed UL certification and is listed as an approved device from Qualcomm on page 14 of this document. Some chargers like BlitzWolf have not been approved by Qualcomm and have the risk of not being as safe.

  • The 90w is the one which would be best.

  • Thank you! Just bought one 5port charger and two sets of cable packs. A little annoying that I couldn't do both cable packs in the same order without a discount so had to separate my orders. Oh well! Thanks OP :)

  • Any deals on the braided reversible usb cables ?

  • +3

    Any deal on the Tronsmart Titan


    I hear that this ones the best?

    • OP?

      • Nothing yet.

  • damn

    would love one but it won't make it in time for my japan holiday
    and can't really justify express postage

  • where can i find the link for the bundle? thx

  • can someone tell me how much faster i can get for charging samsung galaxy S6 (qc2 compatible), if i use this one compare with blitzwolf 40W smartcharger https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/264523?

    • +1

      The BlitzWolf doesn't have Quick Charge 2.0 so it will only charge up to 5V/2.4a while most normal chargers are up to 5V/2.1a.

      • so normal chargers up to 5V/2.1a,
        blitzwolf up to 5V/2.4a
        and this qc2 up to 12V/1.5A (but just one port)?

        i understand that blitz isnt qc2 but just want to know how much faster this qc2 will charge my s6.
        if significant then i will buy this tronsmart

        • +2

          QC2 uses 5V/2A, 9V/2A and 12V/1.5A.

          From the reviews I've seen it charges to 50% in ~30 minutes and 100% in ~70 minutes.

        • +3

          No need to skirt the question, it's only straight mathematics. Easier to do it in WATTS…

          Most Samsungs pull 1.8A off a standard USB charger, they limit charge current based on voltage that they see at the input to the phone. With a high voltage charger (say 5.3V) and a good cable you might (and that is MIGHT) get it to click into 2.0 Amp.

          Let's run with 1.8A and 5.0V at the phone end of the cable… 5.0V x 1.8A = 9 Watts

          If your Samsung will use QC 2.0, it has 3 choices:
          5V 2A = 10 Watts
          9V 2A = 18 Watts
          12V 1.5A = 18 Watts

          So, from USB charger it will draw 9 Watts and from the QC 2.0 will draw 18 Watts.

          Without losses, that is twice the power, which means twice the speed. There will be a small variance in real life, but you get the idea. Learn the maths, and you can work it out for yourself next time.

        • @llama: thank you. i'm fans of llama (android automation apps)

  • How would the 5 port charger go running 3-4 Raspberry Pi's?

    • Others in previous deals have said that they've had no problems running multiple Pis off it.

  • Wanted a cable… Ended up buying the cable pack and charger :( :)

  • Was very interested in grabbing the Car Charger but then

    AirMail ( 30-40 Business Days)

    There's got to be a better way!

    • Well it is free. 3-4 weeks is normal and under 2 occasionally.

      • I think you need a warehouse or something in Oz!

        The other options weren't really attractive either, when looking at worst case scenario for the Reg'd option, which is a reasonable cost, but then the faster options are often double the cost of the item.

        Shipping Methods Shipping Cost Tracking
        AirMail ( 30-40 Business Days) AUD 0.00 NO
        Reg'd (15-30 Business Days) AUD 2.72 YES
        TNT (3-5 Business Days) AUD 17.03 YES
        DHL (3-5 Business Days) AUD 20.75 YES
        EMS (7-15 Business Days) AUD 22.20 YES

      • Here's a more useful reply; I'd be happy to pay say ~$5 for shipping if I could get it in around 2 weeks.

        But I guess that isn't a service that can be offered?

        • Yeah not possible unfortunately.

  • is there Code for bundle - 5pack cables and 3 port charger?

  • @Clear
    I am unable to use the coupon "Tronsmart2" with EU plug, could you please advise which code I should use? Need one to take overseas.

    • It's been set for the AU plug. If you need an EU plug I might be able to get the coupon changed.

      • yes please, a coupon for EU plug would be great or getting the same one changed.

  • Just bought one :)

  • Can anyone tell me if the local version of the S7 Edge is capable of using QC3.0?

    • QC2.0 yes, QC3 no. However, a QC3 capable charger will be backwards compatible with a QC2 device.

  • Havent received mine yet? How long does it take?

    • Same here, taking ages…..

      • Just got it today, goodie :)

        yet to find out if fast charge is working

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