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Microsoft Store - Save $25 When You Spend over $50 at Microsoft Store Online Via Free Groupon Voucher


Get a free voucher for $25 off purchases of over $50 at the Microsoft Store online. You have to "buy" the free voucher from Groupon.

Terms and conditions:
• Limit of 5 vouchers per person
• Max 1 voucher per transaction
• Voucher valid from AEST 12:00am on 13 September 2016 to AEST 11:59pm on 2 October 2016
• Must spend $50 or more to activate this offer
• Redeemable at Microsoft Store Online in Australia only
• No delivery to PO Boxes or Parcel Lockers
• Voucher code valid for one purchase only, any unused value will be forfeited
• Not valid on prior orders or purchases; cannot be transferred or otherwise redeemed for cash or coupon code(s)
• Void where prohibited or restricted by law
• Not combinable with other offers
• Refunds will take into account the discount
• Microsoft reserves the right to modify or discontinue offers at any time
• Offer excludes Xbox Gift Cards and Windows Store Gift Cards

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  • Awesome, thanks !

  • +3

    Lego Dimensions for $42.98… why not (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/266072)

    • Only if 360 version was available

  • So can i use this towards a physical game over $50 right?
    Wonder if they have any good deals on xbox games coming out?
    I do find there games cost more than most places anyway.

  • Thanks OP!

  • +2

    Thanks. Used it to get https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/264971 Guitar Hero Live for Xbox One for $35 delivered.

  • Guitar Hero Live is $60, so with -$25, it will make it $35. That's a bargain.

  • +1

    I'm looking forward to buying the digital version of Forza Horizon 3 for PC.
    While it is on the Microsoft Store, there is no way to enter a promo code for Windows Digital titles.

    In-fact a couple of days ago I wanted to try the 5% off voucher for Microsoft Store offered on Cash Rewards website.
    There was no way to enter the code, I even spent an entire hour to they're tech support. In the end said they would get back to me.
    No email from them yet.

    The $25 voucher appears to have the same conditions as CashRewards 5% voucher.
    Which mentions anything from Microsoft store excluding Giftcards.

    It seems to me a lil' false advertising.

    Forza Horizon 3 being a cross-play platform title. I figured maybe I could purchase the Xbox Digital version. Unfortunately FH3 isn't listed as a Xbox Digital product. However if they ever add it in the future there is an option for a promo code for other titles in this list.

    Forza Horizon 3 PC Page

    Hopefully I can find a way to get a $25 discount on this title.

    And for anyone who doesn't know Forza is coming to PC for the first time & Forza Horizon 3 is set in Australia home of most oz-bargainers :).

    • posts indicate there's no way. Maybe wait till later when it's out?

  • https://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msaus/en_AU/pdp/Turtle-...

    Comes down to $35?

    I bought one. $119 at JB, good reviews. Have a baby, want to play games loud.

    Used Cashrewards. Final price ~$32.20

    • Any idea how that compares to the Turtle Beach PX4?

      • No idea. This is my first xbone headset.

      • PX4 would be Dolby Surround whereas the XO One would be just stereo.

        • I'll just hold onto my PX4's then. Thanks.

        • -1


          Don't be sour Phal,

          1. the PX4's aren't available through MS

          2. you missed out on the voucher.

          Let me enjoy my purchase.

        • @Putnum:

          Are you for real?

          1. I know the PX4 are not available through MS. Already have a set.

          2. Didn't miss out on any vouchers. Actually gave some away on here.

          Enjoy your purchase.

    • Used Cashrewards. Final price ~$32.20

      Just received an email from our affiliate partner that purchases made using this voucher on the Microsoft Store are not eligible for commission via Cashrewards, or any other cashback/rewards sites.

      • Damn. $2.78 I wont see 😓

    • any idea how it compares to the official microsoft xbox stereo headset ?

  • +1
    • I saw this too as I was checking out. Great deal for anyone still sending messages on their Xbox (I used to a lot for 360)

    • +3

      Just use the smartglass app

  • For some reason I can only apply it with >$100.

  • Do you get voucher codes right away or need ro wait from past experience normally have to wait but is this instant?

    • The voucher code is on the Groupon voucher. I got mine within minutes of "buying" the Groupon.

  • +2

    So the physical version of Forza Horizon 3 comes down to $74.95 + you receive $10 store credit for it being a pre-order + a Bonus Lamborghini Centenario Scale Model. Not a bad deal. Free standard delivery too.

    • +1

      Only issue with this is that if you wanted to try on PC I believe you would need to repurchase whereas buying online will allow you to thrash your new GTX card … happy to be proven incorrect on this :)

      • That is true, don't think that you can purchase digital games on there though? :)

    • no $10 preorder credit for FH3

      • The listing says "Bonus Lamborghini Centenario Scale Model plus $10 Microsoft Store Credit with pre-order.*"

  • -1

    Dodgy Microsoft. The $50 skype vouchers have been removed. lol

  • note that some of the store games are more rxpensive than the xbox store digital equivalent, some cheaper
    eg skyrim $80 online 100 at store( less 25)

    handy for the 2tb gears of war console at $574 which i doubt u will get jb or eb to beat.

  • Thrustmaster 458 Wheel for $75 delieverd.


    • Was looking at this. Reviews seem mixed though.. anyone tried it?

      • +1

        For $75 I'll give it a go. Even if its meh.

        • Did you get the wheel? Any good?

        • @boxall: Should arrive this Friday - Will let you know when i get it.

        • @dickiee:

          Out of stock now, so bummer!

  • +1

    Great way to clear stock. Bought 2 games.

    If I was going to buy Guitar Hero, I'd purchase the game twice in two separate transactions, that way you've paid $70 for a copy of the game, two controllers and a spare copy you can sell/trade.

    Also brings their 1TB deals down to ~$300. Very good.

  • Sold out :(

  • yep Sold out :( couldn't remember my dang Groupon password and by the time I'd reset it, sold out

    • +3

      Pm'd you one I wont be using.

      • oh thanks so much, that's awesome! Really appreciate it :)

  • Yeah looks like… says already reached limit although haven't bought any

  • +3

    Cheers OP, Mafia 3 preorder $54.95 and $10 store credit

  • NOOOOO!!! Missed that offer! MS going big lately!

  • Any chance of "restocking" at groupon?

  • Bought the ea access + two random item
    Minecraft Mini-Figure Mystery Blind Box
    Mega Bloks UNSC Terrain for
    they only allow 3 mini figure at max, so cant be any cheaper,
    that is the cheapest I see ea access now.

  • Ordered mafia and battlefield for $54.95 each.

    Wish there was something for a dollar or less as Recore is $49.95 and would get that for $25?

  • so quick, all gone? missed.

  • I just grabbed one at 5:50. Thought they were sold out?

    I see. Make sure you're signed out first. Then it says you can buy it. Sign in after pressing buy and it'll work.

  • +9

    Don't know why I got it, wasn't planning on using it LOL ozbargain instincts kicking in. I think those are the voucher codes

    • thank you kind sir! I've used one of it

  • +1

    If you go through cashrewards you can also get a 8% off voucher.

    Search for Minecraft to add a $2.98 minifig (cheapest to push over $50) or go to xbox accessories for halo inspired nerf guns for about $8.

    Go to your cart and use BOTH your promo codes which should bring the price down

    Guitar Hero for $37.96
    Mirror's Edge Catalyst for $40.95
    Lego Star Wars for $40.95
    Homefront for $33.95
    Lego Dimensions for $42.98 (No minifig needed!)
    Doom for $26.95

    • So are you saying a 8% off voucher works as well as the Groupon one??

      I only used the Groupon one and ordered quickly battlefield with $25 off and mafia 111 same again $54.95 each

      Then I ordered the mini fig to Recore order and got for $27 something.

      • I think the 8% works by the normal 5% cashrewards and then 3% off at the checkout. As I got recore for $26.80, less with cashrewards.

        • Bigger order too fast just thought it be pulled or codes me limited time use so ordered up ASAP on the Recore I was only like a $1 more or something not sure on the other two I ordered but I'm happy with that.
          If I knew about the cashrewards before ordering I may have used also but who knows may have been an excuse for them to say no two codes or vouchers allowed.

    • Mirrors edge was just posted in another deal for $20

  • +3

    Why does it say out of stock?, I just got one at 6:09pm

  • Worked for me two minutes ago

  • +1

    Don't forget to save a further 10% off here

    If you go to a participating school, or say you do…

    • Thanks for sharing that one.

    • Shame it doesn't apply to pre-order

  • I was tempted on the Forza horizon 3 unlimited but I already have a free eftpos card from insurance I'm using towards that and a slightly discounted gift card which using both will end up costing me $66.
    If I never had this eftpos card or gift card then I would have went for this as comes with model car.

    Any other deals worth having I find most games are price more than others sell for.

    But thought best buys where battlefield 1,mafia111 and the Recore all which is much cheaper than anywhere else.

    Can't seem to find another good deal as over price games I'm finding the rest at.

  • says sold out ??

  • Sold out :'(

  • Battlefield 1 for $55 pre-order with a $10 store credit is pretty good

  • Anyone got a spare code, will highly appreciate if someone can share 1 code. Please PM and don't post. Thanks and Cheers

    • +3


      • Thx got it, you are a legend mate :)

    • Anyone has another spare?

      • +3


    • +1

      I wouldn't mind a spare. :)

      • +2


        • Thanks Phalaxis. :)

    • Could you please pm 1 code as well, really want to buy battlefield 1. thanks

  • Thanks OP.. Got myself a 950XL even though I'm heavily invested in Android.

  • Don't suppose anyone has a spare coupon? Missed it!

  • Damn missed out, need to get a new surface pen, anyone got a spare code?

  • Could somebody pm 1 code, really wanna buy battlefield 1. Thank you.

  • Me if anyone has a spare :) thanks, i can swap for a goodguys $25 code if you want :)

  • Dang, sold out. Wanted to grab a controller, ah well.

  • Anyone got a spare code?,cheers

  • +5

    Did anyone work out that gift cards can be part of the total of the $50 yet?

    Just bought EA Access and $20 of xbox credit for $31.

    This also works for any gift card - add $3 minecraft toy and $50 gift card for almost 50% off total.

    • What did you get?

    • +1

      Cheers. Just grabbed 2 $50 gift cards this way.

    • Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not

    • What can you do with the xbox credit? Can this only be used on xbox download stuff or can it be used towards phyical copies of games also?

      • You can use it on the Xbox store.. only for digital games. But it is worth it, you can get Forza Horizon 3 digital standard edition for $56 (including the two minecraft figurines).

  • Any spare codes? Got an Xbox One coming for my birthday but no games yet.

    • +3

      PM'd a code.

      • LEGEND!