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LG Google Nexus 5X (Unlocked) 16GB $285.30, 32GB $329.40 | Huawei Nexus 6P 32GB $508, 64GB $556 Shipped (HK) @ DWI Digital eBay


Some great prices on the Nexus 5X with the eBay code, even cheaper than the previous deal LG Google Nexus 5X (Unlocked) 16GB $301, 32GB $339.34 Shipped. Great prices on Nexus 6P also. All items shipped free from Hong Kong, allow about 7-10 days for delivery.

Includes 1 year local warranty - details here. In addition to your warranty DWI provides a 14 days Money Back Guarantee.

All items/colours back in store 13/9 8:10PM

LG Google Nexus 5X 16GB Blue $288
LG Google Nexus 5X 16GB White $285.30
LG Google Nexus 5X 16GB Black $288

LG Google Nexus 5X 32GB Blue $329.4
LG Google Nexus 5X 32GB White $333
LG Google Nexus 5X 32GB Black $329.4

Huawei Google Nexus 6P 32GB Black $507.60
Huawei Google Nexus 6P 32GB White $511.20

Huawei Google Nexus 6P 64GB Silver $555.30 Price now $577.80
Huawei Google Nexus 6P 64GB White $572.40
Huawei Google Nexus 6P 64GB Gold $576.00 Price now $586.80
Huawei Google Nexus 6P 64GB Black $591.30 Price now $598.50

Previous Nexus 6P deals. Cheaper than previous grey import deals by a fair chunk.

81 items items available of the 4 varieties all up, probably won't last long. More stock added 8:10PM

Original 10% off Selected Categories on eBay deal

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  • +4

    eGlobal Digital - wish it was a different seller! have been scorned in the past :(

    • +1

      what's wrong with the vendor?

      can warranty issues on the nexus lines be handled through google australia directly?

      • I would like to know s well.

        Are these phones warranted in Australia ? Are they the same model you would buy from the Google store locally?

        What is the catch?

        • they're grey imports (from HK I believe?), won't be able to claim warranty with local Google store

        • +3


          You can only claim from google store when you buy from them.

        • +2

          Very ordinary service (and also was unlucky in getting a dysfunctional phone) but that's the manufacturers fault not the seller.

        • no local warranty. they only offer when you claim you send ur phone back to HongKong to fix.

  • +1

    is DWI any better with warranty/repairs? Looks like they have a local service centre in Sydney.

    Btw, title says eGlobal but links to DWI ebay store

    • Thanks fixed, eGlobal was the last deal.

    • +5

      Had a Nexus 5X die after 6 hours from this seller last month. To their credit they arranged a courier to pick it up and ship to Hong Kong. Approved a refund last week… Still waiting to see it turn up in my bank account though

      • +6

        Paypal is must when buying from these sellers, otherwise it's very hard to deal with them. I had same experience, takes ages to resolved, poor internal delivery handover. No phone number to call, have to wait for 24hrs to get response via ticket, no one to escalate.

    • DWI does not have a service centre in Sydney. For repairs, you have to post a video showing problem, then get approval to send it to Sydney, at your expense. They then send it to Hong Kong, where some backyard repairer uses dodgy 2nd hand components to fix it. That was my experience. My phone worked with a 2nd hand motherboard (with a fake IMEI), except reception was lousy. Sent it back twice - still not fixed. Useless.

  • +2

    How is the battery life with android N?

    • +4

      Honestly very disappointed with 6p battery life. It's only been a couple of weeks or so since nougat but I reckon battery is worse than ever.

      I barely get through a whole day anymore.

      • :(

      • +2

        That's a beta though, right? 'cause my 6P is still on Marshmallow.

        • it has been out for a week, not all people have received the OTA yet

        • @aldoduco: Comment I replied to said couple of weeks, so their battery performance is likely based on the beta.

        • +1

          @aldoduco: Just apply OTA update via side load. can be done from an unlocked unrooted phone.

      • What's your screen on time? I'm consistently getting 3+ hours which I think is decent. Check your apps though. Facebook and Messenger are absolutely ghastly. Have heard removing these makes a world of difference.

      • That's disconcerting.

        Maybe I'll stick to my Nexus 5.

        With the new battery I got in Jakarta and BlissPop 6.4 (CM 13) I get about 3-4 hrs SoT.

    • +1

      Mostly the same with Nexus 5X; might actually be tiny bit better.

    • +2

      I think N has been a complete clusterf****.

      I'm still waiting for Google to release it for my original Nexus 6 (not OTA, the actual factory images). Three weeks now!

      This better not be the level of service going forward for us Nexus owners, now that they're dumping the brand.

      • Din't they release factory image for Nexus 6 last week?

        • Nope. They released the 6P. We're still waiting.

        • @PainToad: OH YES….For Shamu, its still "coming soon"…

    • +1

      not sure about everyone else but my 5X lasts a whole day easily with email/wifi/ + Google Directions for 40minutes and i still have 40% battery life left by 12am. Google directions kill it the most being from 70% to about 50% for that 40 minute usage.
      Phone is about 7 months old.
      I'm still on Marshmellow though. I'll see how Nougat goes.

    • +1

      I've been receiving 4hrs+ SoT average. Usually up to 5hrs once the end of the day hits. I'm on stock and only turned off ambient display. I don't know why everyone else has been getting these battery problems.

    • +1

      Im currently on N and got the latest NRD90S, sideloaded it manually. I feel that I get more battery life on N than M.

  • +3

    ahhhh! do i hold out for the new google phones?

    • +1

      i dont think they will be ~$350 not ~$550

  • +1

    Is anyone grabbing a 6P instead of waiting for the next nexus?? Super tempted with these prices.

    • +5

      They are killing off the Nexus branding, it will be called 'Pixel' instead.

      Most likely just 'Pixel / Pixel XL' for a small and larger device.

      • +1

        Seems like the last cab off the rank for the phones to get excited about in 2016.. Ive put off many a purchase because of the new Google phones

        • +1

          I do sort of worry though, with the leaks showing a metal unibody design, a rebranding to Pixel and custom Google Pixel launcher, implies that the next phone might be aimed at taking on flagship Apple or Samsung phones at a flagship Price (a la Nexus 6).

          Waiting is always safe though, I am interested to see what HTC does here.

        • +1


          Google has had enough of the budget phone market. The pixel series will not be cheap phones.

          Gossip is that it will be Google's most expensive phones to date


          I'm not surprised since the Chromebook Pixel is a super expensive, high end chromebook as opposed to a very cheap one. The Pixel phones will also be the first phone to feature the Snapdragon 821, which will make it the fastest Android phone in the market for a while.

        • +1

          @scrimshaw: And as usual… almost no marketing from Google. The amount of people that have never heard of Nexus is too damn high.

        • +1


          That and I would expect Google to support Daydream on the new Pixel phones. Daydream really does require the best of the best hardware specs.

          Shame, I was hoping for a 5" Google phone with cutting edge hardware with competitive mid range pricing that the Nexus 5 had on release.

          I hope it doesn't sell so I can pick it up for $328 this time next year :)

  • +4

    Good price. FYI to potential buyer that the new 'Nexus' phones Pixel X and Pixel XL at due for release on 4th Oct. This may explain the price drop and might mean a cut across other stores soon to come.

  • +2

    ok now these are getting into the zone of ridiculously cheap

  • +3

    Still waiting for the Pixel phones, but have a feeling im going to look like a fool when they're announced at super high prices.

  • This website has the Samsung galaxy s6 Gold for A$519.00 .

    I have found this to be the cheapest. Anyone else have a better deal ?

    • +2

      There are lots cheaper on eBay from $441 posted with the C10AUS code but from lesser known sellers (or $413.10 for 'as new')

      $495.80 at T-Dimension eBay which is a better known store similar to DWI but only black/white. $512.10 from oz digital online posted from Aus might be an option too (1 year warranty, return to Sydney).

    • If you do buy it from DWI, use code ANNIVERSARY16 for another $15 off = $504, but they charge 1.8% PayPal fee so it'll be something like $513 shipped.

      • i found two mobiles for galaxy S6

        http://www.dwidigitalcameras.com.au/astore/Samsung-Galaxy-S6… 519


        I can see the difference being the dual sim. But the dual sim is cheaper than the other.
        Apart from this is there any difference ? The technical specification seems to be the same (processor , RAM etc).

        Could anyone please help me.

        • +1

          I had a look on http://willmyphonework.net/ and it says G920I is the Australian model, G9200 is Hong kong model and G920F is the global model.

          You listed the G9200 for $519 and the G920F for $529.

          The $519 G9200 has band 28 so appears to be the best one, it has all Telstra/Optus bands that the Australian G920I model has. All it is missing is 1 of the 2 Vodafone 4G bands Band5-850MHz

          So from my limited experience - You'll have full 2G/3G/4G on Telstra/Optus with the $519 G9200 option, however if you're with Vodafone although you'll have full 2G/3G bands/access you'll only be able to access 1/2 4G bands so experience may be diminished - thus I wouldn't get it if you planned on using Voda anytime.

          Maybe someone more knowledgeable can confirm this and also the importance of Voda 850mhz band which I assume is fairly important.

          The G920F misses band 28 so is good for Voda but not Optus/Telstra as will have limited 4G access.

        • +1

          This is from the OzDigital listing for what looks like the same G9200 model, basically recommends use for everything but Vodafone 4G:

          Recommended Networks Optus/Vodafone/Telstra 2G, Telstra/Voda NextG 3G 850, Optus/Vodafone 3G 900, 3G 1900, Optus/Vodafone 3G 2100, Telstra/Optus/Virgin/iiNet 4G,

        • @hamza23: Thanx heaps man.

          Kudos to your information. I am planning to gift this to my father in law who will be using this while travelling overseas. I will go with the dual sim which might suit him to use an overseas sim.

          Thanks a lot !

  • +4

    Avoid! I bought a 5x from them on May, bricked on July on normal use, RMA takes 1 month - got it back in mid August, 2 weeks later - bricked again! I'm still waiting for my RMA! Horrible support experience!

  • 5X is a bargain.

  • +1

    any suggestion on buying nexus5x or motorola g4plus? really confused which one is better in terms of camera,battery and processor?

    • +1

      I only ever get stock android phones (Nexus 5x/6p) just so i can get the updates quicker than everyone else.

      • Moto g is stock.

    • +1

      Assuming the samples in the internet is correct, 5X camera > G4 plus.

      Only thing that G4 plus has > 5X is gestures and battery.

  • Sidetracked question:
    Any suggestions for a 6" phone? Any thoughts from owners of LG G pro 2 vs LV V10?

    • Huawei Mate 8 is 6"
      LG V10 is 5.7" - heard that they bootloop like the G4 does so you might want to pass.

      • huawei mate 8 is a lovely phone. but it's almost a year old and still $700+. Like wtf?

        • +1

          QD eBay are selling it for just under $500 using C10AUS, I'm actually very tempted.

        • @alz:
          oh. damn, I'm in the middle of fighting to get my bootlooped G4 back from QD. Don't want to throw money at them…..but….damn, good price.

        • @salem: oh wait I'm remembering my issues with the mate 8 now :) Can't find a 4gb ram version in grey. I don't want a pink, brown or gold phone :(

        • @salem: I know what you mean, I had the same issue with my G4, they returned it to me after a two month wait. I'm staying away from the G5 & V10. Maybe the V20 will be a good option, will see…

    • +3

      Avoid LG, stay as far as you can

    • +1

      Samsung A9 Pro. Only available in some Asian markets.

  • How is the camera of Nexus 5x compare against Xiaomi Redmi Note or other Xiaomi phones?

    • +2

      The camera optics are much better on the LG Nexus 5x. For one the camera sensor is 1/2.3-inch which is bigger than the average, so low light performance is pretty good.

      Xiaomi Note cameras are just below average and they cut corners to lower cost.


      • Thanks, I guess it solved my dilema. Camera is an important factor for me.
        So, it is Nexus 5x then.

        • check the whirlpool thread, there are some lags when taking multiple pictures (probably HDR?)

        • @aldoduco: Thank you, I will

  • Does this have all the Australian bands?

    • Yep, even band 28

  • Thanks sir! Just bought a Nexus 6P in black for a friend.

    • +6

      Wish I had friends that bought me 6P's!

      • -1

        he bought his friend a phone bcos his friend bought him a supercar, are you gonna buy a new car for him ?


    • +5

      Can I be your friend?

  • i found two mobiles for galaxy S6

    http://www.dwidigitalcameras.com.au/astore/Samsung-Galaxy-S6… 519


    I can see the difference being the dual sim. But the dual sim is cheaper than the other.
    Apart from this is there any difference ? The technical specification seems to be the same (processor , RAM etc).

    Could anyone please help me.

  • Price has jumped to $363 now.

    • +2

      Price is the same. Need to apply code C10AUS for 10% off = $326.70 (for 32GB).

      • oops, sorry

  • Have been using the 5X for about a month now. Flashed Nougat as soon as it was up and it hasn't skipped a beat. These days only the Nexus line can guarantee to get updated in its reasonable lifespan (2-3 years). Good luck getting Nougat on the S7/G5/10 within 6 months, if at all.

    • Seconded. Upgraded from N5 to N5X couple of months ago and am impressed with the improved battery life, picture quality and the finger print sensor is just the icing on the cake. Must admit I wasn't fully tempted to upgrade for a while since the N5 has been faultless throughout the whole time, until I realized I could sell the 2.5-year-old N5 for $220

      • Where did you sell it? Ebay? Was yours in mint condition?

        • +1

          Yeah it was in mint condition and sold on gumtree

  • +1

    Just noticed that the store has relisted the out-of-stock products and has more stock in !

  • Thanks for the post op. I bought a blue 5x. Hopefully shipping won't take long

  • Bought one in black for the old girl who's upgrading from a HTC One X. Should be a decent upgrade, for about 60% of the cost of the HTC One X at the time.

  • Would one say the 5X is a bargain? I was either looking at this or an Oppo F1s. I know Ill get immediate updates with the nexus etc.

    I broke my redmi note 3 that I was using as a stop gap phone while QD is repairing my Note 5 which is going to take a few weeks. Its killing me using this Galaxy J1 mini I got here. B

    • The 5X is a bargain. It's a great phone save for battery. People have said about slowdown after a while of usage, but I'm not sure that's still the case after Marshmellow.

  • Android enjoyed offering nexus 6pnwhite almost at the same. Should i buy from them? They are also offering extra warranty for really cheaper price. Will it be a good idea to pay for extra warranty?


  • Damn. Price of 5x 32gb white went up to $333 ($370 before coupon code).

    • Hmm looks most have gone up a few dollars, I'll fix up the post thanks.

      Edit: 64GB price increased quite a bit. Will cross those out

      • Is it still worth getting these? Or better off waiting for a cheaper deal given Pixel will be released soon?

  • +3

    Mine arrived today !
    13 Tuesday Sept - Order placed and paid for at 9pm
    14 Wednesday Sept - Ebay email that item is sent plus shipping info (Toll)
    15 Thursday Sept - Processed and on the plane from HK to AU at 10:30am
    16 Friday Sept - Arrived and processed at Toll's Port-Melbourne facility at 8am
    16 Friday Sept - Out of the depot at 9am, loaded onto the truck at 11am
    16 Friday Sept - Delivered at 3pm
    Just ran out to optus to get a sim replacement for 2 bucks (Nexus 6P uses nano sim)

    Thanks for the deal :)

    • Lucky for you. I order mine on 13th @ 9:18pm and hasn't even been sent. I ordered one of the phones after more stock was added so maybe they didnt actually have that stock on hand. Earliest expected shipping date was 21st so not worried yet.

  • +2

    Thanks OP. Ordered 5X 32Gb and have saved some $$.

    Late Saturday 17th Sept ordered, will update when arrives.

    • Has yours shipped?
      I ordered a white 5X 32Gb Friday night the 16th.
      Haven't heard from them, asked if it was shipped on the 20th, they replied on the 21st that they are checking with the warehouse.
      No other word from them yet

      • I think they might be waiting for stock. I ordered on a 6P on 13th and still hadn't shipped on 20th. I bought it after more stock was added approx 8pm. I emailed and they said usual handling time was 2-3 days but they didn't answer my question about whether they actually had them in stock or waiting for it from supplier. I ended up cancelling the order.

      • Delivered in Sydney on Thursday 22nd in the morning.

  • Thanks a lot. Ordered 6P 64gb (frost white paid 572.40 aud) last night waiting for the delivery now.

  • hi i just got my 6p and it looks dope but in the box i got a wrong cable.

    i suppose to get one USB C cable to USB A instead i got Micro-USB B to USB A connector!
    What is suppose to mean! manufacture put wrong cable in the box!?

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