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All Five Battlefield 4 Expansion Packs Are Now Free on ALL Platforms


From September 14 until September 19, every expansion pack for Battlefield 4 is now available for free.

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  • Cheer mate

  • Game still popular, just in case anyone was wondering about Australian servers.

  • And yet people paid good money (Battlefield 4 Premium upgrade) to get all these expansion packs yet later on they give them away for free.

    • Water under the bridge now Holly and I paid with my bad money at any rate. But what they should do is release all upgrades to everyone, so players can try different weapons etc.

    • People who pay through the nose for EAs bad practices deserve a bit of QQ when EA decides to do something nice for a change.

    • Soooo you're completely against the idea of cheaper prices being made available after you've paid some amount?

      This might not be the right website for you :P

    • People used to pay tens of thousands a month to get 20mbit internet access but here I am being able to do it even on my phone for cheap.

      Premium players had those updates for a long time before anyone else.

    • +4 votes

      For me 354hrs on BF3 & 442hrs on BF4 made them great value for money.
      How much was spent on Space Invaders back in the day?

      • Honestly when you get that kind of use out of a game even if you pay the disgusting Australian RRP at launch then you still are still getting a great bargain. There's a lot in getting in early with these multiplayer type games, and waiting for a price drop might make you not get into a game as heavily, or put in as many hours, as much as you could have.

        I got over 1500 hours in World of Tanks over 5 years for ~$200 (and my sanity, social life, sanity ect.).

  • Yay, PC now.

  • so it is time to get battlefield 4 basic and get all the expansion now? PC

    • it is time

    • Wait for the next $5 BF4 sale, it's been that price a few times already this year

      • The previous version BF3 even ended up in a Humble Bundle a while back. Wonder if BF4 might end up in one as well.

      • These packs are not free forever. It's a risk, but it's most likely not going to be cheaper than to buy it now for ~$10AUD and get the DLC now when they are free (this year at least).

        • You can add the DLC to your Origin library without owning the main game. Once you buy the game the DLC will still be available to you

        • @Cobalt_:

          Or you sure that will work as the DLC is meant for the base game to be already on the account.

        • @Cobalt_:

          True, but it's still a gamble if you actually want to play the game over the next few months.

          I want play it this weekend (or at the very least in a few weeks time) now that I have all the DLC free, so I just got it from Origin for $10 using ORIGIN50 at checkout.

          If you can wait, wait.

        • @hollykryten:
          Very sure

          As per Origin notice:
          Requires Battlefield 4™

          This is extra content for Battlefield 4™ and you need the base game to download and play it. Don't own Battlefield 4™? You'll still have this content, but it won't appear in your library until you have the base game.

        • @c0balt: Thanks for the heads up. Grabbed it for $10 AUD as well, as I intend to play it.

    • Use allkeyshop and find the cheapest. Should be around 7aud for orginal

  • Cool, then BF4 is going to die after 3 months of BF1 release…

    • I don't see that happening. They're quite different games, even though they share a lot of concepts. BF1 doesn't have helicopters or guided weapons or any of the cool gadgets that BF4 has. And the scoring system is quite different too.

      I think they will happily co-exist, side by side, until another modern AAA shooter comes along.

      • Yeah. BF1 is a completely different game. Unlike how BF4 was basically an upgrade of BF3 with a newer gaming engine, new maps and a few added weapons.

      • Very different games and bf1 will have a high release price.

        I don't expect it to die until bf1 premium edition is released as original plus season pass is around 130aud on origin.

    • I sort of agree. I like the way that one games site described it that you "rent" multiplayer games. They are only playable until the player base disappears or the servers get shut off.
      That being said, I bought both BF3 and 4 for $5 each and got $5 worth of enjoyment out of them (and $1,000 worth of rage and frustration at the unkillable 13 year olds in helicopters)

  • Should be permanently. There has been about 2 BF games now since this.

    Is this a case of downloading it and you own it forever or its just 5 days you can play for free?

  • Yay… more maps to run around and be one-shot quickscoped!!!

  • Added all the DLCs to my Origin account. Now I just need to get around to getting the base game :P

    • I think that you're meant to have the base game on the account before getting these since it's an addon to the base game. It may be stuffed up now.

      • It has it has applied to my account, but still need to get the base game. Will wait for EA to do one of those $5/Free sales. They did it with BF3. In no rush as still building PC

        • They are doing 50% off right now with the code ORIGIN50 on anything in the store besides any preorder games. It brings BF4 down to $10

        • So once you've downloaded it now for free, its now considered yours? If you build a new PC, those expansion packs can be downloaded again for free even though you're outside of the free period?

          Sorry, new to online game accounts. I only have CSGO on steam.


        • @lozza6: I believe so. Once it has been applied to your Origin account, you can install and uninstall as you please.

        • @edshays:

          Cool thanks!

          I'll just get an origin account now and download all the expansion packs for free. Then wait for a BF4 deal like you guys :)


        • @lozza6: as drsgon9000 said, you can buy now with 50% off code

    • lol, I'm thinking the same :)


    • Doesn't let you actually download them though without the game hey?

      Feels weird to have them say, we've added it, but you can't see it till you have the game…

  • do i have to re download all the dlc? i downloaded all the dlc a couple months ago with ea access? or do i just have to go to the store and install or something ? im confused

    • Unlikely. I had BF4 installed from the free weekend ages ago. I didn't have to redownload after I bought it today

  • Battlefield 4 can be purchased form origin for $9.99 using the code "origin50" for 50% off (OFFER EXPIRES SEPTEMBER 22, 2016 10:00 AM PDT) T&C's

  • Now I'm tempted to get BF4 for PC? How much and where is the best place/way to buy it?

    I need to buy the game before I can get all these free expansion packs?

    Also I'm about to buy a new PC in about 2 weeks. Can i buy now and install on that PC later? Or do I need to install on my current PC first now. And then can I move it over to the new PC?

    Sorry, new to this. Only slightly aware of Steam from CSGO and I know that nothing EA is on that.


    • Comment above you answers the best place to get it (Origin $9.99 with code "origin50"). I don't think you need the game to get the DLC for free

      • Cool thanks.

        So I'm ok to buy BF4 on origin, and download all the expansion packs now onto my PC.

        And then in 2-3 weeks I can move this game/account with all expansion packs included onto a new PC?

        Thanks heaps!

        • Yes that will work fine. As long as you sign into the Origin account that you purchased Battlefield 4 on, it will be available on that PC.

        • Yep. Game will be attached to your account

        • Yep, copy game folder and then you go into origin, choose the install location, and origin will discover the existing files.

          Similar process to moving steam games between drives.

  • I bought this pretty much just for the singleplayer, are these all multiplayer maps? Also I'm not sure what to make out of the new maps. I tried to get Naval strike which only goes FREE on the 18th, yet I was able to download it today the 16th? Or does that mean the multiplayer will only be free from the 18-20th?

    Website says: This mission is active between September 18, 2016 9AM PT and September 20, 2016 9AM PT.

    much confused :S

  • bought the base game. is it me or there is no player?

  • One thing worth keeping in mind guys, while a lot of ISP's provide unmetered Steam server access, not so many (if any) provide unmetered Origin access. So downloading may use up a hefty portion of your quota.

    • Especially when BF4 and all of the extra map content take a good 50GB+ download.

    • Yep, I stupidly downloaded all the BF4 expansions on Xbox One, and then the base game + expansions on PC the day after. 130gb of 200gb gone in the first couple of days :(

  • disappeared, I took advice not to install / buy BF4 and the expansions are now gone